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Busse Hospital Disp From: 512 To: 513 - Sims Connector/ Irrigation Nozzle, Clean, 5-in-1 T-Connector, Non-Sterile

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Busse Hospital Disp:
512 - 513
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512Sims Connector/ Irrigation Nozzle, Clean, 50/bx, 500/cs3mm-6mm500 / Case
5135-in-1 T-Connector, Non-Sterile (clean), 15/bx, 150/cs5mm-11mm150 / Case
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Sims Connector/ Irrigation Nozzle, Clean, 3mm-6mm, 50/bx, 500/cs
More Information
Manufacturer Busse Hospital Disp
Brand Oxygen Accessories
Categories Surgical Accessories, Surgical Supplies, Airway Accessories, Airway Intubation
Code 512 - 513
Require Prescription? No
Store Discount Catheters|Respiratory Care|Stomabags|Whole Surgical
Score: 2.7 from 1 - 5
46 Review
Slash Review from
March 14, 2021
Economical, versatile, tool.
I purchased this dial-n-spray as a replacement for an old model I've had since they first came on the market. This new version offers new features like multiple spray patterns and the ability to attach directly to compatible products. The tool is very easy to use however could use some minor improvements. The filter that goes inside the fluid container is metal and will rust the first time it gets wet. Its difficult to prevent it from leaks where the hose attaches. The fluid tank has no positive stop when screwing it in place. These are more annoyances than major issues as the unit works well
TMK Review from
Home Depot
November 26, 2020
This is the best hose-end sprayer I have used. It...
This is the best hose-end sprayer I have used. It is ergonomically designed, solidly constructed and easy to operate. With 14 dial settings, one can conveniently choose the right mixing concentrations for different applications. The 3 spray patterns (broadcast, jet and shower) are useful in different situations. I have used the broadcast pattern on my lawn and it provided an even and consistent pattern for me to cover a large area in a fairly short time. The flexible suction tube inside the bottle is weighted and shaped at the end to draw up even small amount of liquid in the bottle, so that v
Keep off the grass Review from
December 9, 2021
I owned an Ortho Dial n Spray Hose End unit for about 10 years before the handle broke. I purchased another one with great expectations based of the performance and durability of my first one. This new version was poorly made--water leaked badly (or perhaps more accurately sprayed out) between the white hose connector and the red body of the unit. I was able to finish my task only after getting my pants, socks, and shoes soaked. Will be returning it to the Depot.
SunnyNC Review from
Home Depot
July 29, 2020
Any setting less than 1 oz does not work.
I wasted so much time and lost track of how much each plant was fertilized when I realized anything less than 1 oz did not spray. I got a second one and same results. I filled a 5 gallon bucket with 1 oz setting and it emptied out approx 5 oz of liquid fertilizer. Then I changed it to 1 tbs, 4 tsp, 1 tsp etc and no matter how many gallons I sprayed, the reservoir remained the same. As a work around, I have to now dilute accordingly the product so I can use 1 oz setting. Also like the other users mentioned, the weight at the end of the flexible siphon/straw rusted promptly. Shame, just a little
Jim Review from
Home Depot
July 30, 2021
Bad design
I have 30 years experience as a master plumber, so I like to think I know what I'm talking about. Where the sprayer valve screws into the container there should be a big flat rubber gasket at the bottom of sprayer valve, that way when you screw the valve onto the the container it will make a water tight seal at the base of the valve. Very basic easy design to do, your design engineers really messed up on this one!!! Fellow home depot shoppers, don't buy this hose sprayer, it's a piece of junk. This is a honest review.
Trinisan Review from
Home Depot
July 9, 2021
Works great. Great spread and reach, so it covers a lot of ground. You may need
Works great. Great spread and reach, so it covers a lot of ground. You may need to research the setting for your product if it doesn't have a hose end sprayer setting. e.g. for a pesticide concentrate i use I had to set the Dial N Spray to 1.5tsp to average 1oz/1gal of concentrate. I've used it with pesticide, lawn food and Weedicide.
