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Aftermarket Group - TUBE COVER - CPAP Tube Cover

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CPAP tube cover with micro-fiber filling maximizes heat retention along the air tube, enhancing patient comfort and reducing the effects of rainout.
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Manufacturer Aftermarket Group
Brand Aftermarket Group
Categories Condition, CPAP Parts, CPAP Tube Cover, Respiratory Therapy Parts, Sleep Apnea
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Require Prescription? No
Store Respiratory Care
Score: 4.7 from 1 - 5
48 Review
Langalf Review from
January 3, 2022
Love this wrap
Very nice wrap for the slimline tubing. It protects the tubing and has worked well to cut condensation build-up without having to have a heated tube. The first of these wraps I bought lasted several years before the velcro on the zipper cover started to f
Jonathan S. Review from
August 27, 2020
Tubing Cover
I purchased this because the first tube I have was punctured by my cat playing with it. I do my best to have the tube not hanging off the edge of my bed, as this creates a playful toy for my cats. This tube cover will act as an additional layer of protect
Cat Review from
March 25, 2020
A Must Have for Protecting Your Tubing
I ordered this to prevent my cats from damaging my tubing with their claws. They insist on sleeping with me at night and I was concerned my tube was going to be ruined because of it. This cover is a much heavier quality than I expected, I feel like my tub
William G. Review from
November 21, 2020
The AirSense 10 is a great improvement!
The AirSense 10 is amazingly quiet. I often have to lift the mask to make sure it's running. It's so much quieter than my old C-Pap. I don't like the fact that one has to use water but it really is okay. I bought new masks also and they fit much better. A
Oz Review from
July 17, 2020
I Like The Tube Buddy A Lot!
I like the fact that the tube buddy can be cleaned. I also like the fact that it makes the heated tube even a bit warmer which I can feel in my sinuses and lungs. The tube buddy also makes the tube heavier which keeps it from moving around a lot more, and
figueirt67 Review from
February 24, 2021
Cat Proof!
I have a cat that likes to chew on hoses... Needless to say, I got one of these. Great price! Fits the AirSense ClimateLine 10 air hose. It is not an end for end fit which is perfect. It goes on one way. The cat no longer attempts to chew on my hose!
Lisa B Review from
October 5, 2021
Works well in a cool room
I recently purchased my "ResMed Tube Buddy" thinking ahead to winter. I like to sleep with the window open a bit, even on very cold evenings, and this is the perfect solution for keeping my tubing warm. I've given It a few test runs and, other than the ex
Liz Review from
October 23, 2020
I can say neither impressed or unimpressed by the tube buddy. The air doesn't seem any more or less warm on my ResMed climate control tubing. It made my tube quiet a bit heavier than expected making the TAP PAP a little hard to sleep with because I feel l
Johanna A. Review from
December 21, 2019
SlimLine Tubing Cover for AirSense 10
The cover is a little longer than the tubing but it works fine and the little extra doesn't hurt anything. I would like it a tiny bit wider so it would zip easier, but it zips ok as is. With the colder weather and with my humdifyer turned up to 5, I found
tx dashoapholic Review from
February 25, 2016
ResMed Tubing Wrap Royal Blue Soft CPAP/BiLevel Hose Tube Cover
It doesn't cover the smaller hose that connects the big hose to the nose piece. Maybe because I don't actually have a ResMed CPAP. Unfortunately when I asked my PCP for a prescription for a newer CPAP with heated reservoir he just wrote CPAP down and didn
Zilla Review from
November 1, 2019
My nose cover
Bought my Resmed tube buddy around the 20th of october. I don't like the plastic feel of the hose touching me when I'm sleeping and this tube buddy is nice and soft as well as it helps to maintain the temp of the air going through it. I keep my bedroom on
ProudWildcat-11125 Review from
March 24, 2020
Just right.
The customer service here is great cause they really try hard to provide great service. I really like this tubing cover is the perfect fit without all that extra bunching material that catches on things. I don't use the humidifier option and this cover wa
BlueNightingale-29639 Review from
July 27, 2020
My four cats decided my CPAP hose was a toy. They punctured the hose in numerous places. The CPAP interpreted this a loose face mask seal as I was not getting the full effect. A month later the hose is still intact and the cats show no interest with the h
tjones374 Review from
December 4, 2018
Great Product!
