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3B Medical From: AE1001 To: AE6030 - 3B Aerie Nasal Mask

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3B Medical:
AE1001 - AE6030

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3B Medical - 3B Aerie Nasal Mask
3B Medical - 3B Aerie Nasal Mask
More Information
Manufacturer 3B Medical
Brand Aerie
Categories Condition, CPAP, CPAP Mask, CPAP Mask Cushion, CPAP Parts, Headgear, Nasal Mask, Respiratory Therapy Parts, Sleep Apnea
Code AE1001 - AE6030
Require Prescription? Yes
Store Respiratory Care
Score: 4.8 from 1 - 5
48 Review
Constance R. Review from
August 8, 2021
AirMini Review and Employee compliment
I started ordering from Lofta in 2018. I travel twice a month and found I actually prefer the AirMini to the AirSense 10. My insurance would not cover the AirMini so I purchased it myself and prefer using it as my primary machine. The AirMini cartridge sy
Richard B. Review from
November 11, 2021
These are amazing
I love this model. I have 2 one a few years old and one newer. They are dependable and will work for 2 days with the battery lofta sells. It is so much smaller it easily fits in your carrier. I use the bag lofta sells and everything fits into it and it's
Susan H. Review from
January 27, 2020
Fantastic for travel!
When I called Lofta, Brett answered all my questions and made sure my ResMed mini would be shipped so I would have it in time to take on my trip. Thank you Brett! The unit is fantastic! Just put it on and start breathing and it starts and adjusts automati
Joseph C. Review from
March 12, 2020
Best Travel Companion
This CPAP is a total game changer for the traveller with sleep apnea! I no longer have this extra bag I sometimes have to explain or carry around when traveling. It just fits right into my carry on or even my back pack. The machine works well and I only h
Mark J. Review from
March 19, 2020
Love my Airmini
I recently had a CPAP stolen on vacation. When my Insurance paid me back for the loss, I found that not only had technology improved immensely, but prices have gone down as with all electronics. I found that Lofta had the best price on the nicest CPAP mac
Sychuang N. Review from
September 19, 2019
Much quieter than the HDM Z1
A few years ago, the marketing director at ResMed and I got on the phone and I blasted them about the ResMed S10. Not only was the S10 now bigger and heavier with a non-removable humdifier, it required a 24V input, which meant that all my accessories for
Virginia S. Review from
November 26, 2021
Amazing Tini CPAP!!
What a GREAT super mini, ultra-light, fully functional, totally portable CPAP !!!! ResMed AirMini easily fits in my purse, I can hold it easily in one hand! Goodbye to my travels lugging around a heavy bulky CPAP in my carry on should bu
Monty g. Review from
November 11, 2021
Greatness in a small package
This little machine works better than my full size machine. It’s quieter and the humidity filter in the F20 mask keeps me comfortable with out messing with water. Blue tooth hooked up easy and have everything I need on the app. So very happy with the mini
Timithy F. Review from
March 5, 2020
Great product at great price!
I've been a CPAP user for several years now. I've been traveling and even hiked for 4 days with my full size machine. I finally cave and bought the AirMini package from Lofta. It was a great deal that I couldn't resist. I'm glad I did. It's so small and l
Donald M. Review from
February 6, 2021
Air Mini
Was nervous about how this would work since I already have a full sized unit at home. After a week of continuous use I could not be happier and more surprised with the quality and performance. This unit is actually more quiet than my full sized one and in
Javon A. Review from
February 23, 2020
Really great product
It's a great product. It's reasonably sized for travel and it means that I don't have to figure out distilled water when I'm away from home. It's ever so slightly louder than my regular CPAP (Dreamstation) but not so much that I can't sleep. The only reas
Cherri W. Review from
February 23, 2020
Love the AirMini - works great for travel
The AirMini is a great travel CPAP machine. It takes up a lot less space when traveling, it is lighter weight than a full size machine, and it works with several mask styles. I have tried the nasal mask and already use the full-face mask. The full-face ma
Paul P. Review from
March 10, 2020
Travel AirMini, defaults need changing
The unit performed nicely. I have the larger home unit also which works differently. I’m pleased now with both units. The iPhone app was tricky to use to configure the AirMini unit. I had to call customer support which helped me unlock the feature I neede
Phillip A. Review from
March 30, 2020
Amazing Device
While I have not traveled since I purchased this travel CPAP, I did use it for four nights to make sure it works for me. This very small version of the CPAP I typically use provided a strong consistent air flow and the Humid X cartridges did provide a com
Orjan K. Review from
September 10, 2021
great simplicity but, unfortunately, not for me
This mask is the most streamlined design yet of CPAP masks and easy on the face. I loved it at first use. Unfortunately though, it doesn't seem to work for me as I wake up breathing through my mouth more than occasionally, defeating the purpose of the mas
Marco T. Review from
November 16, 2021
Second CPAP
This time of the year my business is seasonal. I travel to my place just on weekend. I hated to carry the machine from one house to the other. I purchased the Air Fit P 10 that now I keep to my second house. I traveled to Europe and this small (but Big) m
Ohanes K. Review from
January 6, 2022
Easy experience, quality product.
