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Fisher & Paykel From: 400470 To: 400473 - Forma Full Face Mask With Headgear

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Fisher & Paykel:
400470 - 400473

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Forma Full Face Mask With Headgear
More Information
Manufacturer Fisher & Paykel
Brand Forma
Categories Condition, CPAP, CPAP Mask, CPAP Parts, Full Face Mask, Headgear, Respiratory Therapy Parts, Sleep Apnea
Code 400470 - 400473
Sold By Each
Require Prescription? Yes
Store Respiratory Care
Score: 4.3 from 1 - 5
45 Review
Sandman7151 Review from
June 18, 2021
I purchased this mask on 5/13/2021 and have been using it nightly since its arrival. I have always used a large CPAP mask, so I ordered this in a large. It fit and sealed fine for the first 4 weeks, but now it leaks and moves around. If I had known they w
Scientific Tester Review from
March 13, 2018
F&P Equipment: well-made, durable face mask and headgear
Used to struggle with ResMed and Respironics masks: ill-fitting, poorly-manufactured and badly-designed; durability was always an issue with these masks, nasal or full-face. I was lucky if I got 3 months out of a mask; the headgear would rot away after 1
ARTEST4ECHO Review from
March 1, 2019
Works, but I won't be buying again.
This mask may work fine, but Fisher and Paykel saraficed ease of use for ease of cleaning with this design, making it not really worth the cost and annoying to use. The problem is the overall design. I believe Fisher and Paykel wanted to make it easy to t
KMS Review from
July 1, 2018
Have a beard? Get this mask.
Been using the Simplus mask by Fisher and Paykel for over 3 years. I have a full beard, sometimes stubbly, sometimes heavy metal long. This mask fits wonderfully regardless of the length. The silicone gasket seals very well. When you first use the mask, t
Rich Review from
February 20, 2016
A great design...or is it....Could do better?
I'm on my second F and P Simplus having used ResMed for many years. The fitting is good for me. I now use a medium size whereas I had a large Resmed. The straps are comfortable and two things make it a great mask for me; nothing touches my forehead which
TiredHyena-18374 Review from
July 2, 2021
Great product
I am in a nursing home and my head gear (that I've had for 4 years) was wearing out so the nursing home bought me a new (not from your company) one. That one lasted me for about 2 months.I just wanted to tell you that your product is so much better than t
Brad N. Review from
August 11, 2020
I really like this mask
I really like this mask, although for insurance reasons was forced to switch to it a few years ago. Now I have a deductible that I have to meet before insurance pays anything for CPAP supplies, so I just find the best price and buy them on my own. This ma
Michael Review from
August 21, 2016
Very stylish, poor design
In some respects this is a very stylish (ff a cpap mask can be stylish) mask. Like many other Fisher and Paykel products, they were apparently shooting for high end buyers who buy for name and flash. The design of this mask just flows. It's even pretty. A
Glenn Review from
December 26, 2019
Great, lighter weight full face mask
Fisher and Paykel Simplus Full Face CPAP Mask with Head Gear - purchased in December, 2019. I wanted a smaller, lightweight mask that I could use with a portable CPAP unit and travel more easily with, but had a "false start" using a nasal pillow mask that
Michael Review from
February 22, 2018
I really wanted this to work
I purchased the Simplus full face mask in Feb of 2018. I loved the price point and had high expectations. Unfortunately this mask could not meet my needs. The holes on the front designed to release the air make this mask very loud. It also has the same fe
Tracker_57-60735 Review from
July 14, 2019
A better mask
This mask seals much better than the previous types from other brands I had been using. Those others has a flimsy silicone double walled seal, that would constantly leak, especially around the bridge of the nose. This mask has a stiffer one piece seal, an
Crimson Nape Review from
April 16, 2020
My Go-To Mask
I have been using a Simplus since 2014 with great success. If fact, I am still using my original mask and headgear. Talk about durability. F&P really did a fine job of designing and maintaining quality control of this product. There are quieter masks but
FB Review from
April 25, 2018
Nicely made but very loud
This is my first full-face mask. I've used nasal masks and pillows but I found out my mouth opens during the night. I have to switch to a full-face design. This mask is very loud to me. When I inhale, the air makes a whooshing sound that's similar to a sc
Armando P Review from
June 5, 2015
Works with beard and sleeping on my side!