Given the low price, I did not expect very high quality of this item and was extremely surprised when I received it. The material is a tough nylon and easy to put on the tube. My issue I had with rainout (oh that annoying gurgling sound!) is completely go
healdton67 Review from
January 1, 2019
When cold weather comes we keep the house around 65 degrees at night. In the past, this has resulted in the air coming thru my CPAP tubing being rather chilly, giving me a cold nose in the morning. Since I received this tube wrap to insulate the tubing, i
Randy R. Review from
May 8, 2020
This tubing hose cover really
This tubing hose cover really works. After a couple of weeks using it, there has been no water droplets or water build up in the hose that goes into the nasal mask. This product eliminates that gurgling sound from water getting into the nasal mask.
GREG N. Review from
October 29, 2020
Had an issue with humidity
Had an issue with humidity based on our house being 60% humidity at 68 degrees in summer. The hose would condense water, but I purchased a new heated hose & insulating sleeve for the hose and it has not condensed since. Ordering disposeables was a cinch.
Cynthia Z. Review from
January 24, 2020
No more zipping noise!
I wake up every time my hose runs against itself or my nightstand making that "zipping" noise and I can't stand it! I have tried rigging it in so many different ways to make it stop, but to no avail. Then THIS! Brilliant!!! Fits on my Airsense 10 hose jus
LivelyWildcat-38769 Review from
September 10, 2021
Plenty Long Enough
Well made zippered hose cover. It is made long enough to completely cover the 6-1/2 ft hose. Just be aware it is NOT recommended for the heated hose.
grryan1947 Review from
November 14, 2020
The Blue Tubing Wrap
What a difference a blue tubing cover makes! My window can be open and my air from the CPAP is so very comfortable. I highly recommend that users get this item and the clips to hang the hose so it doesn't bull on your headgear!
ResMed Tubing Wrap for AirSense 10, and Review from
March 24, 2021
Great Value
This was a great fit for my tube, keeps my air at a comfortable temperature to reduce condensation. The zipper is working very well at good quality.
Gary Review from
March 1, 2020
Stops the Rainout
No more waking up to the gurgling sounds and water in my face. It fits perfectly and insulates the hose. Coupled with the new Resmed F50i mask, this is a great addition to a more peaceful sleep.
Ron4Him2 Review from
August 2, 2020
Excellent Tubing, Short Wrap
The Tubing is first class in quality at an excellent price. The Tubing Wrap is excellent in quality but not long enough to cover the length of the Tubing! Quality Control failed on this product.
Terri Review from
September 17, 2020
Hose Buddy
Money well spent. No more noisy tube scraping along the bed. Keeps the air temp warm in my cool room. It is a little too long but it's at the end on the machine. Love it
P Wong Review from
December 1, 2015
Excellent Hose Cover
This hose cover was exactly what I was looking for. I found others online where you had to thread the cover over the hose. What a pain! This one is so much easier to use since it has a zipper for the length of the hose. It also solved a problem I was havi
KenS Review from
November 30, 2016
this hose cozy is GREAT
I have one of the larger heated hoses for my resmed s9 and already ordered another cover that was too small. this cover fit perfectly, had about 1.5" left over but no problem to curl back when attaching the hose. no more noisy grating sound when preparing
Martin W. Review from
September 10, 2020
Right Item at the Right Price!
This tubing soft cover not only enhances the functionality of the heated tube but adds comfort to the having the tube draped across the me while sleeping. Its great and I plan to order another.
Ross Review from
January 11, 2021
Zippered hose cover
The zippered hose cover is extremely well made Except for the fact it is about 1 mm too narrow to house the rubber end of hose connection to headgear if desired use is to cover headgear portion of hose. It is made long enough to contain both hoses lengt
Rob M Review from
August 25, 2015
Excellant cover for heated Climate-line hose.
I have an Airsense 10 with heated slimline Climate-line hose. I don't need an insulated cover, I wanted to protect it. This is nylon with a long zipper. It fits very snuggly around the hose. It does not cover tip to tip but leaves about six inches uncover
FantasticRaven-39580 Review from
March 5, 2021
Heavenly sleep..
