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Barrington Diagnostics From: 60-530-000 To: 60-530-004 - Laryngoscope Blade Standard Wis-Foregg

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Barrington Diagnostics:
60-530-000 - 60-530-004
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Barrington Diagnostics - Laryngoscope Blade Standard Wis-Foregg
Barrington Diagnostics - Laryngoscope Blade Standard Wis-Foregg
More Information
Manufacturer Barrington Diagnostics
Categories Laryngoscope Parts, Medical Equipment Parts, Condition, Laryngoscope Blade, Respiratory Therapy Parts, Tracheostomy, Tracheostomy Care, Tracheostomy Parts
Code 60-530-000 - 60-530-004
Sold By Each
Require Prescription? No
Store Respiratory Care|Stomabags|Whole Surgical
Score: 4.9 from 1 - 5
49 Review
Heidi Review from
October 28, 2020
Lantus is the insulin for cats!
This has been my cats insulin for many years now. I adopted him when he was already diabetic, but it hasn't been an easy road with him. He has converted several times, but remains now diabetic. He was to the point he was so unregulated that I had to check
Gabriella Review from
February 7, 2019
One of the Only Places That Sells Individual Pens
Lantus is probably the best out there for treating cats with diabetes and gives them the best chance to go into remission. The only issue is that most cats only need a small daily dose (1-2 units) and the vial contains 1000 units. It also has a limited sh
Diana Review from
December 20, 2020
Quality insulin available in financially manageable quantiti
So grateful to find veterinarian-prescribed brand insulin in a place that sells single pens. Many places only sell in packs of five, quite expensive to buy all at once--there are no assistance programs to help pay for your beloved pets' meds. Also commend
Hannah Review from
December 9, 2021
Easy support and access to my cats medicine!
I was very happy to find VetRX Direct offered much better prices for my cats insulin compared to getting it at the human pharmacy. They communicated with my vet to get her updated prescription, and once approved the medicine arrived the next day. Very exc
AlexFortune Review from
December 18, 2013
Lantus: The Long Acting Insulin For Diabetes
Env: development I have been taking Lantus for overnight and day coverage for about five years. I take 30 units twice a day, about twelve hours apart. It made a huge difference in my blood sugar and helped with spikes. Some diabetics won't need to take t
Kenny the cat's mom. Review from
May 5, 2017
More economical than vial and easier to inject
This was a great way for us to try insulin for our cat to see how it worked. Cost for this is ~1/3 the price of a full vial of insulin. And, the auto-injector feature makes it easier for users that are inexperienced with giving shots.. I would highly reco
Joan Review from
September 16, 2017
Great product and service!
I've use Lantus glargine for the past five years on my diabetic cat Cosmo. While it is very expensive, he has essentially been in remission for over a year. We are doing a minimum maintenance dose. This was my first time trying the Lantus Solostar pen vs.
LFos42 Review from
May 4, 2015
Best deal on best Vet rated cat insulin.
My cat uses insulin twice daily. I recently did more extensive research and confirmed that cats tolerate Lantus better than other insulins (cats have a faster metabolism so most insulin doesn't last as long and causes spiky glucose curves). Lantus lasts a
Marie Review from
August 5, 2020
Exactly What My Cat Needed; Arrived Cool
My cat is taking 1.5 units twice a day. My local drugstore no longer sells individual insulin pens. I was very happy to find Vet Direct. They coordinated with my vet and shipped the pen promptly, with an insulated bag and ice pack, to ensure the pen arriv
JD Review from
April 15, 2017
Happy that VETRX sells the individual pens!
My 17 yr old cat diagnosed with feline diabetes. Lantus was recommended by my vet as the insulin of choice. Unfortunately when I called around to local pharmacies they informed me that they only sold Lantus in a 5 pen package and would not break a set and
Cat lady Review from
May 25, 2016
Keeping the cat alive to live longer
I use the lantus pen twice per day for kitty. Can be refrigerated for longer use after seal being open pass the expiration date however, different opinions between pharmacy tech. Please research yourself. I have used the pen two weeks pass the expired dat
Rockwood Review from
March 30, 2021
Great Medication
When we discovered RJ was diabetic the Vet recommended this product. It is the best ever, she has been on it for 2 years now and we are so grateful that it has helped her. No issues for her at all with giving her the injection or any type of reaction.
Dolores Review from
March 25, 2018
Would buy it again and recommend it to my friends
This great product is being used on my cat as he just was diagnosed with diabetes. He is 9yrs old. The pen makes it so easy to fill the syringe I have to give him. You can use either the pen needles or syringes. For my cat the syringes are easier to use b
Review from
January 24, 2021
Pen needles are terrific!
When I first found out my cat had diabetes, I feared I wouldn't be able to give him two shots a day. These pen needles are so easy to use and so reliable I have ordered my ninth and tenth containers. I wouldn't try to change to another type of needle.