From day one I used the PK FlexFit 431 but always had problems with leaks. I am a side sleeper and have a goatee too, so I just dealt with the leaks as best I could figuring that was as good as it was going to get. When time came to replace my mask again
KenThe Teacher Review from
January 13, 2016
Simply Amazing
Having more than 20 years on cpap and then bipap, starting with nasal and then with years advancing to full face. I could never find one mask that stopped leaks for my portly face. I have tried more than a dozen masks in last year at great cost to self an
Susan Z. Review from
November 10, 2020
Simplus full face mask
I have been using the simplus mask for many years now. I love the ball movement of the hose as I am a side and stomach sleeper and move during the night. I use the silent night mask liner with it to help with any leakage. The cotton liner is also more com
KindGazelle-78051 Review from
December 17, 2021
Great CPAP Mask
The mask arrived quickly with full instructions for assembly and care. I've had previous problems with masks and nasal pillows, but this mask is very comfortable and easy to use. I highly recommend it.
Ann Review from
December 27, 2015
Still hurts my nose
I've been using this mask for over a year. I use it with Remzzz K-2 FM mask liners, which add additional comfort around the sides of the mask. I thought that would help ease the red marks I had continued to get on the bridge of my nose (which was the prim
Harry Review from
December 13, 2015
I purchased the F@P Simplus CPAP mask and headgear six weeks ago. I had been using Gorilla tape and Velcro to keep a workable mask. Over the last 8 years I have tried many. This mask gave a full night's sleep the first night. There is no slippage, no disl
Anthony Review from
March 17, 2017
Very Good Mask
I've been wearing this mask for about two weeks and it has proven to be very comfortable. I like that it has several places where the headgear can be adjusted, which makes for a more well-rounded fit. I like to sleep on my side, and the mask does not beco
Sean Review from
October 12, 2016
Better than nosepiece, but...
I like the face mask and headgear by Simplus. The mask material (silicon?) is soft and generally conforms well to my face. The headgear seems like it will last a long time, and doesn't catch lint, etc. However, I've tried two sizes (lg and sm), and both h
Joe Review from
March 27, 2017
Pros and cons used since 3-8-17. Simplus full face medium
Fits well, seals good, better than the other 8 masks (various styles). Cons. I toss and turn all night so the grey swivel tube attachment pops off 4-15 times a night. Poor design as it is the only mask I have ever used that came loose at the hose ever. Th
Reza Review from
March 13, 2018
Not good for traveling
I initially liked this mask but because of all the moving parts it tends to break apart often especially when traveling. One thing here or there becomes lose and the thing is in pieces. I also get frustrated because the mask comes off from its main latch
Review from
December 28, 2016
Very Comfortable
I decided to switch to a full face mask from a nasal mask because when I got an APAP machine, the increased pressure compared to my CPAP fixed lower pressure caused a big leak through my mouth. This mask is very well padded and is very comfortable. Like a
Dick Danger Review from
March 6, 2016
Very Comfortable
I have a tried the following full face masks, comfortgel blue, sizes medium and large, quattro fx sizes medium and large, along with medium and large headgear, and I hated all of them. The F&P Simlus is WAAAAYYYYY more comfortable than the comfortgel mas
High-pressure Review from
December 26, 2015
Works well at high IP pressure
My IP of 23.4 has presented me with problems finding a suitable mask. Respironics FitLife has been a savior for me for a couple of years, ...I'm used to it, and I appreciate that the seal pressure is on the perimeter of my face, including across my forehe
A Review from
October 23, 2017
Basic, Solid, Full face mask
I've been using a Simplus for over a year. For me, it's the best out of the masks I've tried so far. Cleaning is easy and it fits well. I've found the fit can be kind of tricky. If it's leaking try lower pressure, too much pressure causes leaks. I've also
mike Review from
September 10, 2018
its okay for lower pressure people
I like the design of the mask. I have a bipap machine with 21/17 settings. I use the ramp up feature and can fall asleep easily but as the pressure goes up the mask leaks and gets noisy. This is my first try at this so may come back to update. Probably wi
Russell Review from
February 13, 2015
Better Than Resmed Mirage!