Purchased to protect the tubing from the teeth of my cat that became a habit of chewing on to get me up! Success!! Sweet dreams!!
Barbara O. Review from
June 10, 2020
Tubin Wrap
I am glad to have the tubing wrap. Prior to this purchase the tubing would scrape against my headboard making a sound that disturbed my husband's and my sleep. That has resolved.
Angela Review from
December 12, 2014
Keeps the hose quiet but too long
I like to drape my hose through the uprights of my iron headboard to keep it out of my way, and this hose wrap eliminated the noise of the hose corrugations rubbing over the headboard. It also eliminated most of the rainout in my mask. My only complaint i
deedee Review from
January 20, 2014
Good soution for a sore nose.
I was looking for a heated hose for my CPCP machine, but couldn't find one so I decided to try the blue tubing wrap. It works great. It is a bit long for my 6 foot hose, but I just zip it up as far as I can and the zipper stays in place with no problem. T
Kat70 Review from
September 21, 2019
Reduces noise
I like that this hose cover fits well and reduces noise. I personally haven’t noticed a change in rain-out but it’s still summer so there may be less rain-out when the season changes. This cover does add weight to the hose but it works well for me.
michaelcharper Review from
March 30, 2021
Big difference
You wouldnt believe the difference a simple hose cover makes. This cover is great quality and very reasonably priced.
Peter C. Review from
February 7, 2020
Controls rain out
Eliminates rain out when using humidifier in a cold bedroom. Works well but the wrap is a little bit too long for the slimline tubing.
Johanna A. Review from
January 4, 2020
SlimLine Tubing Wrap
This seems to work reducing rainout. It could be slightly wider making zipping easier. It is slightly longer than my hose but that doesn't seem to matter. All-in-all I like it.
Chris G. Review from
January 20, 2020
Great product
I purchased this to help dampen the sound the tubing makes on my bed frame. I no longer wake up due to the clanking noise. Would highly recommend.
Christofer P. Review from
December 18, 2021
Love it
I love this hose covering because it prevents the annoying sound of the tube from rubbing against the bed.
Alycia E Review from
November 17, 2015
Seems to do the job
This wrap covers my slimline tubing well. It actually seems just a touch long. Putting it on the tubing is a bit challenging at first, but once it's on it looks and feels good. I needed this to minimize the feel of cold tubing in bed and to prevent rain o
Kat Review from
August 29, 2019
Works great but large for my slimline hose
I bought this to insulate the hose on my Resmed Air Mini. It works but it's bigger than I want to use with this compact unit. So I'm going to order the slimline version for me and give this one the my hubby :)
Sharon Review from
August 15, 2016
Soft Tubing Wrap
I have not had the chance to use this yet as we have not had cold enough weather to get condensation. It appears to be well made and I am sure it is going to do the job it was made for. I suggest that anyone with a humidifier on their machine should purch
Anita W. Review from
January 26, 2020
Resmed hose wrap
I was having problems with rainouts. After applying the wrap to my heated hose, I’m not having the rainouts any longer. Perfect!
Michael Review from
December 20, 2019
tube buddy
This quiets the movement of my tube during the night, especially as I drape it over the wooden headboard. A little on the long side, but manageable. it has a great feel and is of good quality.
Sarah F. Review from
December 13, 2021
Works as advertised. We keep our bedroom pretty cool, so this has really helped with rain out!
kentmather4dsa Review from
September 2, 2016
ResMed zippered tubing wrap
Completely eliminated the collection of condensation that accumulates in the CPAP tubing which usually causes an obstruction jarring you awake from a sound sleep. Easy to install and remove for cleaning of the tube. Wish I had bought this years ago!
Jeanette Review from
September 18, 2017
Still plasticky
I should have puchased the other one thT looked softer but I thought this one looked like it was better made. There is little difference in having this on as to not having it on. It's still plastic.
Adelara Review from
October 9, 2016
Still get rain in my mask
Pros: well made, good size fits my heated 2 m tube, closes with with a long zipper, lightweight, right price. Cons: way too lightweight, it doesn't provide enough thermal insulation and I still get water condensation in my mask, so.. next step will be to
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