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AcuZone From: Stim-Greatwall-4-Plastic J To: Stim-Greatwall-6-Plastic J - Great Wall Kwd-808ii Multi-function Stim. - 4 Channels + Adapterchina Kwd-808i: Multifunction Stimul

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Stim-Greatwall-4-Plastic J - Stim-Greatwall-6-Plastic J
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Stim-Greatwall-4-Plastic JGreat Wall Kwd-808ii Multi-function Stim. - 4 Channels + AdapterchinaEach
Stim-Greatwall-6-Plastic JGreat Wall Kwd-808i: Multifunction Stimulator - 6 Channels + AdapterchinaEach
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Great Wall Kwd-808i: Multifunction Stimulator - 6 Channels + Adapterchina
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Manufacturer AcuZone
Categories Acupuncture, Acupuncture Machine, Chronic Pain, Joint Pain, Muscle Pain, Condition, TENS, TENS Unit
Code Stim-Greatwall-4-Plastic J - Stim-Greatwall-6-Plastic J
Require Prescription? No
Store Lay Off Pain|Respiratory Care|Whole Surgical
Score: 4.8 from 1 - 5
47 Review
laov09 Review from
June 16, 2021
8 year old is thrilled to make music.
This seems like a well made product. It is exactly as described. It is a sturdy plastic. I personally find the noise it makes a little irritating, but this is how I feel about flutophones in general, and this one is no better or worse than others I've hear. I bought this for my 8 year old daughter and she was THRILLED! She had been using one in her school last year. Now she is home schooled and she requested a flutophone as she said she really missed practicing. When this arrived she was excited and said it was exactly like the one they played in school.
Charlene Review from
Sam Ash
August 26, 2020
Good for students, inexpensive, easy to play.
I am an Elementary School Music Teacher, and bought these for 2nd Graders. They are perfect for young students to get started reading staff notation and applying theory to an instrument. The quality is mediocre but for less than $3 each, that's to be expected. Buy double the order so that you'll have replacements. My only issue is that there is no Fingering Chart included in the box, but it can be found easily online. SERVICE FROM SAM ASH WAS OUTSTANDING... Mike C. was awesome, and had these shipped out quickly, and even followed up after delivery. I could tell he cared. I stopped buying from
JustABill Review from
May 11, 2018
Fun and cheap
This little thing is cute and well made. The transparent red and solid white is really nice and it has no foul plastic smell. Intonation is just so-so but not offensive. This sounds a lot fuller than a recorder-- almost a woody sound. Very pleasant on the ears. The fingering is a little bit different from a recorder and the tone holes are really close together. As always, Musician's Friend got my order to my door when they said they would -- this unit came through USPS. If you've got the spare change laying around and want something different, you can't go wrong.
brianjay79 Review from
January 23, 2019
Great Tool For Teaching Music Theory!
Great cheap little instrument to make music theory more exciting for children! Ted Brown Music has a great price and offers cheaper rate when one orders multiple instruments. It's easy to use and has smaller holes to cover than the typical recorder. This is easier for small fingers to cover and fewer squeaks, which is nice for the teacher as well. It's a great little learning tool. Not meant as a serious instrument, but a great, inexpensive tool to help keep interest in beginning music learning even for small children.
gmoore_sdccu Review from
November 19, 2019
Perfect for small musicians wanting a recorder-like instrument.
This is a small instrument for small hands. The holes are raised so small fingers can find them and cover them more easily. It has a bell shape so if a parent plays a clarinet, a child may feel like they have a similar instrument. It is similar in other respects to a recorder. It has more holes than a "dixie fife" which also has raised holes, but only six, and is similar to an irish tin whistle.
Archaelobsteryx Review from
September 7, 2014
Flutophone over Songflute
I own both the Trophy Flutophone and the Conn Songflute. The Flutophone is longer than the Songflute by almost 2 inches, but the distance between the holes on each is nearly exactly the same. However, I choose the Flutophone over the Songflute for the following reasons. The Flutophone is able to play a full chromatic scale while the Songflute is not. The Flutophone can stand upright on its bell which is useful for storage and drying. The mouthpiece of the Flutophone can be adjusted for intonation, or removed completely for cleaning purposes; the Songflute is all one piece. The Flutophone has m
G Ma Betty Review from
April 14, 2020
Making music in a pandemic
My grandchildren are no longer at school because of the covid-19, and my grandson was about to start flutophone. So, I checked to see if you all had any, and they were inexpensive, as well as the little cases and the instruction book-- so, I'm hoping to figure out ZOOM, and help them get acquainted with playing. I am a bassoonist.
mcwbbs Review from
September 28, 2019
The Flutophone Returns
It's great to reconnect with flutophones. I had one years ago in grade school. Now I'll be able to teach the songs I learned back then to my two grandchildren. The flutophone is a great early step to learning music. These look, feel and play just like I remember over 50 years ago!. This is a great buy! Thanks...
