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Ag Industries From: AGGELPAD-ML To: AGGELPAD-PS - Boomerang Gel Pad Cpap Mask Cushion

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Ag Industries:
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Boomerang Gel Pad Cpap Mask Cushion
More Information
Manufacturer Ag Industries
Categories Condition, CPAP Mask Cushion, CPAP Parts, Respiratory Therapy Parts, Sleep Apnea
Require Prescription? No
Store Respiratory Care
Score: 4.4 from 1 - 5
42 Review
CleverBeetle-83646 Review from
September 17, 2021
The Boomerang Gel Nose Pad
I ordered the Boomerang Gel Nose Pad package with both small and large pad to go on my nose before I put on my CPAP mask. I needed this after recovering from surgery on the bridge of my nose for a pressure ulcer caused by my CPAP.I use the large pad and i
GlennVA Review from
January 19, 2021
Best product in years.
I've been using CPAP and BiPAP for over 20 years now. I've always had problems with leakage. My leaks appear on the top of the bridge of my nose, near the eyes. I've tried different masks and pressures with no success. They are a little tricky to put on,
CloudyGuppy-20338 Review from
October 15, 2020
Boomerang Gel Pads Really Works!
I have been thrilled with the gel pads. When I woke up before, my nose was killing me. The area on the bridge on my nose was really red and I had pressure headaches. The gel pads corrected this and I dont have to wait in bed for 10 minutes foe the pain to
Danny-35794 Review from
February 5, 2020
It has helped out in a big way but could use a few changes
I was getting an extremely sore nose and irritated skin until I used the gel pad. My only problem is I can use it to cover a little bit more area. If it was pliable in some way like putty it would work even better. Overall it's a winner. We also had a lit
catherinecarrier Review from
February 28, 2020
Good product
The Gel Pad has helped decrease the pressure area that was developing on my nose. I'm so grateful for that! The only downside is that it shifts around a bit when positioning it and the mask for wear, which is awkward. Anyone find any tricks to keep that f
Hannah Review from
December 4, 2014
Good, but pricey!
I have had major trouble with my mask that would cause my nose bridge bleed, to the point that I have a scar (both skin and bone). No, I was not wearing my mask too tight. The mask I use has a very sharp part inside where it sits on the nose bridge, thus,
FineWildcat-99570 Review from
May 9, 2020
It won't stay in place. I have to tape it. Other than that I like it.
I got this gel pad to prevent the indentions on both sides of my nose and on my cheeks from the cpap mask. The gel pad reduces this indention somewhat, however, it will not stay in on my nose. I have to use paper tape to keep it in place, but I am using i
BandDFrank Review from
February 7, 2020
Boomerang to the rescue.
I had tried folded cotton, bandaides, and cut up bits of gel cushioning but to no avail. I saw the boomerang gel pad and tried it. What a difference. The bridge of my nose is still red in the morning but not raw and no more pain. I'm so grateful someone t
Todd Review from
December 30, 2020
Works as expected.
They really do help with the pressure on the nose. The only reason I give them 4 stars instead of 5 is that it can be tricky to get the mask on over them. They are a little tacky, but not really sticky. So it is easy to slide out of place while putting on
Zilla Review from
December 6, 2019
Gel boomerang
Purchased this gel boomerang a few weeks ago to see if it would help me out with my leaking mask in the nose area,,. I have marks on my nose every morning from how tight I need the mask to stop the leaks and this gel boomerang was not very effective.. Ver
karenives1 Review from
November 7, 2020
Brings comfort
My husband had a red place on his nose every morning. Then it began to look like a sore. I tried foam and a variety of things to pad the head gear. Nothing worked until we found the silicone pad. Thank you.
ClearPigeon Review from
March 2, 2020
Love the Gel Pad. Going to order more shortly. It helps seal my mask without dreaded leaks. I sleep better. Even order and extra one for my Son in Law to try out. And he loves his too.
NiceRattlesnake-9475 Review from
January 14, 2021
Nose Pad
I ordered one of the Boomerang Gel Nose Pads to try it. After just two nights using it I went back to their site and made a standing order to get a new one on a regular basis. A great product.
Terry Review from
July 18, 2015
The pads are quite helpful
These do help to eliminate pressure on the bridge of my nose. Instead of placing the pad on my nose and then trying to apply my Wisp, I position a gel pad into and around the inside of the upper edge of my Wisp mask. I then place the mask/gel pad combo ov
leeraud1 Review from
December 29, 2019
Takes the pressure off
I find that the largest nasal mask for BiPAP presses against the bridge of my nose which hurts after a couple of nights. I went ahead and bought this to relieve that pressure. If sticks to my nose and doesn't move and is very easy to clean off each day. I
Terry Review from
October 28, 2013
Pad Makes a Big Difference
I have had this pad for a year and a half and only use it when traveling or when I know I need to minimize my mask face marks when going out in public early in the morning. Other days, I wipe my face with no-alcohol witch hazel to ease the marks, and I'm
RDW Review from
April 20, 2013
Very helpful item!
