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Omron - PF9940 - PeakAir Peak Flow Meter, Reusable

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PeakAir Peak Flow Meter, Adult/Pediatric size. Re-usable. The PeakAir Peak Flow Meter is an integral component of asthma management programs. Suitable for patients of all ages, the PeakAir assists in monitoring the patients maximum expiratory flow and provides an indicator of the condition of the patients airway.
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Manufacturer Omron
Brand CompAir
Categories Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome - ARDS, Asthma, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease - COPD, Condition, Infant Respiratory Distress Syndrome - IRDS, Lung Cancer, Lung Infection, Nebulizer, Nebulizer Parts, Oxygen Parts, Oxygen Therapy, Peak Flow Meter, Pneumonia, Pneumothorax, Pulmonary Edema, Pulmonary Fibrosis, Respiratory Infection, Respiratory Therapy Parts, Tuberculosis
Code PF9940
Sold By Each
UPC 73796699406
Product Size Adult/Pediatric Size
Require Prescription? No
Store Respiratory Care|Stomabags
Score: 4.7 from 1 - 5
45 Review
moira.b Review from
March 4, 2021
Best blood pressure experience ever! I have tried several of the cheaper bp upper arm cuffs. I have ran into quite a bit of issues with hyperinflation which lead to inaccurate readings and pain. Whether this is due to inaccurate cuff size (too large, only
12canadian Review from
Best Buy
May 8, 2020
No tubes and all-in-one
We like this device. It is simpler than the several other blood pressure units we’ve had. There was a discrepancy between it and the previous, Dr.-tested one, but yesterday it proved fairly acceptably comparable in readings to our primary care doctor’s on
Psengyothinh Review from
Best Buy
December 2, 2021
Glad I bought one
I'm currently 32 years old, I didnt have any specific reason to buy a BP monitor but to keep an eye on it and catch any changes (especially if I have prolonged headaches or frequent). Any who, its been 2 weeks now since the purchase and I check my BP ever
David Review from
October 30, 2020
A good portable B/P unit -- except...
I needed to replace my old(er) conventional Omron two-piece monitor and was attracted by this one-piece upper arm model -- it turns out to be easy enough to put on and read. It has one major failing: it will not (like many of the more conventional models)
TheVerdict Review from
Best Buy
November 23, 2020
I would first like to say this monitor is amazing and its pin point accurate. You put the Monitor on with the digital screen (or on/off button) facing toward your body and the results are accurate as can get. Secondly you DO NOT need the Omron app for tho
Oldmanmose Review from
Best Buy
March 31, 2021
worth every penny
AliveCor's Omron Evolve is multi user to unlimited cell phone numbers using Bluetooth. There is an built in Data Averaging Function. There is an built in Irregular Heart Beat Detector. AliveCor's Application software has the ability to store unlimited
knobby_tracks Review from
October 5, 2020
Great meter, lousy software
I bought this meter because I wanted something portable as I was having issues when on hikes. The meter gives fairly consistent readings and measures quickly. Light weight, and with an add-on carry case, it travels well. The meter is only half the product
BiomedPICU Review from
Best Buy
June 26, 2021
Accurate, precise and tough - rare praise for me.
Excellent unit from a company commited to quality. I love it's sensitivity to sources of error, and refusal to complete the readings until e.g. your thick shirt is off or you're jiggling or whatever. It's held lots of readings before i remembered to load
JTHino Review from
Best Buy
June 18, 2021
Great device and easy to use
In the past year I have found out i now have hyper tension and the doctor has prescribed me 2 different blood pressure medicines. I instantly decided my eating habits needed to change and i would find a way to rid the routine of taking 2 medications a day
lwking01 Review from
December 14, 2021
Much easier and simpler way to track blood pressure
My wife had been using one of these, and after trying it a couple of times, I decided I wanted my own. The best price was right here on Ebay and now using it 3-4 times a week. I love the fact that it is so simple to use and automatically records for me. A
Patrick Review from
Best Buy
May 21, 2021
Best App features require subscription
Just like the title says. The best App features require subscription. Was kind of excited to see all that the app could track and keep history wise. And then like most things it’s first 30days are free. Other then that overall it’s a good pump no issues s
Jwright Review from
July 3, 2021
No problems Works Perfect
Works Very Well, those that are having problems are not using it properly. The Bluetooth pairing works perfectly with an Apple device. When you take your blood pressure you have to be absolutely perfectly still. Once you’ve paired the device one time. All
SimplePleasures Review from
Best Buy
January 20, 2021
Great for home monitoring of blood pressure.
