Respiratory Glossary: (S)


Respiratory Glossary

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Expansion of an organ that usually occurs in the chest glands. What leads to this disorder has not yet been discovered.

Sleep apnea

Sleep disorder that arises due to an obstruction in the respiratory tract that might result in making sounds while asleep or in fatigue.


Abbreviation for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.


Called “pulmonary surfactant” when it comes from the pulmonary tissue. It is a fluid which releases interfacial tension.

Smooth muscle

Muscle that a person lacks control over therefore leading to involuntary movements. It fulfills many functions, for instance the narrowing of the arteries or veins.


Graphical storage of the number of times a person inhales and exhales


To pass out.


When the body is affected completely as opposed to partially, such as the action of providing blood by the arteries throughout the different parts of the body.

Systolic pressure

Greatest amount the arterial pressure increases when the two main heart chambers are being narrowed.

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