Respiratory Glossary: (L)


Respiratory Glossary

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Lung Cancer

Disorder characterized by the abnormal multiplication of cells. When cancer originates in any part of the pulmonary system it is named lung cancer, however there are other types of cancers which do not originate in the lungs but might eventually advance towards that organ.

Lung Fibrosis

Umbrella term for describing disorders that result in damage to the lung tissue. Usually, this may cause shortness of breath among other conditions.

Lung Function Test

Procedure carried out in a technological medical facility to identify the original cause of a condition. Depending on the issue this procedure might require expelling air into a device or inhaling several types of gaseous matters.


Medical intervention in which one of the lobes in the pulmonary system is taken out.

Lung Volume

Lung capacity to retain gas.


Condition characterized by the voice box becoming swollen.


Also known as croup.

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