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Bio-Protech From: LWSBR48(N) To: LWSBR48N - Tens Unit Leadwire TENS Safety Plug

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LWSBR48(N)48"Black, Red2 / Set
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TENS Unit Leadwire, 48", Safety Plug, Black/Red
More Information
Manufacturer Bio-Protech
Categories Chronic Pain, Joint Pain, Muscle Pain, Condition, EMS Leadwire, EMS Unit, TENS, TENS Leadwire, TENS Unit
Code LWSBR48(N) - LWSBR48N
Require Prescription? No
Store Lay Off Pain|Respiratory Care|Whole Surgical
Score: 4.8 from 1 - 5
47 Review
montanaboy2 Review from
July 8, 2019
This Unit is a Beast! Works great!
Received the TENS 7000 unit and was anxious to try it. I have had pain in my legs and back and wanted to see what this little baby could do. Firstly, the unit itself seems to be well built. The controls are simple and pretty straight forward. The electrod
anothermime Review from
March 7, 2019
High quality - Best TENS model yet. Many parameters. Good design.
The quality of the stimulation is much better than previous models of TENS. Also, more parameters to adjust. It can be set to pulsate the muscles around nerves or to ping the nerve and various intensities. Highly recommended. The original pads don't stick
ronniewdavis573 Review from
June 25, 2019
Definitely the best buy for a TENS unit you're going to get!
Okay, my first TENS unit I bought 10 years ago for $60. EXTREMELY BASIC! A couple of weeks ago I bought a newer VERY BASIC one from my chiropractor for $45. I wanted some bigger pads, so I figured, eh, why not just get a digital one like this one. I get i
cybercitizen2 Review from
July 15, 2016
Excellent Design
Very flexible therapy modes and easy to adjust controls. No unhappy surprises- controls are nicely protected to avoid changes from brushing against or bumping the control module. For the novice, using the device for it's intended purpose, therapeutic pain
captgriff Review from
December 19, 2016
This unit delivers equivalent stimulation similar to what I received from much more expensive units while doing professional physical therapy. The setup instructions were easy to follow and the unit seems to be well designed for ease of use. I found using
twal2448 Review from
April 26, 2016
Portable Relief
I was in so much pain and got immediate relief from using this device. The electrodes can be placed in a square around the pain or targeted with two. I was on pain medication that I was able to cut back on once I got the TENS. I don't find it to be a cure
bluekarr Review from
December 18, 2015
mjsthe2nd_1 Review from
April 18, 2019
Good value and help for pain and discomfort.
Having to attend physical therapy sessions for a shoulder problem, I was introduced to a TENS unit as part of the therapy program. I noticed improvement in my shoulder movement, and in subsequent sessions, the shoulder condition continued to improve. As m
karenas6 Review from
February 12, 2019
Instant pain relief at a great price
This product has helped my husband, me, my dad and now my neighbor and one of staff members get instant relief from back / muscle pain. It has been one of the key things to help us keep up with life as we work thru those occasional to chronic back issues
oeioei_collectibles Review from
August 17, 2018
Great device. Great price. Just as good or better than more expensive brands. Ov
The item is of good quality. I had a previous more expensive device like this. The TENS 7000 is just as strong and has more modes. The extra thing I think that makes this model special is that it has a plastic cap on top that keeps you from accidentally t
cami.785 Review from
February 15, 2017
It Works
Since I have no experience whatsoever with a TENS, my opinion may not mean much. The electrical current does seem to help with my muscle pain and tendonitis, both of which are chronic. The unit I bought is small and lightweight. I haven't tried wearing it
jmar5870 Review from
May 17, 2018
Love it-Mirrors the machine at physical therapy, only portable!
Product uses a 9volt batt. Settings include normal/constant; modulation/soft-to-strong; and pulse/rhythmic. You can set the duration and strength for each session and it records and saves. Nifty little unit with a carrying case. Very easy to use and care
sasa7476 Review from
March 20, 2019
XLNT Pain Desensitizer
I have very painful acute neuropathy in both my legs that cause shooting pain and burning which was waking me up at night now I just keep my Tens 7000 next to the bed and when that happens I use my Tens unit and it knocks the pain right out By sending you
partypony01 Review from
April 29, 2018
Highly recommend!
