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Atos From: S50450 To: S50460-4 - Speech Aids (Accessories) - Oral Straws- White/Clear (4 Straws/pack)

Item for sale only in the USA and Canada
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S50450 - S50460-4
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S50450Speech Aids (Accessories) - Oral Straws-White/Clear (4 straws/pack)Case of 4
S50460-4Oral Adapter plus Straws (4 straws/pack)Case of 5
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Atos - Speech Aids (Accessories) - Oral Straws- White/Clear (4 Straws/pack)
Atos - Speech Aids (Accessories) - Oral Straws- White/Clear (4 Straws/pack)
More Information
Manufacturer Atos
Categories Condition, Respiratory Therapy Parts, Speech Aid, Speech Aid Accessories, Tracheostomy, Tracheostomy Care, Tracheostomy Parts
Code S50450 - S50460-4
Require Prescription? No
Store Respiratory Care
Product notes Item for sale only in the USA and Canada
Score: 4.8 from 1 - 5
48 Review
BB&B Customer Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
April 9, 2021
Good (not great) as extra long iced-tea spoon
I can taste metal, so drinking through steel straws isn't my reason for buying this item. However, the brush is far more useful than I would have imagined. And the straws work as I figured they would for stirring to dissolve powder (sugar or drink mix) in
Tracy E. Review from
November 4, 2021
Not Rainbow
We like the straws however I was expecting them to have pretty rainbow colors like the product picture. All four of mine look identical with some purple, blue, and other side is green, no orange or yellow at all. I kept the straws because they otherwise m
alisha.l Review from
April 14, 2019
Fantastic product, great that it includes 6 premium stainless steel reuseable straws with a cleaning set. My family have gone away for the weekend and took some with them as my mum was about to use a plastic straws and when I shown her these she was like
Tony B. Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
December 11, 2021
Mint Julep Straw
Absolutely perfect!!! I got this for my Mint Juleps and it's a perfect size..Nice a medium/short...Perfect for a 12 ounce metal julep cup, or even a cocktail tumbler!! I'm very satisfied with these straws!!! They are heavy duty, and you can feel the quali
RadiantRose47 Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
June 22, 2015
This product is one of my absolute most favorites!
I use the Stainless Steel Drinking Straws everyday. I find them amazing! I prefer icy drinks in the summer and these straws conduct the cold and maintain it throughout the beverage. They actually keep me cooler in the summer. I also like to drink a smooth
beachy Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
January 29, 2020
Easy to clean, fits into my starbucks tumbler
Feel good about using this stainless steel straw, and the cleaning brush works really well. Where exactly to store it all is another matter since everything needs to drain. I prefer to handwash them. One concern with steel or glass straws is that you can
BK Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
September 4, 2020
Straws for the beach or the cinema
The paper straws at the cinema always collapse before the drink is finished. Theaters just opened back up and I used these stainless steel straws yesterday. They fit the large size drinks or Icee perfectly and are easy to sip from. The brush they come wit
Review from
February 19, 2021
So fun!!
My little ones adore these straws! Super easy to clean too! Ours aren’t as rainbow colored as the pictured ones, they are mostly just blue, green, purple colored, which is the only reason for 4 stars instead of 5. Still a wonderful purchase!!
emily.p Review from
January 4, 2020
I got some of these stainless steel re usable straws from Primark for just 3 euros which I think is an incredible price. Considering I have looked an searched in many other places and they've been a little pricey in my opinion. They also come with a brush
Sandy B. Review from
April 26, 2020
It’s the way to go
I had an initial adjustment using these metal straws at first—because, well because they taste like metal. I stuck with them, though because for those of us who want to or need to sip beverages from straws it’s the only environmental responsible way to go
AmySue65 Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
April 18, 2016
I really like these but they are a little short.
These are nice, sturdy, straws. I will say they are a bit on the thin side and somewhat short. I am using one in a mason jar, it just clears the lid with enough to grab for sipping. Daughter using one in the 20 ounce igloo. definitely too short for the 30
Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
August 20, 2020
Love these straws!