Whether you have high blood pressure, or just want to occasionally monitor your blood pressure, this is a great device. My physician does not like wrist monitors for home use, and I did not want to manually inflate an arm cuff. This does the job efficient
BobV Review from
Best Buy
March 23, 2021
Great Upgrade
This unit is a fantastic upgrade from our older model. No tubes and bulky setup. Bluetooth connectivity with the app allows for accurate record keeping to share with our cardiologist. It is very easy to use and transport. Other reviews question the accura
Fortuna Review from
Best Buy
March 28, 2020
Great No Fuss Blood Pressure Monitor
This is a very easy to use and quick reading blood pressure monitor. All information is on screen with alternating blood pressure and heart rate readings which will transfer to the Omron app on your phone next time it connects with Bluetooth. This is a hi
Bear Review from
Best Buy
May 7, 2021
Great monitor that is amazing when using the app
I was definitely surprised how great this cuff has worked out. We bought this to replace one of the two-piece machines where the cuff was attached to the main unit. What I love most about this monitor is the uploading/sync through the app. It has kept tra
IBoughtAThing Review from
Best Buy
May 18, 2020
Accurate as the Dr's office & easy to use
Bought it to help coordinate with home medical appointments via video. From comparing my recent readings at the office this is precise. Setting up & having to use the App isn't super convenient but I just allow it to write to my health app on iOS, but no
William Review from
March 24, 2021
Awesome , App is horrible but solution in review
The device is spectacular. I love the compactness of the device, and once I had the cuff sized appropriately I just slide it on and slide it off so no fiddling to get the velcro tightened. The Omron app is horrible and would not connect to my iPhone 12. O
Jungle Review from
Best Buy
May 16, 2020
Great device and nice interface with app
With the stay-at-home rules in place, it now is more important to self test your blood pressure. This device was highly rated and the brand also was recommended by two of my doctors. The device was simple to operate and easy to connect to my iPhone. That
HappyCustomer Review from
Best Buy
September 21, 2020
Awesome at-home monitoring
I had been using an older, non-sync version of Omron before but wanted something that automatically capture the results vs me manually entering them in and tracking. The EVOLV came with great reviews so I thought I would give it a try. After a couple of m
missk2u Review from
Best Buy
November 7, 2021
Comfortable and Accurate!
This works perfectly as intended and is accurate when used correctly. I find this to match exactly with my Omeron wrist monitor. Once synced, works well in transmitting BPs to Omeron app for record keeping which is great as it does not have the traditiona
Anon Review from
Best Buy
March 19, 2021
5-star product; -1 star for privacy concerns
I really like the form factor of this unit. No awkward 2-piece set up with a tube between them--it all just fits on your arm. I can't comment on the accuracy, but this is the big brand in consumer BP monitors, so I'm assuming it's okay. I like the fact th
srcul8r Review from
Best Buy
June 4, 2021
Consistently accurate
I was first hesitant to purchase based upon some poor reviews, but they were in the minority. It was on sale so I took a chance. It was a little difficult to read the SN with my aging eyesight and I have no idea why it needed to be so small and obscurely
philamus Review from
June 25, 2021
Well crafted, compact unit
Overall a great device. I would have liked the ability to charge it as opposed to using batteries, but that's okay. Doesn't have the ability to track multiple users (at least not easily). I had some troubles with connecting my neighbor's to her app, even
RoseMarieL Review from
February 23, 2020
Good, But With Issues
I can only commit to three stars because of three things: 1. Putting the cuff around your arm by yourself so that the LCD is readable is not easy. As you try to wrap the velcro to tighten the device, it slips around your arm. 2. I have not been able to ta
Peter Review from
May 11, 2021
A must have blood pressure monitor
I think Omron is the best brand for blood pressure monitors. This one is exceptionally good because of it's compactness and easy to operate. The blue tooth connectivity is a better plus. It gives you the option to analyze the results with Google Fit App.
Joseph Review from
Best Buy
June 25, 2021
Just buy it.
After getting a very high reading at a doctor's visit, I decided I wanted to take my blood pressure at home. I did a ton of research on which was the best at home monitor and settled on this one. I'm very happy with this purchase. As someone with a big 16
ironman Review from
Best Buy
July 13, 2021
Omrn Evolv Wireless Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monit
Omron - Evolv - Wireless Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor - Black/White have bluetooth connectivity, unlimited memory with Omron App., one -piece design. Irregular heartbeat symbol so it will alerts you of irregular heartbeats while your blood pressure is
Deena M Review from
January 22, 2021
Love it!!!