After waiting for months and months for my insurance-approved DME supplier to get me a CPAP I decided to look for alternatives. Lofta made the process simple, easy and I had my machine in less than a week. Just used it for the first time last night and I
Leonard N. Review from
November 22, 2019
Great deal and great customer service
I was always afraid to travel because I didn’t want to haul my current CPAP around. I scheduled a trip for my wife’s birthday so I decided to take the plunge and buy a travel CPAP. After looking at different travel CPAPs I decided on the Air Mini. I looke
Tim H. Review from
October 14, 2019
Wonderful CPAP
I hemmed and hawed about buying the AirMini partly due to the cost (although Lofta has the best price I could find) and wasn't convinced I really needed it. Wow!! Was I wrong. This little unit works great and just like it's older sibling. The only possibl
Christine G. Review from
November 16, 2021
Small but does the job well
this unit is small but does the job well. Set up is easy even the bluetooth part. I slept with it the first night and there was no getting used to it. I am so glad I got this model, traveling will be a breeze with it. I am planning on using it full time r
Marion L. Review from
November 28, 2020
Excellent price and service
With their price matching and customer service there was no other choice for me but to buy the ResMed Air mini through Lofta. The machine itself is quiet. The breathing sounds created from the tubing are a little noisier than the normal sized machine. A l
William G. Review from
October 5, 2019
Not Exactly What Lofta Wants You to Think
The c-pap I purchased is a really good working unit and eliminates the TSA removing it from my luggage to check the water reservoir. I bought it because I travel frequently and the TSA has literally destroyed my C-pap that the Dr. sold me. I was attracted
Ikan Breeve Review from
August 26, 2021
Aww Summ
This is the best mask by far. Put it on and you are sleeping like a baby (and I don’t mean peeing the bed and in the fetal position either). I highly recommend this mask. Best sleep I’ve had in years and very few alerts on my machine for mask leaks. Just
Charlie P. Review from
February 10, 2020
Wish I had had this years ago!
Great CPAP that doubles as a travel as well as home use if needed. It seems a bit noisy but that is not heard by your sleeping partner. After a night or so of use it becomes no problem. The automatic start up and stop is quite nice as well as the app on y
Christopher Y. Review from
January 8, 2022
Mask fits easily. AirMini is easy to use and quiet enough.
The AirMini is fairly quiet, but louder than my AirSense 10. The sound it makes comes almost completely from the elbow on the front of the mask. It's manageable for travel.
Stuart L. Review from
February 24, 2020
Air Mini with N20 Nose mask
I purchased the Air Mini to make it simpler to travel, smaller gear etc. Its turned out to work just as expected. I have no issue with sound, and I actually prefer the N20 mask to the N10 mask I've been using for years, the headgear is more effective. The
Harvey W. Review from
October 13, 2019
Love the Size but Hate the Noise
This travel CPAP/APAP seemingly has it all - a perfect size for travel and all the features of my full size machine - and for the most part, it does. And with the waterless humidifier disks, which l kind of liked, it is a traveler’s dream. The huge proble
Aimee C. Review from
June 14, 2021
ResMed AirMini
My CPAP was old and a larger model. I'm going on a big trip and was REALLY stressed out about traveling with my cpap and bit the bullet and got the AirMini. I LOVE it. It's great for every day use and I know it will be fine for any travel. LOFTA was great
Tim c. Review from
January 3, 2022
Size is great. But a little noisy.
Travel size is great. I assume it won't be to the same standard that my bigger machine has, but that is probably the trade off for having a machine that is easier to travel with. It is a bit noisy, with every breath.
Patricia M. Review from
October 13, 2019
I needed this!!
