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PN Medical - BR2 - The Breather Respiratory Muscle Training

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The Breather is a respiratory muscle trainer (RMT) used by COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), CHF (Congestive Heart Failure), Dysphagia and Neuromuscular Disease patients.

The new model was designed by therapists for therapists and improves upon the success of the original Breather in service for over 30 years.

Clinical benefits:

    • Strengthens inspiratory muscles (diaphragm, external intercostals, accessory muscles of neck) and expiratory muscles (internal intercostals, abdominals)

    • Helps in movement of hyolaryngeal complex

    • Generates improved airflow through vocal folds

    • Improves respiratory support for safe swallow function

    • Improves protective cough and assists in airway clearance

    • Promotes diaphragmatic breathing

    • Decreases shortness of breath

  • Improves blood flow to resting and exercising limbs


    • Resistive Inspiratory and Expiratory Muscle Therapy (RMT)

    • Adjustable and independent pressure settings

    • Patient can be in any position for therapy

    • Lightweight and portable

    • Easy to use and clean

    • FDA-approved Class #1 device

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Manufacturer PN Medical
Brand Other Brands
Categories Inspiratory Muscle Trainer, Oxygen Parts, Oxygen Therapy, Respiratory Therapy Parts
Code BR2
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Require Prescription? No
Store Respiratory Care
Score: 4.6 from 1 - 5
47 Review
volare2000 Review from
Chain Reaction Cycles
July 21, 2020
A second wind, from a bigger breath
I bought this device to aid in my respiratory training. I felt I lacked lung capacity not just on the bike, but in general, and so gave this product a try. Three weeks on the recommended usage regimen later, I definitely noticed improvements in my lung c
Andrew1977 Review from
Chain Reaction Cycles
January 5, 2017
What a fantastic product!
I have been using a PowerBreathe Plus Respiratory Trainer now for only three weeks at the time of writing, but already I have seen major improvements in my lung capacity and aerobic fitness. As someone who is very keen on snorkelling (free-diving) and SCU
NMC87 Review from
November 25, 2019
Good for those with breathing issues-
I've had the medium resistance powerbreathe for 10 weeks now and it has been a game changer for me. Having had a very shallow breathing pattern and poor intercostals, I started right away with the training as prescribed and saw real world results while on
Stauns Review from
January 31, 2021
Good exercise for breathing muscles
Tried this from a recommendation, took a few days to get the technique right, at first it didn't seem to work for me, but as soon as I manage to get it right it was very effective. After each session I could feel some of my chest muscles had been stressed
RostRider Review from
May 16, 2015
Indispensable training tool?
Until I purchased a POWERbreathe on an experimental basis (out of desperation, really), I did not know how poor my breathing musculature was. It was close to non-existing. Had I chosen to continue my average sedentary middle age life, I would never have k
oldfella50 Review from
Chain Reaction Cycles
April 19, 2018
Life saving product
This is a great product - so long as you use it! It helps to maintain lung function bu building muscle and maintaining lung capacity. This is important because as we get older our lungs decrease in function due to our sedentary lifestyle as we age. How ma
Gary105 Review from
Chain Reaction Cycles
June 25, 2018
Training Works!
After several months of using this, I have gone from MIP of 50 (less than half of normal for my age) to over 140 cm (above normal for those half my age). The key for me is rigorous use (instead of 2 sets of 30 per day, I do 4-6) and very gradual ramping u
Rock13 Review from
August 8, 2013
It's great and it sucks
I purchased the red version assuming that years of regular running and cycling would make it quite easy - first mistake. First time out it was like trying to suck through a pane of glass on "3" setting of the 10 point scale. I had to reduce it to level 1.
spurjdubai Review from
May 1, 2013
Seems to be working!
I got one of these to get back up to fitness after I contracted pneumonia in my right lung a few months back. I probably started training again a bit soon but I never felt quite the same as I was pre illness - higher heart rate and shorter of breath. So I
bmt3nz Review from
August 20, 2012
Improve your heavy breathing
I had experienced some respiratory restrictions over the years, compounded by a degree of inactivity. Because of this I benefited from the very first session that I used the trainer. I have subsequently been using it for almost 2 months and have found tha
Coolie Review from
Chain Reaction Cycles
June 19, 2015
Unbelievable difference
I bought this in order to try and help my breathing, I have a lung disease and was beginning to struggle at the beginning of exercise. I really wasn't sure how good this would be but thought I would give it a try after reading other reviews. Within about
