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With almost half a decade in the business, Fisher & Paykel Healthcare is a company committed to each patient's well being as well as the improvement of the general environment of the medical field. Generating new products using new technological methods and ideas is an important aspect of the process for F & P. Its products include a wide range of solutions to conditions impacting the respiratory system. They are aware of the ramifications and positive effects a well-thought new idea can bring to the entire world. Their particular mindset is the reason behind the mass success of many products as well as the entire entity. To exemplify this success, they are the leading company when it comes to the development of medical humidifiers. They are the world pioneers of humidification in patients suffering from a life-threatening condition. To add to this, they were the first medical business to introduce a specially designed humidifier to improve the condition of those suffering from OSA. An essential part of what makes the organization a leading entity in the medical field is the group of professionals behind it. Many of the words and characteristics used to describe this group as well as the entire company are the following:
  • Dynamism
  • Humanism
  • Commitment
  • Desire to generate new ideas
  • All inclusive point of view
Another crucial factor that plays into the success of the organization is the value placed on the stakeholders. The patients, clients, providers, communities, investors and all people being affected or affecting the organization are central to its activities and decisions.
CPAP Devices
Fisher & Paykel Healthcare has a line fully dedicated to the development of CPAP devices to treat OSA, this line is known as the ICON + Family. Generally, the devices included in this family are compact, sophisticated and user-friendly. They allow users to control many of the aspects of their own treatment, such as the:
  • The ability to switch the device on and off
  • The level of water vapor in the environment
  • The gradual increase of air pressure

These devices are composed by the following parts:

  • Water Chamber
  • F&P InfoUSB
  • SmartDial
  • Chamber Lid
  • Menu System
ICON+ Auto
The ICON+ Auto is a modern and sophisticated CPAP machine that can be used from the comfort of home. Its screen is easy to use and reach because of its friendly interface and its location on the frontal section. It does not occupy much space, even when including the humidifier and charger. The ICON+ Auto can benefit those that need a CPAP device for large periods of time as well as those that have to go through titration. This product is ideal for those who have not successfully recovered from their condition after previous CPAP treatment, require air pressure that goes over 10 centimeters of water, suffer from an inability to support pressure, need positional therapy and have to go through projected weight alterations. Its intelligent technology is able to identify changes in the way of breathing, therefore altering the treatment when dealing with:
  • An obstruction in the airways
  • Interruption of breathing while asleep
  • Slow breathing characterized by a lack of depth

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Nasal and Nasal Pillows Masks

These masks are ideal for those who breathe through the nose
F&P Brevida
The F&P Brevida is a mask that was first conceived by putting the user’s needs at the forefront. This product offers:
  • A headwear piece capable of adapting to different sizes in order to provide a perfect fit
  • An appliance that softly and successfully secures the mask to the nasal area
  • A device to minimize loud sounds and air draught
  • A luminous light in primary locations to allow visibility
It is important for the user of a CPAP device to feel at ease while wearing the mask. The F&P Brevida mask helps the patient to get used to this new treatment.

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Pilairo Q
The Pilairo Q is a mask that partially covers only the face and has a convenient design, here are some of its remarkable features:
  • It manages to operate quietly without disturbing sleep.
  • Its straps are adaptable, therefore it is more likely to accommodate to users with a larger head.
  • It is light in weight which contributes to the user’s ability to sleep calmly
  • Its technology allows it to adhere securely to the nasal area
  • It is user-friendly
  • It offers two different head piece options

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Opus 360
The Opus 360 is a classic and refined mask that fits along today’s advancements in medical supplies. It’s design is sturdy and it adapts to the user’s head, but it is also thin to avoid any disturbance while sleeping. In addition, its elbow is built as a spheroidal joint to allow for rotation.

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F&P Eson 2
User-friendly and efficient, the F&P Eson 2 is the highest ranking F&P mask. It has gone through several enhancements in order to take its quality one step further. It was specially conceived in order to benefit and meet the requirements of both, the user and sleep medicine specialists through every step of CPAP treatment. Its user-friendly qualities come as a result of the efforts put on the device by an excellent group of professionals. As it can be evidenced by the adaptable and flexible headwear piece. In addition, critical areas of the mask are illuminated by a blue hue. This is so the user is able to operate the device easily without getting into a complicated and long understanding of the mask.

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F&P Eson
Loud sounds can be an inconvenience when trying to fall asleep, the F&P Eson is not noisy in order to allow the user and people around to sleep peacefully. Since this device partially covers the face, it is crucial to keep it in hygienic conditions. Thankfully, when disinfecting the mask is only necessary to disassemble it into 3 components. This mask combines many qualities which together allow it to work effectively and fit comfortably.

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FlexiFit 405
The different parts of the FlexiFit 405 come already set up, therefore it is ready to use at the moment of purchase. This mask is gentle and does not cause any disturbance to the user. Its strap is able to move smoothly, therefore providing a better fit.

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FlexiFit 407
The FlexiFit 407 Offers the same features as the FlexiFit 405, with the additional benefit of:
  • A flexible head piece capable of adapting to different sizes
  • An appliance for enclosing the nasal area
  • A bias air distribution outlet for reducing noise

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FlexiFit 406 Petite
Branded under the FlexiFit series, the FlexiFit 406 Petite is smaller and lighter than the other masks. The piece is not disturbing to use, therefore providing a high level of physical ease. It is not noisy when operating due to its design. From the moment of purchase is already ready to use, there is no need for putting together the different components.

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Full Face Masks

These masks cover the entire face area.
F&P Simplus
The F&P Simplus was first developed and improved upon after a period of careful investigation and a number of changes. This period covered everything from an open communication with potential users, to the incorporation of the ideas of global experts in the field. F&P has dedicated a lot of effort to make this mask an effective and suitable device. It has many qualities which come together to support CPAP therapy, such qualities are:
  • The simplicity of its usage
  • The capacity to fit gently into the nasal area
  • The physical ease it provides
Since CPAP masks are devices which are supposed to go into the user’s face, it is important to keep it in hygienic conditions. F&P Simplus masks are easy to disinfect since they can be easily taken apart and put together. Additionally, they are not divided into a large number of components.

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The Format mask allows the user to move freely as a result of the flexible silicone frame around the nasal area. It fits perfectly and sits tightly on the face, however it does not induce any physical pain or discomfort. The overall frame is sturdy due to its shape which allows the mask to work perfectly with the comfortably fitting nasal part, as well as support the sophisticated appliance over the area below the mouth. As an additional advantage, it is user-friendly and promises to provide a good night’s sleep.

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FlexiFit 431
Making use of the flexiFit technology, the FlexiFit 431 is able to adapt to the user’s face structure. The mask molds perfectly to the area gently without causing disturbance to the user during the process.

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FlexiFit 432
Easy to use due to its user-driven features, the FlexiFit 432 adapts gently to the facial structure as a result of its design.

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Oral Masks

These masks are ideal for those who breathe through the mouth.
Oracle Oral Mask
Designed to be used over the mouth area, the Oracle Oral Mask does not cover the nose region. Despite this, it has been proven to provide the same results as nasal CPAP masks. It is an ideal device for those who have to deal with open-mouth breathing or those who suffer from certain conditions that affect the nasal passages.

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