I love the tiny size. I love the lightness of the whole package. The mask, headgear and cushion fit well and stay on without leaking. What’s not to like?? Well, the only reason I didn’t give it five stars is because the connecting hose with the “humidifie
Ralph P. Review from
March 17, 2020
Love my new Lofta Mini
I’ve only traveled twice since purchasing my new Lofta mini; but so far I love it. It’s the perfect size to fit in my bag or even my backpack (before I carried a full size CPAP). The brackets are a must to keep it in place because it’s so light weight. I
Jose C. Review from
October 5, 2019
Great machine
Great machine. Love the portability factor. I've read reviews where they state the machine is loud. I didn't have that problem but I've been on cpap for a while and machines used to be way louder. About the only thing I didn't like is that the mini is fro
Nancy P. Review from
March 8, 2020
Small and quiet
This little Cpap machine is so small and quiet - a bit noisier than the big One but I wear earplugs so it didn’t bother me. It is like white noise. And the mask is comfortable. I would recommend this machine to anyone that travels or just wants a smaller
Christa B. Review from
February 21, 2020
Love this Mini
Love this AirMini. It makes travel so much easier than having to pack up the full size machine. It is also great that you don't need to carry around distilled water for it. I just need to figure out the air release. I am use to the elbow that had the litt
Richard B. Review from
December 24, 2019
For lack of a better word.. Wow
I was holding back on online cpaps and support. I was looking at the air mini here on Kauai and it was too expensive. I saw a lofta ad and, with all the accessories it was less expensive than just the bare unit (including the battery). I ordered and calle
Kim S. Review from
November 14, 2021
Nice addition !!
I love my air mini. It's so easy to use. I like the addition of the moisture tabs. It does help with dryness. They came with my air mini but I didn't get the right hose attachment.
Donald B. Review from
September 19, 2019
Perfect machine for my travels
I have had my AirMini for 10 months and really like it! The size is perfect for stashing in my carry-on and it is easy to setup and take down. The cords are long enough to reach most hotel outlets. It is a little noisier as the air exits the mask than my
Michael V. Review from
November 26, 2021
AirMini makes my traveling easier
I purchased the ResMed AirMini for overseas flights rather than carrying my bulky home CPAP. I love the autostart and the battery pack so I don't have to plug in. I use it at the house for naps on the couch.
Sandy G. Review from
September 19, 2019
Using the AirMini for travel
I have used the AirMini for the last 4 trips and I would recommend it. The convenience of being able to put it in the luggage and not having to carry another bag is well worth the cost. I also used it in Europe and it you only need an adapter to plug it i
Duncan T. Review from
October 5, 2019
Small but Effective
I purchased the AirMini with the AirFit F20 mask; I was already using a full-size CPAP machine and did not realize that my F30 mask would fit this configuration. I prefer my F30. The size of the AirMini was great for travel to Europe this summer; other me
Manuel L. Review from
October 14, 2019
Airmini by Resmed
So far I have just used it only once as of this time cause, my only intention I bought this is when I travel most of the time. The one I frequently use is the S10 w/c is becoming heavy when traveling. I found the mini to be a good cpap machine cause I can
Ronald C. Review from
November 14, 2021
ResMed Airmini CPAP goto place
I originally purchased my ResMed Airmini CPAP machine through Lofta because of their great price and trial period offer. Now (and in the future), I will continue to use Lofta to purchase my CPAP supplies because of their selection and continued good prici
Robert D. Review from
January 5, 2020
Excited to Receive My New AirMini CPAP Package
As a new AirMini CPAP user, I was excited to discover the great sale on black Friday weekend for an AirMini package. It was so convenient to be able to order a single package complete with everything needed to get started using the smallest CPAP I have ev
Robin F. Review from
September 19, 2019
Great for travel; mask & headgear interchangeable with home machine
I purchased the AirMini to take on travel and for battery operation when camping or at festivals. It works perfectly for those uses. The only negative to consider is that it doesn't humidify and that when camping on a cold night you have to keep it in the
Mark C. Review from
January 5, 2020
Awesome CPAP!!!
This is my 5th CPAP which have included both travel and nightstand models. The AirMini is by far the best of them all. Its very quiet and portable. I was a little apprehensive about using a different mask than I've been use to but after several nights I'v
Jackie H. Review from
January 7, 2022
Love my AirMini
I recently purchased a AirMini and used it on my 10 day vacation. It works great and is very small, compact and easy to transport. Im impressed with the quality and customer service I get with Lofta.
Thomas S. Review from
September 19, 2019
This unit is very portable and convenient. I have used it on numerous occasions while traveling and it has worked with absolutely no issues. The automatic humidifier has worked without issue. I am sorry that I waited so long to purchase. I also want to me
Christian M. Review from
September 18, 2019
Excellen Product
I purchased this because I travel a lot and was tired of carrying around my much larger CPAP with humdifier. I was worried that I wouldn't like this because there isn't humdifier. I didn't even notice the difference of not having a humdifier. I did howeve
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