davew5219 Review from
September 29, 2021
Robust and effective.
A robust and easy piece of equipment to use and clean. I bought this to help with recovery from long COVID and it appear, in the initial few weeks, to be giving some benefit.
Nate69 Review from
Chain Reaction Cycles
July 11, 2018
works wonders
bought this product for lung health reasons after living near the m5 east motorway in Sydney for years my lungs have been ruined. Every time I get sick I end up with a bad cough for 3months. I have noticed my lungs feel more stronger and less sensitive to
redbul Review from
April 28, 2019
Good for respiratory muscle training
Had some problems with my breathing during hard intervals and after using one month of the heavy version of this, I can say that breathing is not anymore bottleneck for maximum performance. Feels like breathing is more efficient. Probably useful even with
Haab Review from
January 13, 2012
Very helpful training aid.
Have used this for a few months now. Use morning, evening and immediately pre-exercise for 30 breaths. Has definitely improved my breathing judging by how I've moved up the resistance and in my opinion a noticeable difference to my breathing when running
EBCorBust Review from
Chain Reaction Cycles
July 15, 2015
Excellent product
I bought this after achieving the maximum level (level 10) on the Powerbreathe Plus MR (medium resistance). I thought the heavy resistance would start off harder than the max level of the medium but it is easier however it does ramp up from about level 5
Shezzer Review from
June 29, 2011
Decent piece of kit
I bought this to help strengthen my lungs and improve my asthma. I'm reasonably fit and active (3 bike rides and 2-3 walks per week) but am no olympic athlete so was unsure which colour breather to get. In the end I went for the blue one and that turned o
nigmos Review from
March 16, 2011
PowerBreathe Plus
The first problem I had was in choosing which version of the PowerBreathe to select, but after reviewing their relative performance characteristics I chose the Plus version. As usual with Wiggle it arrived very promptly and well packaged a feature that al
keropi88 Review from
Chain Reaction Cycles
September 27, 2015
Great Item
Used it for 3 weeks and i saw abit of improvements. its not a significant one, but there's a progress. nose clip provided, but its not holding firm my own nose. everytime you breath through your mouth the nose will expand naturally to give you air, there
Neto Review from
August 7, 2013
Great product, really makes a difference
Been using this for 2 weeks, I feel it has improved my breathing allready. Recently diagnosed with asthma, I started to get out of breath easily when running. This trainer has helped me significantly to run longer and harder. Beware, this is medium resist
Review from
September 15, 2020
Excellent product
I was struggling to breath when cycling against a head wind or small gradient. During past weeks, I never felt out of breath and I think It has improved my lung functions.
CHJF Review from
July 19, 2014
Power to Breathe
My wife and I have been using this device for a week, we both had better performances in Saturday Club racing. For me I put this down to a number of things including Powerbreathe. My wife hadn't changed anything other than using Powerbreathe for a week. S
Nktacey Review from
August 23, 2016
Power breathing
Very surprising what 2 minutes a day does with this. I was sceptical but thought give it a go and the difference was quite surprising after a few weeks. My breathing felt stronger and less laboured doing the same training at the same pacing. It did surpri
JeongHyeonKim Review from
Chain Reaction Cycles
May 25, 2018
It is worth buying enough.
I am a road cycling user. I purchased for the purpose of improving cardiovascular endurance. The product itself will help you a lot. Good price and moderate shipping time I can recommend the purchase here.
Sammalsaari Review from
July 27, 2015
Good training aid
Very smart item. I have used in walking, running and cycling. Good for overall rehabilitation and cardiovascular training. Just out of curiousity I tried to swim with it, did not work out. Perhaps backstrokers could use.
ageostrophic Review from
July 26, 2021
Effective and easy to clean I think its a better alternative to the more expensive electronic models.
Birubi Review from
June 24, 2009
Very effective trainer
The Powerbreathe Plus respiratory trainer is an excellent inspiratory muscle trainer. It comes in three adjustable ratings for breathing resistance - fitness, wellness and sports. I went with the most difficult - the Sports. This is meant for elite athlet
Gmil Review from
July 20, 2013
I can breathe again!
I had forgotten what it felt like to get a truly deep lungful of air..... 3 weeks of using this I felt better already. The biggest gain has been in my swimming I am comfortable breathing and have gone from struggling to do 400 to doing a mile + comfortabl
davidmay1941 Review from
May 13, 2019