Best unit I have had yet! Started years ago with a $4000 unit for pinched nerve in my neck. Severe headaches, knotted up muscles, and pain pkagued me. Tylenol barely touched it. Not able to take anything stronger! But TENS therapy has worked! Second unit
justjennaustin74 Review from
December 6, 2016
Pleasantly Surprised
Paying under $30 I was not sure this was really going to work....I can tell you it does!! My pain management doctor has no clue how I was getting better so quickly. I was tired of all the pills and rehab was a bunch of the same movements over and over. I
jbeckerjj Review from
January 17, 2018
Greatly surprised
I was hesitant because of price. I had an old one that cost me several hundred dollars that was average. I read reviews and took a chance. My first time using the tens was impressive. I would compare the quality to the one that my chiropractor uses. One b
tena502 Review from
November 14, 2019
A Must Have for Pain Control
I have been using a Tens 3000 for the last 9 or 10 years. It finally died so I thought I'd give the 7000 a try. I'm glad I did. I was worried that it wouldn't be as user friendly as the 3000 but it really is. I especially like the little beep when the ses
moo-cow-moo Review from
April 11, 2016
Great TENS unit for the price
My only co plaint is the stick on pads. They can't be used more than a couple of times, even with "just out of the shower" clean skin. They just seem to wear out too quickly. But the unit itself is great. There are simply too many options, so I just use t
leroy9943 Review from
August 20, 2019
American made pain wonder.
Have had many Chinese brands. Product is amazing, especially for the price. Years ago use to sell for hundreds of dollars. I believe this was original maker. Nice belt clip. About the size of pack of cigarettes. Only complaint is they dont have USB port f
sophieg555 Review from
July 17, 2019
Life changer
This has been a life changer for my boyfriend. Pain, dramatically reduced; muscle spasms practically gone, night twitching gone; sleeping all night for first time in years. He has 3 ruptured discs and had laser surgery that allowed him to walk again but w
2kmediallc Review from
December 22, 2020
Cheap is cheap
At first it appears to work fine and a cheap price but it only worked properly 3 times and then started not working properly, I'm sure it's due to being powered by one small battery. After replacing the battery it now works fine again though I also need t
grandprix984797 Review from
February 20, 2019
Great product and price!
This product is awesome! I used it on my lower back as soon as I got it and the results were incredible. The mild pain was gone in one treatment. Since then I have used the tens on my shoulder and elbow with the same results. My wife has also used the ten
irzstblguy-5579 Review from
October 19, 2016
Tens 7000
This is a great little unit.Very powerful. So powerful in fact I can't use it on anything over 3 intensity. I suffer from mechanical lower back pain and this has helped me immensely. You can custom program the pulse interval,wave length and intensity. Two
rober_hensl Review from
January 29, 2020
Good Value for the Price
I have had TENS therapy in both chiropractic and physical therapy clinics, and with my home model, I seem to get the same results (positive) as I did in the above clinics. It's easy to set up and use. Have also found where I can obtain replacement pads, w
wogw.og.5wzu4jc Review from
April 6, 2018
The secret is out!
The fact that you can now buy this without a prescription can only mean sales will increase rapidly... I had excruciating sciatica pain and had to walk on it for 12 hours a night... After one 60-minute session with this unit I had zero pain the following
came_13fnu Review from
June 15, 2016
* required NEW TENS 7000 2nd Edition - Most Powerful unit (OTC) NEW TENS 7000 2n
I purchased this tens unit for my sister, and before I gave it to her I had to use this unit. I was extremely pleased with the unit. I own a tens unit I bought on hsn and this unit is better than that unit. This unit has four pads and the other unit had t
trosy Review from
November 11, 2021
High quality, very good value
Though I've only used it 4 times so far, and am still getting the hang of the various settings, I'm pleased with this device. It's definitely a high quality unit and very worth the $40.00 I paid for it.
lologmaof5 Review from
August 1, 2019
Its light weight, metal NOT plastic, like the one my insurance sent me, the top control is easy to turn and has cover so you can ensure it stays where you set it. The belt clip is also metal very secure when hooked on. Great quaility made right! Now for t
sarge2015 Review from
July 29, 2019
Good Brand
Over the years I've purchased 3 of these. Instead of always going to the chiropractor I can hook this to my belt and use as needed. Two were purchased recently so I could have one at home and one at our second home. This is much nicer than the small one y
llerretmada5157 Review from
December 17, 2019
Great Tens Unit
My chiropractor has one similar. This one is way better. More channels. Works very well. My wife uses it also. She loves it for her neck muscles. I use is on whole back. Great machine!