Bought these for my 6 year old granddaughter who thinks they are so "cool". I have a few sets of these at my home, and she always wants to use them. She was so happy to have her own.Like the fact that they are reusable. Easy to use and clean. Much better
Angela Review from
April 20, 2020
The cutest
My son loves straws and I didn’t want him using plastic straws anymore. These are fantastic! Cute bluish purple rainbow stainless steel. They work great and fit inside a 16oz Starbucks cup for smoothies. Love them!
Elizabeth S. Review from
March 26, 2021
Rainbow straws
My boys (4 & 6) enjoy these straws because they're just fun enough in color that they only want to use these straws. They have seen the plastic spiral straws elsewhere and wanted those, however I compromised and purchased these instead being that they're
John G. Review from
April 10, 2020
Great Straws
My kids love these. I bought them for fruit smoothies I sneak veggies into, but now then want to use them for everything. That's okay, though, as they are easy to clean. I recommend these as a great and environmentally friendly alternative.
talyn.r Review from
June 5, 2020
If your are looking for an eco-friendly way to enjoy your drinks, I would recommend these straws. I like how these straws are easy to clean, and how they don’t have the subtle woody taste like bamboo straws. These are so easy to clean you can either plop
Ellpea Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
June 26, 2020
Love these stainless steel straws
Great purchase! I use these for my daily smoothies and the brush is a perfect fit for thorough cleaning. Also I run the straws my dishwasher and perfect results. Highly recommend !
ML Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
July 14, 2020
Great for the environment
These are very nicely made. Since they are make of aluminum,, a cool drink tastes even cooler and more refreshing, the brush cleans the straws very efficiently. The only reason I gave it four stars is that they are much taller than a standard glass so it
kbstutts Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
December 21, 2019
Thumbs up on Colored stainless straws
I was thrilled for this purchase when I found them to match my color changing/ refracting my insulated stainless wine/coffee tumblers, & bonus that tipped me to go along with this purchase was the cleaning stick. This will make a small impact on our plast
Mary Joan Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
October 21, 2020
Nice straw
Nice small straw for a small drinks but wish you add more different smaller sizes since it’s 4. Also, the brush that’s included is kinda big to put inside the straw. I’m using other brush from other reusable straws that o have
jessica.f Review from
October 29, 2019
I love these metal streams. At first I thought they were a little outrageous and then I used them. Holy cow y'all these will honestly change your entire world. Even if you don't care about saving the earth which his, hello you should. But if you do not th
Art24 Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
November 30, 2015
LOVE THESE S.S. STRAWS and with a cleaning brush.
Yep. Just what suspected and just what I ordered. I was looking for glass straws and when I saw they had STAINLESS STEEL straws, well, I just had to have them. I ordered them from my local store with a 20% discount and in 3 days I was using them; I should
taylor.s Review from
June 4, 2020
I love these metal straws not just because they are good for the environment but because they are reusable and they are great for drinking iced coffee with. they are very good for iced drinks and hot drinks so I think that is really good. I would 100% rec
kristen.d Review from
May 16, 2018
I got a set of straws off amazon. It was a set of eight; two long, two long bent, two short, two short bent. The price was just around $10 and they came with a carrying bag and brush cleaner. They’ve worked great and are good quality. Will definitely buy
Desley Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
May 28, 2020
just OK
I have been trying to cut out plastic where I can, so thought I would try these. Biggest problem is that metal conducts heat and cold. Most drinks fall into those camps, so the straw either becomes too hot to handle or freezing. Otherwise sturdy.
Apierce Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
December 5, 2016
Perfect length for 20oz Yeti
We bought these to use with our 20oz Yeti tumbler and they are the perfect length. The bend starts right at the lip of the cup so the straw is angled and easy to use. They fit through the slit of the lid that comes with the Yeti so no need to buy the othe
beatriz.a Review from
March 16, 2020
Stainless Steel Drinking Straw with Cleaning brush is a different experience carry you own Straws ???? but is nices give a special touch to your drink and cups. Is very helpful the brush cleaning for make sure you clean fine. ????????
RabbitReviewer61 Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
May 14, 2018
Straws to Keep
These stainless steel straws are the cat's pajamas! You can help the environment in little ways, and this is one of them. Instead of using plastic straw after plastic straw, opt for these beauties. Easy to use, easy to clean, inexpensive. Be a leader, not
Alisa Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
January 11, 2021
Metal straws
This was purchased as a gift and was received with much enthusiasm! The rainbow colors, different sizes, and cleaning brush are all beautiful. They arrived quickly and in perfect condition.