Monique Review from
June 3, 2020
Great price for an extremely expensive insulin
The insulin is expensive and only good for 28 days, however it is regulating my cat nicely. The price this pharmacy sells lantus for is one of the cheapest I've found. I was concerned about getting insulin delivered to my home since I'm usually working la
Edna the Golfer Review from
May 17, 2017
The Lantus pen has been a good change for me.
I do not use the injector pen as people do. I draw the insulin from the vial with a syringe as before when using the glass bottle vial. The best things for me are that: 1) I can buy one-third volume and pay one-third of the price as compared to purchasing
Jane Review from
March 7, 2016
My cat "Monster" has diabetis and was put on Lantus 2 yrears
Monster was diagnosed with diabetes 2 years ago and has been only on Lantus. Because it is so high I was trying to find it in the epi pen which while it doesn't last as long as the vile retains it strength better. He is doing great, looks good eats only M
Francia Review from
December 6, 2020
Lantus. Worth the extra money
When 16 yr old Bruce (a girl) left the hospital with diabetes her prescription was for insulin. Our vet recommended Lantus, saying it works better for kitties. It's now 20 months later and she's doing super well!
Mariam Review from
August 19, 2020
Definitely will continue buying
I have a diabetic cat and I use a sterile syringe during every draw. The 3ml is a perfect size. It comes nice and cool and perfectly packaged. Shipping is fast and I usually have the product at my door the next business day.
Puzzled19 Review from
March 25, 2015
Single Pen of Lantus Solostar
Finally found a pharmacy that will sell just one pen of Lantus Solostar. We have two diabetic cats and this is a much more affordable way to purchase insulin for them vs. 10 ml vials. The ordering process was easy. The refrigerated overnight delivery pack
hlefeld Review from
August 9, 2011
With the right dose, I finally got my diabetes under control
I recently was diagnosed with Type I diabetes mellitus (less than 6 months ago). My dad is also a Type I diabetic so I was already fairly familiar with the disease but I quickly realized I had a lot more to learn when I was diagnosed myself. My doctor imm
Jan Review from
November 1, 2020
I wouldn't have been able afford my cats meds!!!
My cat is a diabetic, hense the insulin. But trying to buy only one pen is hard especially for the "No discounts " for pets!! Thank you sooo much for the offer of one pen!! Some new law mandates the purchase of 5 pens ONLY! That's over $5000.I am so glad
Laurie Review from
January 22, 2021
Easy to use eases our minds
Vet recommended. Keeps our precious Jack on a regulated path with his sugar. Easy to use eases our minds and makes it easy for him- most important.
Heather Review from
March 8, 2017
So happy I found this online
After learning my cat is diabetic, I called a few pharmacies in my area to price Lantus. I was very shocked at the price, especially since he needs one pen and they would only sell me a box of five. The vials aren't much cheaper. Once I set up my account
Bikegirl Review from
December 14, 2015
Great service!
This is the insulin my cat needs as prescribed by the vet. It's expensive to purchase and I can't get it from a regular pharmacy as it comes in packs of 5, which would expire before the cat used it all. So I can either get it from vet or from online servi
amandapb Review from
August 9, 2011
Lantus is one of the best insulins out there.
I have been using Lantus for the last 5 years and it is on of the best insulins out there. I take it twice a day and it helps me regulate my blood sugars. I would recomend this to every one with type 1 diabetes. the best way to use this is by taking it tw
sid788 Review from
August 8, 2010
Lantus is a good basal insulin, not for use as a "fast acting"
Env: development I use Lantus for approximately three to four years and I like it since it is able to control my basal blood glucose. Indeed, it is an expensive medication for those who need it for survival. I certainly appreciate the R & D going into th
BB Review from
July 27, 2016
Some pros and cons
Lantus is a great long lasting insulin for cats. The smaller volume in the pen is good for cats and leaves less waste than the 10ml bottle. It is also cheaper for each order, but if you are using large amounts the 10ml bottle is a better overall deal. The
Andrea Review from
June 19, 2021
Yay VetRxDirect!
They always get the medication to me on time! Also the website is very easy to use. The prices are reasonable too! Thank you!
Kate1025 Review from
January 20, 2015
Great service -- willing to sell one pen
I have not found any local pharmacy willing to sell me a single pen. My cat is 18 years old and uses 2 units a day so a single pen will last me close to 6 months. My fear is that he won't live through a very expensive 5 pen pack. I was lingering on the fe
Jerry Review from
December 18, 2020
Best long term controller insulin!
We chose this insulin because it was a long term controller medication rather than a quick acting insulin. His diabetes is now under control and Spec is feeling much better!
