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Nebulizer vs. Metered Dose Inhaler

There is a misunderstanding when it comes to the benefits of nebulizers and Metered Dose Inhalers on their effectiveness and practicality.

Treatments with nebulizers are not more beneficial or stronger than those administered with an MDI and a spacer.

When Albuterol, which is the most common medicine used to treat respiratory conditions like COPD, or asthma, is administered via nebulizer or MDI/spacer, according to studies, the benefits received are very even.

In both cases, the medicines are breathed in the form of a mist after it is sprayed out of the nebulizer or MDI/spacer. The liquid medicine transforms into a breathable haze when using a nebulizer, and pressurized gas spreads when it comes to MDIs.

Metered Dose Inhalers with the spacer attached are more active, practical and more comfortable to use than a nebulizer.

You can use a mouthpiece or a mask with both nebulizers, and an MDI/spacer.

Nebulizer vs. Metered Dose Inhaler/Spacer

You can use a mouthpiece or a mask in both cases. That will also depend on the users’ preference or previous medical indications according to patients’ age and needs.

    • Easy to use

      A nebulizer needs to be plugged in (electricity connection), use batteries or be USB charged.

      A Metered Dose Inhalers/spacer needs the MDI and the spacer and inhale.

    • Size

      Nebulizers are available in various sizes and shapes but are usually more substantial than a Metered Dose Inhalers and spacer.

    • Treatment time

      With a nebulizer, it takes between 10 to 15 minutes.

      With a Metered Dose Inhalers/spacer, it takes five seconds of inhalation.

    • Correct doses administration

      With an MDI/spacer, you will need one or two inhalations.

      With a nebulizer, you will need to breathe regularly for 10 or 15 minutes.

Metered Dose Inhalers/Spacer Benefits Over Nebulizers

    • Keep the proper amount of medicine inside the chamber, and just by holding the mouthpiece between your teeth and closing your lips you only need to breathe in, and the proper dose of medicine needed will go directly into your lungs with no waste.

    • It is very precise, comfortable and practical to use. And it can also be carried wherever you go and used whenever needed.

    • It will help administrate the correct dose needed, by inhaling the proper amount of medicine. Delivering the right amount of medication to the lungs

    • No extra pieces needed.

When the spacer is attached to the Metered Dose Inhalers makes it easy to use by children who might find MDIs challenging to use.

It can take less than one minute to learn how to use a spacer correctly, giving the Metered Dose Inhaler a significant advantage over a regular nebulizer

A Metered Dose Inhaler with a spacer is much more practical, precise and easy to carry and use.


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