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Soclean From: PNA1100i To: PNA1100i-600 - Heated Hose Adapter For Fisher & Paykel Icon 600 Series

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PNA1100i - PNA1100i-600
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PNA1100iHeated Hose adapter for Fisher & Paykel IconEach
PNA1100i-600Heated Hose adapter for Fisher & Paykel 600 seriesEach
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Heated Hose adapter for Fisher & Paykel 600 series
More Information
Manufacturer Soclean
Brand SoClean 2
Categories Cleaning Supplies, Adapter And Connector, Condition, CPAP, CPAP Cleaner And Accessories, CPAP Parts, Respiratory Therapy Parts, Sleep Apnea
Code PNA1100i - PNA1100i-600
Require Prescription? No
Store Respiratory Care|Stomabags
Score: 4.4 from 1 - 5
43 Review
JANIS P. Review from
February 22, 2020
SoClean Adapter does the job!
Having the AirSense 10, I needed the adapter for the SoClean to work. It does the job that it’s supposed to do, but I feel it’s a little inconvenient at times. I always have to remove the hose and put it back when opening and closing it to fill the chambe
Tonuch Review from
April 3, 2020
SoClean Heated Hose Adapter for Resmed Airsense 10
I purchased a SoClean 2 sanitizer for my Resmed Airsense 10 CPAP system to make sure my system is sanitized correctly. I purchased this SoClean Heated Hose Adapter for the water humidity tank on my Airsense 10 machine. It was simple to install, and replac
John A Review from
December 15, 2020
Did I Get a Lemon?
I just got my second SoClean Heated Hose Adapter for Airsense 10 and it does not fit properly. The first one I got worked great until I decided it was time to replace the humidifier's reservoir. When I fit the new unit to a new reservoir, it seemed to fit
OpenToad-38383 Review from
October 31, 2021
SoClean Tubing Adapter
I'm not sure where my problem lies. When I installed (a replacement) the adapter I had a leak. I double checked every possible place for a leak. I still had a leak. Hours later no leak. No explanation. I don;t think it was the adapter buy truthfully don't
BrightDragon-66320 Review from
May 29, 2021
Needs better instructions
The item seems to be good quality, but the instructions for using it are poor. The diagrams do not show the whole set up and you are left wondering what the whole set up looks like. It also doesn't tell you that you can't use the adapter for normal operat
ROBERT S. Review from
September 11, 2020
Love my SoClean and ResMed10 sleep gear
I’ve used a SoCkean adapter for the last ~5 years as this is an excellent way to keep the ResMed 10 sleep gear sterilized with SoClean. For the fist time, the SoClean adapter water chamber started leaking air with a noticeable noise. I had to retrieve and
genechap Review from
April 4, 2021
Great Product
After using my current CPAP for over 4 years and constantly changing the bottom of the water tank; I decided to sho for a replacement for the top that would work with my SoClean. The old one was filmy and squeaked when opening and closing. The new one sea
Jayne B. Review from
November 10, 2019
Great so far
When the VA provided the Air Sense 10 to my husband as a replacement for his old one we were pleased until, we realized it was not compatible with his SoClean machine. Went to our local Apria outlet (where the Air Sense 10 was dispensed). A technician the
Gerald S. Review from
December 24, 2019
Supply order and so clean adapter for Airsense 10
I'm retiring on 12/31 and would lose my insurance so I wanted to have supplies on had for the change over to Medicare 1/1/20. Also so my flex account is empty and will also be discontinued, so I needed to change that to another card. I was able to do ever
GAYLE G. Review from
January 18, 2021
After several disappointments, I finally
After several disappointments, I finally got the product I ordered. For the first order I was not told that it didn't come with a gasket, even though the gasket fits on the top part, not the bottom. It would have helped if that were made clear since I ass
Lynette G. Review from
November 17, 2019
Thank goodness for YouTube.
I just got a new Resmed Cpap and had to get this adaptor water chamber in order to continue using my SoClean machine. The adaptor arrived quickly, but with no instructions for how the tubing should be connected to the SoClean. Fortunately, you can YouTube
StormyMinnow-95488 Review from
October 18, 2021
I needed a new adapter for my C-pap machine water reservoir to be able to use my So Clean cleaning machine. This was perfect and was just what I wanted. It was delivered quickly. Would recommend to family and friends.