I've been using the Simplus for over a week an am very impressed! I have always used the Resmed Mirage in the past and found the adjustable mechanism for the forehead to be the weakest part. All of the Mirage masks that I've had always ended up breaking a
Daryl Review from
October 15, 2016
Not Impressed
Like some of the reviews I have just read, I was initially impressed by the comfort of the "rollfit cushion". Which works exactly as advertised, it rolls side to side on my long narrow nose bridge and every little move I make in bed results in a leak that
daniel Review from
December 17, 2016
Not Very Comfortable
I really had trouble adapting to this mask. The foam cushion doesn't fit properly into the the plastic mask piece and often air leaks out towards my eyes and forehead. If I tighten the straps or press the foam portion of the mask against my face firmly, t
ComfortableSwan-85899 Review from
July 3, 2020
First purchase
I was so pleased to receive a free cushion along with my order of new headgear! I like to change out my masks sooner than one month, so having an extra one helps with that. I'm following the other specials that are advertised on the site. Will be buying m
DTC Review from
February 12, 2020
Fisher and Paykel Simplus Full Face CPAP Mask with Headgear is very difficult to put on in the dark. It also starts to leak if you sleep on your back and move at all. I bought 2, one for home and one for travel... I want to return the one that is unopened
Carey S Review from
October 22, 2015
Average Mask
It took a lot of playing with to get the straps to seal the mask. I have high cheek bones that causes a sea-saw for most masks. I did need to tighten the lower strap more than I thought but did get a seal. I am an active side sleeper and it works well. On
Steve from Nashua Review from
November 7, 2014
A great full face mask for a new user
I've used a F&P Opus 360 nasal pillow mask for two years. I decided to buy a full face mask to use during allergy season, and when I have a head cold. I did a lot of research and opted for the F&P Simplus full face mask because it puts minimal pressure on
zenbozo Review from
August 23, 2015
Another Strikeout: F&P Simplus
I've been using CPAP/BiPAP machines for 20 years! I have never been able to find a good mask. I have been using a Fischer & Paykel Flexfit 432 for a few years now but have developed a bad sore on my nose - I had it cinched down very tight so it wouldn't l
Dale Review from
August 17, 2014
Great Product
I like many others have tried a lot of masks. This one i got from my other supplier. I have two. They give them to me when it is time, and if i see one i want to try i buy it. They gave me this mask and told me to try it, because the Forma and 432 put sca
KS Review from
March 3, 2014
Best full face mask I've used!!
I tried several other face masks that either leaked, pinched the bridge of my nose leaving marks on my face some mornings, was uncomfortable with exhalation, had a large uncomfortable forehead piece, or had to be pulled so tight on my face to work it was
nonyabiz Review from
July 30, 2016
The right mask for me
This mask is great for me because of 2 reasons. I don't have a pronounced bridge of the nose, more of an flat or Asian nose and this mask self adjusts for that depth and fixed the leak problem area for me with most other masks I've tried. The other reason
Paul Review from
June 21, 2014
Best Mask I Have Used
I have been on cpap therapy for over 15 years and have tried several cpap masks. This is by far the most comfortable one I have tried. I have a large narrow nose at the bridge and have always had trouble sealing there and avoiding uncomfortable pressure a
Review from
Google Customer Reviews
August 18, 2020
My favourite mask. Was happy to find they carried the one I have used for years. The place I usually purchase from always tried to get me to buy newer models, but why change when something works well. Will buy again in the future!
autolockoutexpress Review from
April 22, 2018
Happy With Purchase
When my mask strap broke and could not be repaired on a Friday night I knew I needed something right away and would probably be a week just to get into doctors office. I was concerned the quality would not be what I get from the doctors office but with ti
Dennis Review from
January 6, 2016
I like it!
I didn't like the nasal pillows and tried this. It fits great and seals well. Just clean regularly. The only thing I don't like is the Velcro on the straps wears out and stars to come loose. When I bought new one I took the old one and set it where I want
tim a. Review from
February 22, 2020
great price
I have used this mask for a few years and find it seals well. My condition requires a very high pressure from the bi-pap so some masks won't work. I also love the 360 degree elbow that allows the tube to stay in place when I toss and turn.
James Review from
March 8, 2014
Great mask crappy headgear
Have ha this mask for just over two months. About two weeks in the lower left side strap separated. Could still wear it just needed to be a bit tighter. One month later other side is broke. Get replacement thinking I over tightened it and ill just have lo
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