House923 Review from
May 24, 2022
Works exactly as I hoped
This product is great for spreading any sort of concentrate with your hose. I was able to do my entire lawn, both front and back, in about ten minutes. With three different spray nozzles, it'll work for whatever you need, and you can control exactly how much solution/mL you are wanting when you spray. Easy to use and works great, plus helps you save money since you can just buy concentrate.
greenhouse Review from
Home Depot
August 7, 2018
Unlike other reviewers that said it was using product too quickly, mine doesn't
Unlike other reviewers that said it was using product too quickly, mine doesn't appear to use any unless I constantly push the trigger. I put liquid fertilizer to the bottle, attached hose and started spraying. The fertilizer is very dark brown and clearly seen through the translucent bottle. After a few minutes of spraying, I noticed that the water coming out was totally clear and had none of the putrid odor of the fertilizer. I stopped spraying and then started again. The first couple seconds the spray was brown and smelled like the fish emulsion. Then clear. I found that the ONLY time the p
nocookie4u Review from
Home Depot
August 20, 2019
What I love about this particular hose-end sprayer design is that it's ergonomic
What I love about this particular hose-end sprayer design is that it's ergonomic. I have tender wrists due to injury and this design allows me to hold my wrist straight while spraying. That means I can do the job without having to stop every few minutes. Amazing! I also really like the well constructed filter at the end of the intake tube. This sprayer also has a nice jet spray that almost hit the top of my 14' pecan tree, a flat spray and a shower spray. No leaks or drips on your shoes! I don't use the dial-n-spray because my particular formula isn't measured in a certain amount per gallon, b
Judy Review from
Ace Hardware
September 16, 2017
Excellent product!
My garden shed was cluttered with sprayers that don't work well, or at all, and none were easy to use. The Ortho Dial Sprayer is so simple and easy to use, I am relieved, surprised and delighted! I don't know how well it will hold up but frankly, even if I have to buy another one each season, it'd be worth it. To use this Ortho sprayer you just pour the chemical into the tank; no calculations or dilution is necessary. I screw a shut-off valve to the hose end, screw the sprayer top to the shut-off valve, and finally screw the sprayer tank onto its top. This method (attaching tank to top as a fi
Review from
April 1, 2020
Good Features. Quality is questionable
Bought this sprayer last fall for spraying liquid soil activator and it worked fine for 2 uses. The metal connector on the end of the feed tube in the bottom container was heavily rusted even after I flushed and cleaned the container. This spring I used this sprayer again for same liquid soil activator application. This time instead of draining the container it simply filled up with water as I sprayed. Appears the feed tube is plugged from the rusted metal connector. I also developed a leak between the top spray part and the container no matter how much I tightened it. Sprayer is good design a
ToTheDogs Review from
Home Depot
August 4, 2016
There's a common misconception I see about leakage.
I see many reviews, in many places, complaining about water leaking from the gap between the white hose connector and the red body of the unit. THIS DOES NOT NECESSARILY MEAN YOUR UNIT IS DEFECTIVE. While I totally understand how this looks bad, it's actually something some devices like this (read: of mediocre quality) do intentionally (the previous model did it, too). Water will "leak" from this spot when you first turn the hose on. The purpose is to regulate the initial pressure coming into the unit, so that the sudden force of air and water being pushed into the device doesn't cause somethi
Cessna152ss Review from
July 22, 2018
Lasted 3 years
I bought this sprayer at Lowes in 2015 to use as a replacement for paying someone to spray my house. Im an accountant so I like saving money and getting more bang for my buck. I also was having problems finding bug sprays at the big stores strong enough to controls the bugs attacking my house. This sprayer lasted 3 years and I probably used it a total of 15 times over that span. Overall I was happy with it while it lasted, which 3 years out of anything these days is a miracle. I live in the country on 5 acres and would spray about 2 acres each time (as far as my hoses would go). I used sprays
Mel Review from
Ace Hardware
July 28, 2020
Hose connection leaks
Had one from many years ago and worked fine. Got this new one based on previous life experience. No more. Right out of the store, hooked up garden hose and turned on water, proceeded to take a shower. Where hose connection goes into housing is cheaply made and sprays right out of the housing all over me. Read about this in 3 year old reviews so I thought they would have corrected this by now. Wrong! Leak is so bad it is unusable. What good is a warranty if the tool is made so poorly you can't use it?