CHARLES R. Review from
November 10, 2020
My old cpap machine was
My old cpap machine was set on one setting, and I had started sleeping fitfully. With my new automatic adjustment machine, I'm getting much better sleep. Plus, the new mask is much more comfortable. The addition of a lid that is compatible with my SoClean
SHARON E. Review from
April 10, 2020
So Clean Adapter
At first, when I installed the adapter, my water chamber leaked. I did not realize that I had to remove the washer-like seal from the regular lid and put it into the adapter. There were no instructions to tell me to do that. Only after I retrieved the reg
Ryan B. Review from
January 18, 2020
Makes using SoClean very easy
I have been using SoClean and my CPAP for years, but the biggest struggle has always been putting the water tank back in after filling it. The SoClean air line always got in the way and would sometimes get pinched. With this new adapter lid, filling the w
Maxine S. Review from
July 3, 2020
Couldn't be any easier. My
Couldn't be any easier. My husband takes off the cpap, opens the lid, puts it in and walks away. Other people we know bought the less expensive ones and have to take it apart to put in the unit. Worth every dollar for peace of mind and ease. Thanks to who
Mike Review from
September 6, 2017
SoClean2 usable again!
I bought the SoClean2 last year with an adapter for the S9 Climate line hose. It was so difficult to fish the adapter hose into the exit port on the humidifier reservoir that I stopped using it after a week and the SoClean sat in it's box in my basement.
Tom D. Review from
August 3, 2020
Works Perfectly
I was hesitant to replace my 14-year-old RemStar Plus CPAP, mostly because I have been so happy with my SoClean2. Apria made it easy to convert my new unit so I could go on using my SoClean2. Took the adapter out of the box, click click it was in place, a
subchanar Review from
November 8, 2018
Necessary component to use SoClean with ResMed S9 VPAP machines.
This is one of those items which is normally shipped with the SoClean CPAP cleaner but unfortunately I had to purchase it separately. However, this adapter is necessary for me to use my ResMed S9 CPAP machine with the SoClean and it is a necessary compone
Christine T. Review from
May 1, 2020
I received a SoClean as a gift and the buyer didn't know what CPAP machine i'm using. So, I had to purchase a water reservoir adapter. I quickly looked up the adapter on Amazon and it was so expensive. So, I called Apria, I was given a lower price and I r
molliesykes Review from
September 11, 2019
Required for SoClean
If you have a SoClean, you are required to purchase new filters, tubing, and water reservoir adapter for connection and cleaning. Thus, in addition to the high cost of the SoClean machine, you will have added expenses for filters, tubing and water adapter
AMY W. Review from
April 27, 2020
Love the SoClean!
The SoClean makes my PAP machine so easy to clean. I put the headgear in the device in the morning. Later I take it out and it is all clean. I don't have to worry that I am not getting it completely clean and it doesn't take any time at all. It also takes
YVONNE S. Review from
December 3, 2020
Review on So Clean for cpap cleaning.
I have had mine for many years now and I love it! Makes it so quick and easy to clean my cpap. I have never had any trouble with it. Wish that there was a nice small one for when we travel, tho! One that would be afffordable, I mean!!!. ,
Karen L. Review from
June 17, 2020
I decided that I had better have a replacement lid for my reservoir. When my CPAP supplier sent a new reservoir according to the Medicare guide, it came with the standard lid, of course. But the So Clean needs a special lid for the little bubbler hose to
ROBERT H. Review from
March 31, 2020
It is what it is.
It is what it is, a piece of plastic. It does what it was designed to do. It's nothing fantastic. Asking people to rate stuff like this is stupid and a waste of time on my part and yours. If you pay people to read reviews like this, you're wasting money t
sgbicker Review from
March 6, 2020
Poor fit with air curve 10
I installed the lid to my BiPAP water reservoir and noticed that the reservoir would not click into place and would easily slide back out. That said it seems to be working OK and Im not smelling any more ozone than I used to so I guess its OK. I just like
FunnyRoadrunner-33136 Review from
October 4, 2021
My CPAP machine was recalled. Luckily I had an older one. I have a So Clean device and needed an adapter. The adapter fits perfectly.
ambart51 Review from
July 20, 2020
Perfect replacement part!