I bought my Omron 7000 in February 2020. I’d been having problems getting my blood pressure lower even though I was on medication. Know I keep track 3 days a week and finally I’m breathing better, staying much calmer, and getting a handle on my salt consu
LarryEE Review from
Best Buy
August 18, 2021
Compact blood pressure monitor
Switching to a this blood pressure monitor has been a game changer. Previously I had an older Omron model that sits on a table with a tube to the cuff. It worked well but this one is so much better as it so easy and portable. I can take it on trips and co
joslynesq Review from
March 25, 2020
Simple to use. Accurate
Very simple to use. Put it on. Press a button. There is no tube or cord. If bluetooth connection is set up with cell phone, one can download readings, see history, make notes, send to dr. However, a phone connection is not necessary to just take a reading
James Review from
Best Buy
August 28, 2020
Good BPM
I had borderline high blood pressure and have not been able to check because all of the units at the stores are not functional and I felt my blood pressure was getting out of control. I originally bought an inexpensive wrist monitor but my numbers were un
mnhum Review from
Best Buy
May 19, 2021
Pretty good
Originally I bought a BP monitor from Withings. It had me seriously worried as my pressures were in the stage two zone. It wasn't until I calibrated it against my doctors office machine that I realized it was really off all the time. This one has been per
joe1015 Review from
Best Buy
October 12, 2020
Useful Blood Pressure Monitor
I bought this blood pressure monitor after my old monitor finally gave up. At first, I was apprehensive after reading some negative reviews especially about the app. I took the chance and I've been happy with it so far. Both my wife and I are using it. Sh
rstuart4133 Review from
March 28, 2018
Excellent hardware, bluetooth app only OK
My doctor was very specific - "get Omron" she said. After reading a while pile of reviews of other brands it did seem like getting a good BP reading out of most of them was iffy. So I did as I was told. And yes, it was good advice. As a blood pressure mon
Mbunny4 Review from
Best Buy
April 18, 2020
Great BP monitor that’s easy to use!
This scored in the low 80s on consumer reports which happened to be the best rated BP monitor. It’s very easy to use just make sure to watch the video clip on how to check your BP correctly. It requires 4 AAA batteries and those are included in the packag
Grewterd Review from
Best Buy
August 22, 2019
Horrible app, good device
Just don't even download their app. It forces you to sign over any and every bit of data about yourself to be given to any and every entity they want to. They don't tell you what data they take nor who they give it to and there is no way to opt out. This
Sedona Review from
Best Buy
June 12, 2021
Best and easiest monitor ever.
I hated taking my pressure at home until I got this monitor. Easy to position, easy to read, connects with no hassle to the app, though I keep a written record too. I have several monitors and checked it’s readings against them so it is as accurate as any
BBCHAI Review from
Best Buy
August 22, 2019
Excellent portability. BT connection is average
Overall, this is the most convenient blood pressure monitor. Everything is integrated in to an armband like device. There is no tubing or separated device. This makes a neat device that does it all. With bluetooth connectivity, you can monitor your bloo
H Review from
June 23, 2020
Opron Evolv Best BPMonitor
BEST Blood Pressure Monitor! I didnt like checking my pressure before. Had high blood pressure for 45 years. I am 70. This is so small and light weight. No tubes to deal with. Its all in one. Instructions are easy Its easy to pair with the App on your pho
rrm3d Review from
November 5, 2019
EASY, compact, and accurate! I love it!
I really like this BP unit! I was using a standard 2 piece machine from rite aid and it was always a hassle to get the cuff on with one hand. This one has the pre-formed cuff and it goes on and tightens with one hand very easily. It also seems to be very
MotoMan Review from
Best Buy
October 25, 2020
Excellent Compact Monitor
I LOVE this blood pressure monitor. It's very stylish, it's very easy to use, and works very well. My numbers are consistent to those received in my doctor's office. Aside from it's looks and compact size, I particularly love it's cordless design and the
CPAmom Review from
Best Buy
August 14, 2020
Easy to use unit!
I’ve never taken. My own BP before so did a lot os research before finally buying this one. OMRON is definitely a respected name for these products...with lots of models to choose from. This one is very easy to use and transmits easily and effortlessly do
ultra-stooge Review from
June 4, 2021
One handed operation
Bought this unit for my mom who has trouble with one of her wrists. The conventional sleeves are all but impossible to operate using just one hand, this machine however is super easy to operate using only one hand. Accurate, easy to use and sleek looking,
CJ Review from
June 17, 2021
Works well
I am satisfied with this product. It works well, the test results display very clearly and are easy to read, and the preformed cuff makes it easy to put on correctly. The wireless aspect is a huge benefit and makes it a lot easier to take someone's blood
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