DWFL Review from
February 16, 2021
Ortho dial and spray
I have used Ortho brand hose end sprayer for many years with no issues. last month I was forced to buy the new model as my old version finally quit working after many years of use. The new version is very difficult to use as the oblong shaped tank is difficult to grip as you attempt to screw it back on to the sprayer full of liquid. The round bottom old versions were so much easier to screw on when full. Sadly, the tank from my old version will not adapt to the new version. I find it to cumbersum to keep using so I will be switching brands.
Catzup Review from
June 15, 2021
Not so easy to figure out
Purchased Killex and instructions refer to the Scotts dial and Spray and to set at 6. When I purchased the product I was referred to purchase the Ortho dial and spray. Only issue is 1 is in oz the other in ml. Called for support, spoke to a Cynthia and she told me to wait on the line. After 20 minutes of waiting they closed the line on me. Now Im writing on this review. I would suggest Ortho place instructions in ml and oz on their products. Products are great if I use them properly - not so easy for an easy concept.
pkappy Review from
Ace Hardware
June 16, 2020
Great sprayer for the price
Was a little hesitant to purchase given the reviews. However after using 4 to 5 times I like this sprayer. It is small, lighweight and easy to use. The unit I purchased unscrews easily so chemicals can be added to canister. There were helpful usage instructions in the canister. Simply add the stuff to the canister or use the sprayer on top of your chemical container, attach the hose and start spraying. The sprayer has 3 settings - a long hose like stream, a narrower spray and a wider spray. I would have liked a finer, narrower stream so not everything in the garden gets sprayed at once. The sp
jcg Review from
Home Depot
April 21, 2020
Doesn't suck chemical though suction tube
After my 15+ year old ortho dial n spray finally broke, I bought this new version, loaded it with chemical, and went to work. I noticed the chemical didn't seem to be coming out of the spray head, but was dripping from the bottle at concentration strength. The bottle didn't seem to seat correctly, having to rotate past the position in the picture to get it to feel sealed. After screwing around with it and getting chemical all over my hands, i took the bottle off and ran it with the bottle on the ground, and siphon tube sitting in the liquid. Instead of siphoning liquid out of the bottle, it wa
TomRVA Review from
August 25, 2020
Decent Product with Failed Feature
This is a decent lawn chemical sprayer which works quite well. It offers a variety of dilution rates and spray patterns. The swivel garden hose connector is a big plus. The failed feature is the ability to directly connect to Ortho concentrate bottles. I bought a 40 oz. bottle of Weed B Gon which clearly stated it fit the Dial N Spray hose-end sprayer. It does not. It is not even close to fitting. It would have been a great feature if it only worked.
TheDarkKnight Review from
Home Depot
May 3, 2021
Not a great product. Breaks to easily. My...
Not a great product. Breaks to easily. My first time using it and it broke. Exchanged it for a different version. I love ortho products but this device was made poorly and should be redesigned. I do not recommend buying this product. Their bug spray and weed killer products are great.
Helen Review from
June 4, 2020
Fantastic sprayer
This sprayer is relatively inexpensive ($12.99)and works like a powerhouse. Put the weed killer in, hook it to a garden hose, turn, on the water and off you go. There are several dispenser settings. Read your product instruction for correct setting. What I really love is the different spray selections. You can set it for spot spraying or the one I used - a wide spray. My front yard is mulched with plantings on the perimeter. Always get volunteer Red Bud trees, and assorted other weeds. I sprayed the entire surface so nothing will spring up and it worked like a charm. I highly recommend this sp
DONM51 Review from
Home Depot
August 16, 2020
You get what you pay for
In theory this should be an easy to use product. Big dial, ergonomic design and price all attracted me to this sprayer. Unfortunately it is cheap enough to be junk. This hose end sprayer leaks all over you while using it. The source of the leak is somewhere inside the unit and not at the connection so there is no way of stopping it. This unit comes with a 10 year warranty but I doubt anyone keeps it after the first use. I will be returning mine on my next trip to Home Depot.