My 91 year old Dad was beside himself when his CPAP machine and SoClean machine no longer functioned cleanly. Once I figured out what he needed, I went to The CPAP Shop looking for the heated hose adapter for the Airsense 10 - and they carried it! Navigat
KAY B. Review from
November 18, 2020
Waste of extra masks
It always is such a waste to receive masks that I do not use with my CPAP supplies. The "kit" that is sent contains the headgear and 3 sizes of masks. I only use one size, so the other two are thrown away. I am told "that is just the way they come." Too b
AUTUMN S. Review from
June 27, 2020
Small Rubber hose and lid
Small Rubber hose and lid included. But soft seal around rim is not included. That piece would be important to replace I think. Surprise bottom of heated bottle water tank notnincludednn
Raelene M. Review from
April 15, 2020
I order my SoClean Adapter
I order my SoClean Adapter for ResMed AirSense 10 through ApriaDirect also. Ordering is easy and delivery is quick. It also seems that the price is less through ApriaDirect rather than SoClean. Also, ApriaDirect has specials and sales.
KENNETH V. Review from
June 10, 2020
Apria Direct, has good a
Apria Direct, has good a good server provider to me. The short comings have been: No one recalls that I have lost most my vision which makes forms like this difficult to respond to. The So Clean adapter did not come with all necessary materials .Gasket f
VICTORIA T. Review from
December 13, 2019
Adapter for So clean
I am happy with the right adapter I just received from Apria. I ordered the wrong adapter with my So Clean unit. When I wanted to exchange the adapters I was told I had to buy the right one. The tech was no help at all. So sorry to say I have an adapter I
Janice F. Review from
September 4, 2020
Thanks to my Soclean, .y
Thanks to my Soclean, .y CPAP machine is always fresh and I no longer have nagging thoughts of nasty germs lurking in hidden crevices, ready to invade an already weakened respiratory system. Peace of mind is a wonderful aid to a good night's sleep!
Jag Review from
May 23, 2020
I bought a SoClean machine when I purchased my Airsense 10 CPAP through a recommendation from a friend. I needed to purchase the SoClean heated hose Adapter to switch out the one that came with my Airsense 10. This is my 2nd adapter and they work great.
ernie62k Review from
November 19, 2019
Necessary Product
This is a necessary product for Philips Respironics CPAP/BIPAP machines so yes I would recommend it if you want to use your heated hose. The overall quality is good, just don't put any undue side pressure on it or it will come apart. I would say the value
annieannis Review from
May 11, 2021
fine product
The part fits my machine. I got it in good time. The packaging was fine. The price is decent.Thanks for having the product.
Richard R. Review from
September 5, 2020
Good product and super fast delivery
I don't remember to clean my machine everynight, so whatever I can use to help is a big win. I changed BiPAP machines recently and needed a new SoClean adapter. I got it super fast from Apria for a great price.
IR S. Review from
May 25, 2020
Amazing! SO-CLEAN has always made
Amazing! SO-CLEAN has always made me feel safe but, during this COVID -19 scare, it has really fit the protocol and made me feel even safer and more confident. Thank you APRIA and SO-CLEAN!
bnunezsr Review from
March 9, 2020
Needed a gasket.
Thank Goodness it worked. Air was escaping at the start until I realized the gasket from my original cover was supposed to be transferred to my new Air Sense 10 Adapter. Kind of put me in a panic until I figured it out. After that no problem.
barbara p. Review from
May 14, 2020
Love my sleep equipment!
I love my cpap!! I sleep so well & I feel so much better the next day! I don't feel the need for any naps during the day! I also love my SoClean Adapter because I know my machine is clean every night when I put it on!
dimmakchinnavideo Review from
January 17, 2017
I simply bought the adapter lid because I have a 2nd CPAP identical to my first because I am retired and live at 2 different addresses in my old age. Now that I've bought the SoClean machine I guess I will need to transport it back and forth between PA an
sdpope93 Review from
December 17, 2019
This version is easier to work with but I have to undo the tubing every night in order to fill it. One night I forgot to put the tubing back on it and suddenly I had water exploding into the air. It would be nice to have a cap because when I went travelin
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