After struggling with a nasty sore on the bridge of my nose and now what appears to be a permanent bump in that area, I have discovered this item and it seems to do the trick. Several masks I had tried left the nose bridge area sore and red and after tryi
Review from
February 29, 2012
Gel Pad
It took a little getting used to and even the small one is too big for my nose but it beats getting my nose all chewed up from the mask. I had a rock garden accident last May and cut my forehead and sliced off a chunk of my nose, which is hardly there any
Victoria Review from
April 3, 2015
good purchase
I recently used a mask that fit well everywhere but along the bridge of my nose. It seems to leave a red mark on my nose everyday. I heard about the Boomerang cushions so I thought I would try them. The cushion really did help with the red marks and they
mimi from Atlanta Review from
April 29, 2013
excellent product
When I was a child there was a tree that sent it's seeds spiraling to the ground. They were called winged samaras (I think) and we used to split them and put them on our noses. I am now 71 and the boomerang gel pad has me doing it again. I suffered from r
FantasticCondor-55061 Review from
April 15, 2020
Wish I had gotten this sooner!
Wish I had gotten this sooner! No more waking up to whistling. My c pap numbers are much better! A must from now on!
bloominmimi Review from
March 15, 2018
Boomerang Gel Pad great item for the price
The gel pads keep marks from across my nose. The price is right and being able to wash them gives them longer use. I try to keep a stock of them. Great product!
40wnks-92273 Review from
April 23, 2020
Took a chance and happy I did.
I wanted to check into Nasal CPAP like my wife has(different brand). Easily maneuvered the website and ordered. It arrived early and I like it.
TerryCummings Review from
May 18, 2020
Stops Air Leaks around the Nose
The Boomerang Gel Pad does exactly what it is supposed to...stops leaks around the nose. No more dry eyes in the morning.
Scott F. Review from
July 17, 2012
At first when I got these pads, I thought the new shape was not going to work, and then I put one on, and it worked with absolutely no problems. Usually I have to keep adjusting the Gecko brand ones for about an hour to get them to seal properly. I would
CW Review from
July 24, 2013
These pads work very well
I started using Gel Pads several years ago when my mask was sometimes making a red mark on the bridge of my nose, sometimes painfully. These pads prevent that. They last perhaps a month or so before they need replacement (a bit longer than a mask), just w
Sue Review from
May 21, 2014
Nice gel pad for the nose
This pad works but its difficult to position it without it falling off. I wish it would stick to my nose when I place it on which would make the whole process easier. That said, it does the job--cushions my nose and prevents (for the most part) leaking ai
Joe Review from
July 30, 2013
I have used the large Boomerang Gel and it worked well. It seemed a little large so this time I got the small. It seems a little to small. It makes a big difference on my nose not having a big red line. But I do have some issues with leaks sometimes.
rodgerdubose22 Review from
December 17, 2018
Boomerang Gel Pad
It works great for protecting yournose. It's a little difficult to get it to stay in place while putting on your mask.
Mary B Review from
October 4, 2016
Boomerang gel padd
My doctor recommended these because if the mark I had on my nose every morning. They were a complete flop as I couldn't keep them on. I would wake up in the morning with them on the sheets.
Bryan H Review from
May 11, 2014
Sore bridge
The bridge of my nose is very sensitive and sore due to the CPAP mask. This is the second mask pad I have tried and my nose is STILL sore. My wife has cotton pads that she uses to take off her make up and I have folded one in half and used it under my bas
BuzzyB Review from
April 15, 2013
Would order again
Don't drop it on the floor! Due to it's clear composition, it is virtually impossible to see on a rug or a tiled floor if dropped. Nose irritation and eye irritation are greatly diminished. Good product.
Chris Review from
July 10, 2014
Nose saver
These gel pads provide excellent protection for the bridge of my nose. Prior to using them my mask was causing pain and major issues with the bridge of my nose. The gel pads have stopped those problems.
ballanep Review from
March 17, 2020
Nose relief
My nose was getting fried until I purchased the nose piece. Works great
Free Review from
September 5, 2012
nose now happy
My CPAP had been hurting my nose for about a year. After the first night with the Boomerang Gel CPAP Mask Pad my nose knew something had changed. Now, I look forward to going to bed and not feeling the pinched nose syndrome in the AM.
Janet Review from
December 14, 2012
Good to prevent marks
I really like my comfort fusion nasal mask, but I get some marks and sores on my nose.This gel pad will wear down and need to be replaced like any cushion, but it makes the mask comfortable again and saved my nose! Thanks to thecpapshop for the suggestion
halhouleh Review from
August 1, 2013
no more red mark in the morning
I liked using the gel mask pad. It's comfortable and there is no red mark on my nose's bridge when I get up in the morning. I've had to readjust the straps on my mask to accommodate the thickness of the pad.
pammyd Review from
January 28, 2013
Aggie Review from
August 8, 2015
Does the trick!
This gel pad is exactly what my husband needed. It allows the mask to sit on his nose without irritation. He loves it!
dk Review from
September 22, 2013
a couple of nights it was great, but for some reason it just is another thing to adjust. Plus it is clear (poor design) and got lost for several days in bed when I had to take off my mask to let the dogs out...seems like a waste of money.
Ted Review from
April 17, 2015
not bad
Not a bad product. Did not cover where I'm having trouble. The nose bridge is where I get sore. Also a little thick.
J. McDaniel Review from
April 7, 2015
Love It!
I love this pad. It stops most air leaks and is very comfortable. I love the fact that it comes in different sizes.
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