AD Review from
Home Depot
February 23, 2020
Seals work once. Concentration knob is incorrect.
Used this as follows: Attached to regular garden hose. Using shower setting, set hose bib so rate was ~0.5gpm. Using roundup 365 at 6 Oz per gallon for 300sqft coverage, should be able to cover 150sqft per minute and use 3oz. Over 2 minutes of use, device used 12 oz. Change the hose to another garden hose. Now the rear seal did not hold, but I recalibrated for a flow rate out the front nozzle To a have a half gallon per minute. With the same settings as before, the sprayer consumes 16 ounces over the same time. This makes me think the chemicals leech out the back hose attachment and potentiall
Matt Review from
Ace Hardware
July 27, 2019
Horrible design. Get ready to waste half a bottle...
The original version of this sprayer was perfect, but this one falls WAY short of the original. The idea of attaching the concentrate bottle directly to the sprayer seems great at first, but the whole thing was poorly executed by Ortho. There are not enough threads that engage with the bottle, and it only requires 1/3 of a turn to attach to the sprayer head. The first time I tried this method, the bottle detached from the sprayer spilling nearly all of the contents onto my lawn. This happened again a second time with the bottle nearly empty. I'd advise anyone purchasing this sprayer to use the
DanTheMan Review from
Home Depot
August 5, 2020
Fill the sprayer with more product than you think that you will need. Adjust the
Fill the sprayer with more product than you think that you will need. Adjust the dial for mixing rate. Ready to go. Works best for large areas like driveways or patios. Small areas require a tank sprayer. Easy cleanup. Pour leftover product back into original container. Rinse a few times.
Dave Review from
September 21, 2018
I owned one of these many years ago and it was a really great product. It lasted me for many many years until the plastic tank and seals finally deteriorated to the point that it was unusable. Expecting the same level of reliability and functionality I purchased this new product with the same name on it thinking how can I go wrong? The new ortho sprayer is flimsy, which is obvious when you squeeze the trigger because the body of the handle actually flexes. My unit actually didnt survive a single usage, before the valve stuck on, and sprayed continuously. No amount of disassembly or coaxing wou
GWIZZZ Review from
Home Depot
July 8, 2020
This product works as described.. I Used it for liquid...
This product works as described.. I Used it for liquid aeration and it worked great! No problems at all. Liquid came out great. With the provided dial that you can adjust for exact amount of liquid u want to use, it makes it easy to use and well as making it useful. I know u should be able to use this for any other product dispersement. I would recommend this to anyone, especially friends!
Very Disgruntled Customer Review from
May 21, 2021
Ruined our lawn with this sprayer!
Bought this sprayer to use with a liquid soil aerator. We set the spray dial to 4 oz which was supposed to cover 500 Sq feet. This sprayer went through the entire jar in less than a minute! That means it put about 10x the amount in one section that was supposed to cover the entire yard! I just read another review where Ortho stated it covers 1000 ft in 60 secs. How would it be possible to cover 1000 ft in that short a time???
Azcray Review from
Home Depot
August 8, 2017
Great metering sprayer for a fair price. I have no complaints but have only used
Great metering sprayer for a fair price. I have no complaints but have only used once. I completely rinsed and dried and store it indoors after use so I would expect it to last many years with occasional use. By the way, the Ortho concentrate I used was supposed to screw directly onto the spray head but did not. However I didn't mind, since I would need to use the spray canister or bottom half anyway when I cleaned up afterwards to rinse with clean water. Between this and a zapper hanging out in the back yard put a major hurtin on the skeeter population in my son's back yard. Before you would
Long Time Homeowner Review from
July 27, 2020
I have an older Ortho Dial a spray that is having trouble clogging if you use anything but pure liquid. So I started looking to find an improvement. What do I notice. Thirty % (or more) have experienced failure of this product and NONE of the ORTHO responses offer any comment that they are fixing the problem, Only BRING IT BACK. That's pretty obvious and pretty STUPID BY ORTHO to not fix this model or get a new one. Reputation is like virginity: once you lose it you can't get it back !