Ivorygirl Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
June 20, 2019
Stainless steel straws great, bought two sets came
bought two sets came home w one set. Excellent stainless steel straw, no metal taste at all. Recommend to anyone. Save the dolphins, whales,oceans and earth. or use paperstraws. steel less waste!
Milligal33 Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
October 17, 2019
Stainless straws and brush set
Very good for clean reusable straws! One caveat, make certain to check the length of the straws! For some tumblers they are are a bit long. Otherwise a great little set to keep reusable straws clean!
rachel.w Review from
June 2, 2018
I just purchased metal straws off amazon and I’m so glad I did. After all the recent information coming out about how horrible they are for the environment it’s so worth investing the 7-15 dollars depending on how many you want. I got a set of 2 straight
Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
July 26, 2020
Good for kids drinks as well as small cocktails
Simple. Easy to wash. Better then disposable for everyday use. Kids really like the smaller size.
customer Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
May 1, 2017
Stainless Steel Straws
Purchased these for environmental reasons as I got tired of using and then discarding hundreds (perhaps thousands) of plastic straws over the years. Seems far less wasteful...if a bit more expensive up front. Very durable and they even come with a brush t
CLaire B. Review from
November 8, 2021
Fun and conscious
Straws are so fun for littlest and such a great way to get them to drink more water. Super bonus that these are eco friendly.
none Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
April 3, 2018
Love this metal straw - please don't use plastic
Love this products - not easy to find. Please be the change we want on Earth, don't fill our oceans with plastic straws that kill animals in the water. Use metal straws instead - I take this with me when I go to restaurants and travel. Just pop in your ha
audrianna.h Review from
March 13, 2019
These are great! I always have one in my purse to reduce my own use of plastics. You are also able to purchase straw cleaners which makes it so much easier to clean the inside. If you’re wanting to reduce your environmental impact these are a great buy!!
Cathy Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
May 28, 2020
Love These
I love these straws! I was afraid that they would fall through the slot of my dishwasher, but they don’t. I’m really happy about that because they get sanitized and I hate doing dishes.
sue.d Review from
December 4, 2019
I’ve had these for almost a year and they haven’t rusted yet. It doesn’t take much time to clean them, and you can even put them in the dishwasher. Overall, it was a pretty easy switch from the regular plastic straws. One small step towards being eco-frie
Ivorygirl Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
June 22, 2019
stainless steel straws
I use them everyday and feel I am saving sharks,dolphins and the environment. I was very upset when I found out dolphins etc. were dying bc of ingesting plastic straws and other plastics, like plastic bags. I have used my own bags for shopping for a while
Ronnie Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
February 17, 2016
Awesome product
Awesome product. Love them. I just wish that they were a little taller to fit my 30 oz. Yeti but a lot better than having to use a plastic one from tervis. The associate that helped me was also great she originally said they were unavailable but as I was
jswim77 Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
May 16, 2018
Very good
How are these Dishwasher safe. You have to hand wash these. I try to use these instead of the plastic staws. Each day 500 plastic straws are throng away in the garbage. Thay end up in the ocean and kill the wildlife.
Gina S. Review from
December 14, 2021
Love these beautiful straws and the intention they serve! My daughter will love finding these in her stocking!
gram60 Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
December 28, 2015
These are the best straws ever! They are very sanitary and the added cleaning brush makes it even easier to keep clean. the first time I ordered this item was for myself this past summer and fell in love with them. I ordered two sets this time and shared
Elorac 65 Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
June 11, 2019
As expected
Bought them for my 9 year old granddaughter who is very ecology-minded. They perform nicely with no off-taste. Nice that a cleaning brush was included. Wish they were foldable to make them easier to take on the go.
Sotiria V. Review from
December 28, 2021
Fun straws!
These were stocking stuffers and my kids loved them! So colorful and fun, I’ll definitely get more for myself :)
nina.m Review from
March 13, 2020
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Dawnie Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
July 2, 2019
Good Size!
I had already purchased online some metal straws, but they are very thin. These straws are the perfect width & a great length for our tall Tervis glasses! The package includes a long-handled brush in which to clean them.
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