KyKosMommy Review from
September 27, 2010
A good insulin but an insulin pump is better
I am a mom of two diabetic boys both that have taken Lantus. My eldest was on Lantus for a year and my youngest for 24 hours only. Lantus is a long lasting (24 hour) insulin than once injected is in your body for 24 hours. Sort of seems redundant to say t
SandraKaye Review from
March 3, 2015
So easy!
This is my first experience with the Lantus Solostar pen. My cat Bear was diagnosed with Diabetes over a year ago and while he's been great with getting shots twice a day, using the pen had taken a lot of the stress out of it for me! No more trying to fi
karon24k Review from
September 18, 2010
Lantus works if you watch your diet.
Env: development I have been diabetic for over 25 years. I have only been on Lantus Insulin for about 2 years. I take two shots of 40 units twice a day. I never thought I could give myself a shot, but after giving it a try in my doctor's office, I found
Anne Review from
March 11, 2021
I am not only the diabetic owner I am also her veterinarian. Glargine insulin is the insulin of choice for cats. I just ordered it today.
Linds Review from
December 12, 2016
Working miracles on my diabetic cat
My poor cat was suffering from diabetes and I had no idea until it got really bad. My vet prescribed him this medication and he's been on it for about a month now. He's making a complete turn around. He's back to being his happy, healthy, energetic cat he
Deborah Review from
December 5, 2019
Lantus works great for my cat!
This is a great product. After 8 years as a diabetic, the insulin we were using was no longer effective, so our vet recommended Lantus. The regulation for our cat has been great and it is super easy to administer! Thanks VetRxDirect@!
Sheila Review from
January 3, 2019
Lantus is a good choice for feline diabetes
Lantus has worked very well for my diabetic cat. In a short time after using Lantus, we were able to achieve remission. It is easy to dose and inject using U-100 syringes. Lantus may be a little pricey for some, but it is worth the money.
Geoff Review from
January 17, 2017
Right price when I needed affordable insulin fast
My nearly 14 year old male indoor cat was diagnosed as diabetic. He was prescribed Lantus which is not terribly affordable in a vial or a full box of pens. I was glad this was available in a broken up box (where I can just get one pen). While it isn't a g
FrancesWright Review from
January 29, 2010
Lantus insulin helps to control my diabetes.
**Lantus insulin is the next best thing to blueberries and cinnamon, while oatmeal is the fiber that binds them all together for me and many other people who happens to suffer from this disorder. Some of us was born with diabetes and are required to use l
Brianna Review from
July 3, 2017
Great product, great company
This insulin has been a godsend since my cat Toki was diagnosed with diabetes. She's finally showing improvement in her readings and I'm grateful this site has this product available for a reasonable price. Your team is always very quick to obtain the pre
katann Review from
August 8, 2010
Diabetes in no fun!
I hate being diabetic, but with Lantas injectable insulin, it helps keep blood sugars in better control. I do not feel that it works for 24 hours like it is supposed to do, but for 12 hours, my blood glucose levels are good. I think that if the dose was s
Melissa Review from
September 26, 2019
We have purchased item before and continue to purchase.
The product is easy to use with minimal invasiveness to our pet. The insulin can be extremely high priced but we feel the price is reasonable for our pets needs. Between the approval process of our vet to the mailing process all is with ease of convenienc
John S Review from
March 31, 2015
Saved his life
Our Vet had advised us that our cat of many years had become diabetic, he was loosing function in his rear legs. This was the first and only chance we had to save him. While the cost was a bit daunting at first when we saw the results there was no argumen
Inboxras Review from
August 8, 2010
Lilly Lantus - Insulin - It helps control your diabetes.
Lilly - Lantus Insulin - Do you know that most insulin "peaks" after a certain amount of time? Humulin R, Novolin R, Novolog, etc, all these have peaks after about two to four or four to six hours. What if your sugar is very high and needs to come down?
Janette Review from
November 6, 2019
I will continue to order and use this product ????
I have been using this product for 6 months on my diabetic cat in hopes he will go into diabetic remission. It is a great product, however very pricey. Order thru VetRXDirect is simply and love the discounts that are always offered.
Johnna Review from
January 30, 2018
I always buy my insulin from Vet Rx Direct.
VetRxDirect has the best price for Glargine that I've been able to find either online or locally. However the best thing about ordering my cat's insulin from here is that it is always shipped overnight and always in packaging that keeps it cool. They do t
Danielle Review from
November 12, 2019
Great option for diabetic cats!
My cat is on a relatively low dose of insulin so the single Lantus pen is an extremely wallet-friendly option. I have never had an issue with ordering it through VetRxDirect. Once my veterinarian confirms the prescription, they ship it the next business d
gatorstar Review from
September 14, 2009
Lantus saved my life!
Env: development I used to be an uncontrolled diabetic. And i'm talking seriously out of control! On days that I would test, my sugars would range from 150 to 500. Looking back, I don't know how I functioned everyday. It took a diabetic coma to open my e
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