richsmith1977 Review from
August 3, 2019
Works well, save money
I was getting electrostim treatments for my lower back at $30/visit. I purchased this to supplement those visits, to help me in between. But this portable device works as well as the larger floor unit in my chiropractors office. So I only to go chiropract
juny1956 Review from
February 23, 2016
Lumbar Spinal stenosis
I have Narrowing of the spine in the Lumbar putting pressure on my Sciatic nerves ... I am on SSD as a result and when the Pain is more than the pills can handle I use the Tens unit and it does wonders... My X Wife had one and that is when I first used it
tsg1017 Review from
January 10, 2019
TENS 7000 2nd Edition Review
I LOVE THIS DEVICE!!! Cant beat it for the price you pay. It is VERY powerful. I use it on my back for muscle spasms/sore muscles. The highest setting goes to 8. I can only withstand 3-4 and I have severe back pain. This is definitely not a toy to play ar
tom_and_alicia Review from
August 2, 2020
God send!
Tens therapy was always my favorite part of physical therapy after a recent back injury. Ive tried a few other inexpensive Tens machines; this one is by far the closest to the professional grade machines therapists use. Great value, easy to use.
williapabo6 Review from
February 25, 2019
Works great and easy to use
Iam partially disable and this unit compares to the ones i got from insurance that cost close to $2,000. I couldn't believe it. I highly recommend this for backpain and muscle relaxation. It works great after a long day at work to help you relax your back
856b2real Review from
December 29, 2015
you'll be surprised
The tens unit is light and easy to operate. It has 8 different levels to stimulate your muscles , and 4 programmable modes which sends out different pulse patterns. It is a great unit for starters, but the electrode pads that come with the unit is recomme
dcroak4636 Review from
June 21, 2016
Tens 7000 2nd Edition, great product!
Took it to my therapist and she set it for the time that she wants me to do. Unit works as well as my prescription one, that somehow sprouted legs & walked away, when we were having some repair work done on our chimney. Very easy to operate, & it really h
ther.ther Review from
November 13, 2018
Not what I expected but did the job.
Was sorry to find this did not have a rechargeable battery or cord. It however did work as advertised and helped relieve pain. I was also somewhat disapointed in the plugs on the pads being straight and push on rather than snap on. It was reasonably price
piper_h79 Review from
October 5, 2018
Great unit with lots of power!
This is a very nice tens unit. My husband is a big guy and the unit we bought at Walgreens doesn't pack enough punch for him. This unit cost less than that one and he can only take it at a level 3. It goes up to 10! The pads don't stick as great as I'd li
monkeywilliam Review from
February 25, 2016
It does its... job?
This is trial and error for me. With no manual as to where to exactly put the pads how do you know you are hitting the exact areas .Let alone for the right affliction Put it to you this way: a company makes jet planes so you can go places but doesn't show
gman2381 Review from
August 21, 2018
I recently bought a store brand Tens Unit for 3 times the price of this one. I saw this one was at a much lower price and decided to give it a shot. WOW!!! I was shocked of how good it was. It has different settings which the name brand did not! I immedia
padakdog Review from
May 6, 2020
TENS 7000
This TENS unit is amazing! Works great! I like the different settings. It helps with pain quite a bit. I recommend this item.
danielspiano1 Review from
April 29, 2017
Great product really makes a difference for a good value!
All I can say is that compared to the competitors I am aware of; this product clearly rises straight to the very top in value; especially compared to the available cost- usually ~$30 *Reasonably reliable ! (eventual electrodes must be replaced after use-
ayerstommy1 Review from
August 5, 2016
Big relief in a small package
Hi. I was suffering from chronic lower back pain due to disc trouble I ordered the tens 7000 unit solely because it said most powerful in the description. Boy was it ever I never got it past the 3 to 4 setting. But it was great in relieving the nerve pain
pma2659-rwf4eq Review from
December 27, 2017
Recovering from hip replacement
Had hip surgery this summer, when I was ready for outpatient physical therapy the doc recommended a Tens unit. I borrowed one from a friend, which she had paid over $200.00 for. I bought this one and was thrilled when it worked the same. I was completely
rich5273 Review from
March 31, 2018
Just what I needed!
Rec'd a day earlier than expected. Just at the right time, as I was having pain. Having had a Tens Machine be fore, I was familiar with the operation and put it right to work, And work, it did! Eased my lower back and leg pain in ten minutes. To the point
jim_cps Review from
February 17, 2017
Does a great job.
After several sessions with a professional Physiotherapist using a pro TENNS machine I thought I would try a personal, portable unit. I tried this today on my shoulder and was very pleased with the product. It is a compact, quality, easy to use product th
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