Awesome Review from
Home Depot
June 20, 2021
I think this is a great way to fertilize, or at keast cover large areas with something. This is a HUGE step up from that camelion sprayer which had a funny handle and a leaking connection. The trigger does get hard to oush after a while, but is sure more comfy than that other one. If you're is spraying everywhere, make sure there is a washer where the house connects. Make sure to clean after each use!
DaveB Review from
November 18, 2021
Rusty siphon weight
I have two sprayers, both have rusted metal siphon 'anchors' that requires cleaning and sanding before use. what a mess. after two years one sprayer no longer sprays right because the sprayer head is jammed with rusted material that may have been in the tubs. bring back the sprayers of the past.
Andy Review from
Home Depot
June 7, 2020
Interesting Piece of Engineering!
First of all I am an practicing engineer and I would not buy this again. I did decide to keep this for spraying Alaska brand fish fertilizer because it pretty much hits everything including what you dont want spray. I will not spray Malathion or Garden Disease Control spray due to the fact I dont reslly need it dripping down the siding which it does very well. This product should be located in the paint sprayer aisle. Secondly, Good luck connecting Ortho containers to the sprayer. You lose half the product while attempting to connect adaptors designed by inferior engineers. A real joke unless
Sean Review from
May 31, 2017
Absolutely worthless if you plan to attach the concentrate bottle
If you are planning on using the sprayer with the included jar then this is probably worth your time and money. There can be an issue with leaking at the hose connection. However that is easily solved by adding another rubber washer and/or plumbers tape on the threads. If you plan to use it with the concentrate bottle directly attached like they advertise DO NOT BUY this item. I'm convinced that it isn't possible to attach the bottle to the sprayer. When you take the cap off the concentrate bottle it has a pouring lip that prevents the threads from even touching each other. Then if you manage
Flash Review from
April 9, 2021
Poor design
With the hose connected to sprayer, you can't place it on a flat surface without it tipping over. To stop the container from leaking, you really have to screw it on very tight, if you tighten it too tight, you end up stripping the threads. If you have a large area to cover and have to refill container, it's difficult because you can't set it on a flat surface while it's still connected to the hose due to the design of the handle. The older Dial N Spray was a better design and better quality.
anonymous Review from
Ace Hardware
May 18, 2022
Using an Ortho Hose End Sprayer.
Worked great, but when spraying the Lawn, I wasn't sure of the proper way to spray. I started spraying side to side, but I thought the spray would cover the Yard better if I walked backwards. Don't know if this way is proper, I thought the spray covered better. Still learning.
NWGardener Review from
August 2, 2017
Does not dispense properly
According to the instructions for Weed-B-Gon I set the dial to two ounces for Northern climate. According to the bottle that should treat 8000 square feet. The sprayer emptied the entire bottle after spraying about 1000 square feet. A waste of my time and money for the wasted concentrate. Best case scenario is I'm just out a little money and time. Worst case scenario is this will kill my lawn since it applied the concentrate at about eight times the recommended amount. In addition the threads from the sprayer head to the concentrate bottle we're extremely loose. Applying even a minimal amount
Byron Review from
Home Depot
June 10, 2015
Poorly designed product will not stay attached to a bottle of concentrate and us
This is a review for the Ortho Dial N Spray Hose End Sprayer. This has to be one of the biggest wastes of time, money and effort that I've ever had the displeasure to have purchased. Like many of the other reviews I'd read, the threads are too small and there are too few of them to stay attached to a bottle of concentrate as shown in the instructions. The concentrate bottle fell off three times but, luckily, I was prepared for this and caught the bottle before too much spilled out. I eventually gave up and had to hold the spray nozzle in one hand and hold the concentrate bottle in place with t
Bill Review from
April 4, 2019
Handle leaks
The Ortho Dial-n-Spray was highly recommended by a nursery expert. Long story -short ... I purchased three of these Ortho Sprayers within 3 days. All three leaked severely from the handle area ABOVE the hose-connecting collar and also from the underside of the red handle. Its a result, my arms, shoes, and shirt were soaked. This happened identically from all three I purchased. I connected them to two different hoses, thinking that it may be the hose. It wasnt. It was the sprayers. Not only was I disappointed that I didnt have a sprayer to use, I had to make two additional trips back to the nur
Andrew Review from
August 23, 2017
This predict product cost me 32oz of insecticide
Design was comfortable, but that's about it. To start, I filled the reservoir half way with a pricey insecticide. Seemed good to start but then the trigger stuck, to the point where I had to turn the hose off to get it to stop. I figured it was because it was new, which it could have. After about 300 sq feet I noticed the insecticide had not dropped (using the 4oz setting). Maybe I was wasn't paying attention when I filled it, no. After another 200 feet, the reservoir was 3/4 full! I kept trying but after few more minutes it was overflowing! Took the reservoir off and saw water pouring out of
msagustin Review from
Home Depot
September 21, 2015
Love the settings!
