Respiratory Glossary: (B)


Respiratory Glossary

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Procedure in which a slim viewing tool is utilized to take a look and asses the respiratory tract.


Condition that develops as a result of a sudden drop in the pressure surrounding a person. It causes joint discomfort since gases in the form of bubbles present themselves in the blood.


Disease that causes the respiratory tract to become inflamed.


Lowest section of the inferior lobes found in the lungs.

Blood Pressure

Rate at which blood flows through certain parts of the circulatory system.


Condition that arises when the tiny branches of air tubes in the lungs become inflamed.


Passageways in the respiratory tract that lead to each of the lungs.


Abnormal enlargement of the bronchus.

Bronchogenic Carcinoma

Malignant mass of tissue that develops in the bronchi. It is also known as lung cancer, although it can advance to to other parts of the body.

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