Does what it says
Well-built and adjustable as you increase your inhalation strength. If you are in top aerobic strange, by the heavy resistance model, otherwise the medium resistance will be a challenge
amandachinamae Review from
August 23, 2016
My son boxes and suffers from sports induced asthma. After using it for a week, his asthma improved. Been using it just over a month now and dosent need his inhaler when training. Would highly recommend
fishmister Review from
October 18, 2010
great value
using this gadget has given me renewed confidence. With all the emphasis on reduced weight on and off the bike little or no attention has been paid to hte most important component- the engine. As a health care professional i had been exposed to the concep
hojucyclist Review from
August 6, 2009
Great Product for health & fitness
I am not sure if it's because I had asthma as a child, but when I get a cold I usually end up with a cough that lasts for weeks. I also get out of breathe easily on hill climbs even though my legs have plenty of strength left in them. Well after using th
Joseph99 Review from
Chain Reaction Cycles
January 30, 2015
Good training aid - but need to use for long term to get the benefit
A good training aid. However, it is difficult to quantify the benefit. The principle of how it will help your breathing is sound. I use it with my turbo training.
Jamesaus Review from
April 24, 2015
Like sucking air through a wall
Really pushes your lungs to work, great product. You can feel the difference within a week of regular use. Its just a shame I cant seem to get into the habit of using it, but other people are probably more disciplined than me.
Tyson74 Review from
December 5, 2016
Easy to use and really improved my breathing
The power breadth was simple yet very useful tool to help improve my breathing technique. After using for around a month, I can felt that my breading improves whenever I'm pedaling hard especially up hill.
brucelee1 Review from
April 6, 2013
Believe it or not it does help with your breathing
.I have used this as i have seen some breathing exercises that physiotherapists have done with the family. However I believe it is rather expensive. But none the less it has helped with my breathing. It is very simple to use and the instructions are easy
Simoncwl Review from
July 24, 2015
Get it if you are a serious to your sports
I bought the Plus Special Edition (Black) Have been used for a week and followed the instruction to practice twice a day each for 5 minutes duration (30 breathes). Already feeling strong during breathe when swimming, I believe this should improve my per
SupermanBT Review from
December 31, 2011
PowerBreath Plus
DVD demonstration of how's PowerBreath is to be used correctly is invaluable. Optional DVD of using PowerBreath with a set of purpose designed exercise is a bonus for those who may wish to explore the application of PowerBreath further. Although I have on
Dbrad11 Review from
Chain Reaction Cycles
May 1, 2018
Great purchase. As described.
Really happy with this purchase. Great price, arrived on time, as described. Plus I'm already seeing results.
DannyAcioli Review from
June 3, 2016
Great product!
I have been using the PowerBreathe on and off for about 10 months now and I can see improvement in my performance. Not a miracle product but I definitely have better breathing technique when training and competing.
seano100 Review from
March 19, 2016
It works.
At first, when you feel no difference. You think it's rubbish. But stick with, 3-4 weeks you'll notice the difference. You need to have the gauge set - so you are working hard to breathe.
06wideglide Review from
Chain Reaction Cycles
August 20, 2017
great product
I purchased this product as i have COPD and would like to try and improve my respiratory status by strengthening the muscles used in breathing. Also to possible increase my lung capacity.
ahna-586 Review from
February 23, 2021
Good product
Good product cost is a bit to much but the quality of the product was good.
Milenka Review from
Chain Reaction Cycles
January 20, 2019
This is what I needed to up-level my training
I love the prompt delivery, I love the simplicity of the device, I love its usefulness, I love the short term required both for a single training and for the overall improvement
Wad1 Review from
March 18, 2013
Not convinced
I used twice a day for a couple of months to give me some cardio training while I was suffering from a knee injury, to be honest I haven't noticed much of a difference in lung capacity etc The other main issue I have with it, is the mouthpiece has a horr
DanielSS Review from
September 22, 2010
I have always had restricted breathing, along with asthma. I am only 3 weeks into using the powerbreathe and I can notice the difference. There is less restriction in breathing particularly when jogging. I am not fighting my lunges. A must have for athlet
Engineerk9 Review from
Chain Reaction Cycles
May 20, 2019
Questionable quality & nose clip too small
Questionable quality & nose clip too small Overpriced for poor quality product
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