I had the same problem many have stated....Leaking at the handle. What a mess! Make sure the rubber washer is seated properly before installing a hose or a quick connect system (brass/plastic etc.) I used a brass quick connect and made sure it was tightened securely and not deforming the rubber washer. Make sure you do not over tighten or you will crack the plastic end. A little more than snug is perfect. I also tested a plastic versions and it worked perfectly. My guess is with a direct hose connection you cannot see if the rubber gasket is deforming when compared to putting a quick connect e
Kipp Review from
Home Depot
May 3, 2016
Disappointing sprayer
Don't buy this. I needed a sprayer for carpenter bees that were profusely attacking my mountain cabin (made of log siding). It's an annual problem each spring. While a hand held sprayer is fine only to a certain height from the ground, I thought this Ortho prayer would be perfect for reaching high areas along the top (under the eves, along facia boards, etc.). I was very disappointed. The sprayer has 3 different settings which are meaningless with regard to difference in functionality (they all do the same thing, more or less). I wanted a setting that would reach 20-25+ feet high. This shoots
Review from
Home Depot
February 21, 2015
I purchased the Ortho Weed B Gon and this sprayer yesterday and was skeptical from the get go. I prefer using a backpack sprayer when applying either herbicides or pesticides. Home Depot only had one available and it was expensive for the quality. I wish I would have read the reviews first then I would have waited to get a good backpack sprayer. I have two issues with this product. 1. I had two leaks, one above the connection to the hose and the other I could not locate. The one I wasn't able to find was actually leaking the mixture down the handle onto my hands. Not a lot mind you but when de
Review from
Home Depot
June 16, 2020
Easy to use except difficult to align the bottle to the sprayer head while holdi
Easy to use except difficult to align the bottle to the sprayer head while holding in hands with a pressurized hose attached. One is fighting a stiff hose, a full bottle of chemical, and the thread engagement is not great. To eliminate part of the difficulty I would recommend attaching a quick disconnect to the spray head and have a quick disconnect hose shutoff on the hose end. When time to fill the bottle turn the water off at the hose, snap off the sprayer then fill the sprayer bottle back up carefully aligning the two as to not cross thread. If one has a small yard or job the quick disconn
Greg Review from
Home Depot
July 28, 2021
So nice. No mixing and mess. Super easy to clean up. Knowing you have the right
So nice. No mixing and mess. Super easy to clean up. Knowing you have the right proportions, What's not to like!
billofgr Review from
Home Depot
July 21, 2020
The dial makes it easy to spray the proper mix, but the direct-connect design wh
The dial makes it easy to spray the proper mix, but the direct-connect design which attaches it to Ortho concentrate bottles is over rated. I lost half a bottle of Weed B Gon, twice, because the bottle broke loose from waving the sprayer back and forth. It's just not a tight enough connection. Will pour my concentrate into the bottle that comes with the sprayer from now on.
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