Blylesband Review from
September 8, 2018
Always a great product, always a great price!
I teach band in my school. I use the flutophones as a pre-band instrument. It is simple enough to use with my young musicians in teaching them how to read music. The following year, these students will begin to learn to play real band instruments, but they already know how to read music which saves us time.
amadeus98 Review from
December 20, 2019
Wonderful instrument to teach my little one the basics of music with
I waws looking for something simple and easy to begin teaching my three year old the basics of music. A harmonica or a kazoo just didn't cut it! When I saw this, it was just like the one I had when I was a school boy a half century ago!
Derin Falmouth Jenks Review from
Sam Ash
October 29, 2007
Pitch Perfect In Every Way...
Were I able, I would give the 400 Flutophone by Trophy Music a star rating of MILKY WAY! I use my axe in mostly small venue and jazz settings around NYC, doing avant interpretations of the music of the Wainwrights with my backing trio "Who's Playing Loud On The Ruf... Us!" Gig to gig, my 4-Dub (I have the traditional white finish) gives me a freedom of expression no other flutophone affords - and I've played a lot of them. It's holes are perfect, and no matter your technique or style, I challenge any phoner to find fault with the lightweight plastic body that's awesome for those long marathon
spirittoo Review from
January 1, 2015
Down Memory Lane
When I was in grade school back in the 60's ...yeah I know ... I'm old ... well sir I remember getting one of these in my music class. I lost it long ago or maybe it was just thrown out due to wear I don't know which, but for the price I got one to play around with. The tone quality is something to be desired, but let's face it ... it's a flutophone, I don't think it is design to sound like a high price recorder of flute. Great buy for the price. Something for your kids ... or the kid in you if you have a love for playing music.
Review from
October 22, 2012
No fingering chart, made me cry
There's nothing like a flutophone. Can't beat it. Well actually there is something like it, a recorder. In any event, when my flutophone arrived, the box said there was a fingering chart inside. I searched the inside of the small box high and low, and no chaaaaht. WAAAAAH!! I bawled my eyes out, now am seeking thereapy. So traumatized. They lied to me!
Burg Mama Review from
November 12, 2019
To replace my 25 year old one that I have enjoyed!
I've had one for 25 years. The old one has been dropped, chewed on by multiple children, and the mouthpiece broken off, glued back on, lost, found again, and now I finally found a replacement. Thank you.
JulieM Review from
January 7, 2021
Fun for our toddler
Really well made and easy for our toddler to use. She loves it. Excellent price for such a nice product.
Anonymous Rockstar Review from
Musician's Friend
April 4, 2010
Better than the average recorder!
If you've ever played an LMI or other standard plastic recorder, the sound is usually cheap and unpleasant. This little thing, however, somehow manages to capture a really good sound for it's extremely low price. It is plastic, so it's good for kids, and it's especially a good buy for somebody who can't afford a regular flute, or even somebody who just wants to play more instruments. I definitely recommend grabbing one of these and toying with it with another purchase. The price will barely touch your wallet, and it's a ton of fun to play around with.
OttoMatick-o23Xt Review from
Musician's Friend
September 24, 2013
Pure joy for children
I purchased 10 of these for stocking gifts, but the grandkids were here that day so I just ended up passing them out to everyone as a tickler gift and my lord the kids loved them. 10 of these at once sounds like an orchestra tuning. Then i told the kids there is a 20 for the first one to play happy birthday by ear they went nuts... from the 5 yr old to the 16 yr old were trying to figure out that tune, which led to an explanation of the C major scale to help them along the way... pure joy and i know someday soon i will be out a 20 to one of the grand kids... lol...
sabiar497rje Review from
January 8, 2016
Good Basic Music Instrument
A good starter instrument. Had one in elementary school (1960's) and kept it. Wanted friends (and their kids) to experience the pleasure of simple music making so gave several Flutaphones as Christmas presents.
Brenda Review from
May 9, 2017
Will be ordering more!!!!
Love this flutophone! It doesn't squeak like a recorder. Also, the f note is much easier than a recorder!! I will be ordering more of these for our music class at church! Very happy with this purchase!!
yelir55 Review from
Musician's Friend
December 15, 2010
Extra Fun - Worth It
I bought the Flutophone looking for yet another fun whistle to have, and was surprised to find an instrument unlike many of the others. Its tone is like that of a real wood flute (think The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly sound) but its a very cheap buy. The diatonic C fingering is easy to play, and its chromatic alternates are easy. This is so worth buying. Get it: You will play it.
pygar Review from
July 6, 2021
JUST what I was after!
