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Stress, Cigarette and Alcohol in Erectile Dysfunction

  Erection is of great importance in all cultures and times. In our cultural environment success is based on the amount of money, education, consumption possibilities, among other things, and extended to the field of emotional relationships where the most important lies in having seduction skills, a consistent erection and ejaculatory time that allows multiorgasmia. All this ends up turning sexual relations into an obstacle race, in favor of efficiency instead of a pleasant situation to share intimacy. Therefore, Nordin and collaborators in his study explains, the vital stress resulting from the struggle to achieve maximum efficiency in the workplace and social is added sexual stress, which from a physiological point of view in no way helps the erectile response (1).


From Cigarette Consumption:


At the same time, as a mitigating mechanism of the high levels of anxiety characteristic of the lifestyle of our environment, certain toxic habits are incurred, that is, the rest times that should be dedicated to sports activities and to intellectual rest, commonly They are used in unhealthy culinary celebrations, accompanied by the excessive tasting of wines and liquors as well as the consumption of tobacco, if not the use and abuse of drugs (cocaine, cannabis). Hirshkowitz and collaborators exemplify, each cigarette produces, due to the effect of nicotine, a half hour of arterial vasospasm, so if someone is awake for 16 hours a day and smokes 30 cigarettes a day, this will not give their arteries rest. they will keep contracting almost all day, which is not a help for the vessels of the penis that need to dilate to achieve an erection. In addition to the maintenance of the penile endothelium, nocturnal erections are fundamental and it has been shown that the rigidity of the erection during sleep correlates inversely with the number of cigarettes smoked per day (2).


From the Consumption of Alcohol:


Regarding alcohol, which in the environment we inhabit is closely linked to sex, it is very common to start a sexual encounter just after having a few drinks and although very low concentrations of alcohol in blood have a mild intensifying effect of desire and The erection, concentrations corresponding to two or three glasses of liquor, decrease the erectile force and delay ejaculation.

Taniguchi and Kaneko make some considerations about it, alcohol acts at two levels: One of it produces neuropathy and alterations of neurotransmission and another, hormonal imbalances. The ethanol and acetaldehyde, the building blocks of all alcoholic beverages produce an effect toxic on Leyding cells (cells located in the testicle) inhibiting the Enzymes responsible for the development of hormones. The hypothalamic-pituitary axis is also blocked by the direct effect of ethanol and the increase of the concentration of estrogen in blood. As a result, testicular atrophy will appear, low testosterone levels and decreased spermatogenesis. Also with the passage of time the intake of alcohol causes a decrease of the hypothalamic neurons responsible for the production of oxytocin (hormone secreted by the pituitary gland), which has much see with the male orgasmic response, hence the high frequency of anorgasmia among drinkers chronic (3).



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30 March, 2019

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