Identical in every way to the one issued to me in elementary school in 1968! Great!
Lisa Review from
June 3, 2019
Sturdy and fun
We are using the flutophone in our homeschooling this year and it is going great. They are sturdy enough for the kids and they love playing them.
Jennifer J Review from
Musician's Friend
May 26, 2015
This flutophone is much easier to play with special needs
I work with special needs children and the notes are much easier to produce on the flutophone vs. the recorder. (I believe because the holes are raised so fingers find them more easily)
RUMC Review from
August 17, 2017
Operation Christmas Child
We always include a musical instrument in the shoeboxes (ocarina, harmonica, recorder, Conn song flute). From now on it will be Flutophones.
ElemMusTchr Review from
Musician's Friend
June 8, 2010
The standard
I taught elementary school music for 30 years----every year I taught about 100 4th graders to play flutophones. The range is one octave and one note. Fingering is simple compared to recorder. Blowing is more forgiving than recorders. Overall, a great beginning instrument to learn on.
Review from
Sam Ash
June 29, 2018
The flutophone teaches children in learning to play the recorder. The fingerholes are easy to cover in playing different notes.
hgon5302 Review from
December 8, 2015
The instrument is fine. Plays well. I only wish it would have come with the Fingering Chart that the box says is included. It wasn't.
Tyler the musician Review from
December 2, 2016
Excellent product
My son has Autism and quite find the holes on a normal recorder. This instrument has raised edges allowing him to quickly find the holes.
xerxescat Review from
Musician's Friend
January 17, 2017
Just as described
I bought this to introduce my pre-school aged children to the idea of music. I started my musical journey on a flutophone so I knew it would be perfect and easy for them to learn.
acorn Review from
December 19, 2013
Flutophone-good as recorder for learners
Excellent for group to learn because it is fun, and *appears* as a toy, but is a serious musical instrument. AND its made in US !! Would like to see the Flutophone made as tenor, and bass sizes.
jeffspokane Review from
August 30, 2017
Plays Great!
After brushing up my chops from back in the day, I was playing all the old favorites, like: Mary had a little lamb, and Go Tell Aunt Rhodie. A fun instrument!
isthisthingontest123 (on youtube) Review from
Musician's Friend
December 17, 2010
Dude this rocks!
ok I play ocarinas alot and I found this thing and bought it. it has the same fingerings as a transvers ocarina! It sounds alsome to! If you play ocarina buy this! if you don't buy it any way! it is super fun to play!
Phoebe's Mom Review from
April 24, 2019
Just like the one she got from school
My daughter wanted to be able to practice away from school and this was inexpensive and produces a satisfactory Sind for a beginner
school Review from
April 15, 2019
I would buy again
Sounds good to my ears. I am using it for a second grade class to teach the basics of music. Notes and rhythm.
Debzie Review from
Musician's Friend
October 23, 2015
Love these simple instruments
These are great for teaching 3-6 grade music! Most of children can make these produce the correct sounds.
ljshaw56 Review from
May 6, 2019
Great musical starter instrument
Excellent starter instrument for children to learn basic music skills.
Melissa Review from
Sam Ash
June 24, 2019
I would buy from this dealer. Unbeatable prices.
Introducing my 4th grader to reading music notes.
Tubatoothpaste Review from
April 2, 2011
Wild Thing
This is a fun little toy. I bought it to play the instrumental on "Wild Thing," and it works great for that. The sound is perfect, and the fingerings are a lot simpler than for a 4-hole ocarina.
debbiemabear1950 Review from
June 28, 2016
recieved really quickly
so happy to have found this , bought it for my granddaughters they simply love them thank you sorry i forgot to send thank you have a great day.....thanks again
don09131950 Review from
July 20, 2020
Nice instrument
It is a nice instrument at a great price.
Laur Review from
March 22, 2019
Love these!
We use these with our 4th graders. They love them.
Jayr123 Review from
Musician's Friend
August 5, 2014
Kids love it
My kids love it, it's sound is nice and loud. Great expression instrument.
Jayr123 Review from
August 5, 2014
Kids love it
My kids love it, it's sound is nice and loud. Great expression instrument.
melofin Review from
November 16, 2021
Good product
Good product
accord32 Review from
Sam Ash
February 6, 2007
Great quality, great sound
The flutophone has full rich tone, even for a beginner's instrument. The price is excellent for the durable construction. [...] No complaints!
Grandma Review from
September 3, 2015
Just like the one I had as a child
I bought it to play with my grandson who is starting recorder lessons.
Banjo Matt Review from
April 11, 2020
Fun to play any time, any where.
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