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Soclean - SC1200 - SC1300 - SoClean 2 CPAP Cleaner And Sanitizer Go

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SC1200 - SC1300
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SC1200SoClean 2 CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizer11 x 11 x 12 inEach
SC1300SoClean 2 Go CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizer4.3 x 3.9 x 4.9 inchesEach
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Automated cleaning and sanitizing that kills 99.9% of CPAP germs and bacteria in your mask, hose and reservoir with no disassembly, no water, and no harsh or messy chemicals.
More Information
Manufacturer Soclean
Brand SoClean 2
Categories Cleaning Supplies, Free Shipping Supplies, Condition, CPAP, CPAP Cleaner And Accessories, CPAP Parts, Sleep Apnea
Code SC1200 - SC1300
Require Prescription? No
Store Respiratory Care
Score: 4.9 from 1 - 5
35 Review
Donnalee Review from
April 23, 2021
I love the So-Clean. I have been using it for 16 months. My sister passed hers down to me because she couldn't use her c-pap machine. I have been using my c-pap since 2008 and a Bi-pap since 2014, so that is a long time of manual cleaning. The So-Clean li
William Review from
January 19, 2021
SoClean 2 Cartridge Filter Kit included instructions, makes it easy to change my cartridge filter and check valve, keeping my SoClean2 operating optimally in sanitizing my CPAP. I have had exceptional results with the use of my SoClean 2. These results in
Sharron A. Review from
May 1, 2021
This piece of equipment is vital for proper functioning of the SoClean2 machine. It is simple to install, and available at multiple vendors. The problem regarding its value is this: The part costs pennies to manufacture, yet it is sold for $30! Sure, SoCl
Alice H. Review from
April 10, 2021
The product came quickly after ordering. It was packaged well and withstood traveling. It was easy to open. It came with complete, easy directions to follow. Once the new filter was installed inside the So Clean machine, the tubing filter was easy to inst
Louis L. Review from
January 14, 2021
Installing the filter kit is easy. Remove the old cartridge and pop in the new one. Pull the tubes out of the plastic filter, note the correct orientation, and insert the tubes into the new plastic filter. It's easy and oh so effective. Love that it keeps
Ruthann I. Review from
February 20, 2021
I have had my SO Clean for about 4 years now and as far as I am concerned it has been one of the best investments I have bought for my health and for my Cpap machine. I love my machine. I just drop my mask into my so clean and it will clean it and sterili
Charles S. Review from
January 24, 2021
It is great to have replacement filters available to restore the fresh results of a So Clean ozone application. They functioned as expected. I'm Concerned that the ozone degrades the integrity of some of my headgear junctions. the velcro became delaminate
Luiz D. Review from
February 21, 2021
I never used the humidifier on my CPAP because of the cleaning issue, I was afraid of bacteria with the moist air. Because of this I purchased a SoClean unit a few years ago so I could try out the humidifier because of my dry nasal in the mornings. The un
Boonsri K. Review from
July 20, 2020
Great quality SoClean 2 Cartridge Filter Kit & fast shipping
I chose to purchase my SoClean 2 machine from Cheap CPAP Supplies after comparing prices, they have the best price. Recently it's time to change my cartridge filter kit for the 1st time (every 6 months). I ordered my filter kit from Cheap CPAP Supplies to
Shirley R. Review from
January 17, 2021
My husband uses a sleep machine and it tells him when he needs to change the filters. Since he started using the SoClean machine to sanitize his mask and hoses, the machine doesn't tell him the filters in the sleep machine need changing. I am assuming it
Cheryl W. Review from
March 29, 2021
I was so excited and skeptical when my respiratory therapist recommended So Clean to me, especially since I would be paying out of pocket. Now I am so grateful that I took her advice. Your company ships my filter packs as soon as I order. I hated cleaning
Dimbulb Review from
February 1, 2021
The SoClean has made a tremendous difference to my wife. She used to get respiratory infections and colds all the time. After the SoClean, those numbers have gone way down. It's not like she doesn't get anything, it's that she gets over them more quickly
Amelia T. Review from
February 22, 2021
I invested in the SoClean cleaning system a few years back. I love that I don't have to take apart the hose, nose pillows etc. everyday. This doesn't mean you never have to change and clean the full system out. It does need to stay maintained in order to
brianlmarsh Review from
March 27, 2021
Great products and customer service
I have ordered the filter cartridge and the check valve assembly for my SoClean 2 CPAP/BiPAP sanitizer. These are required maintenance items to keep my SoClean running correctly and in turn my BiPAP sanitized. The process was easy, the price was lower tha
Franklin J. Review from
January 11, 2021
I went on line to find a cartridge kit and found on Amazon 5 kits for the pice of just over 1 SoClean kit, I bout the kits from Amazon. What a mistake! After a week or so I noticed a black substance in the reservoir it was the filtering material from the
Maine M. Review from
March 3, 2021
Important to change filters on a regular basis. Great customer service, too. My only concern is that my first SoClean conked out and I had to replace it with a new unit. Yes, I regularly maintained the first unit. Regardless, I am much healthier without t
Geoffrey B. Review from
April 7, 2021
Cartridge Filter Kit for SoClean 2
CPAP Supplies is and has been my go to supplier for all my CPAP equipment since I started with my SoClean2 cleaner. Always the best prices and quick no hassle shipping! I don't trust the generic off brands for the cartridge filter, I would rather go right
JOHN H. Review from
March 3, 2021
I had tried 2-3 of the much cheaper "copy-cat" brands (via Amazon) prior to your email warning of possible leakage that might damage my SoClean. Although I had no problems with them I decided to return to using your product due to "you get what you pay fo
Janet K. Review from
February 13, 2021
I use these products every 6 months in order to keep my SoClean machine operating efficiently. I like that the SoClean reminds me when it is time to replace my Filter Kit. I always order a replacement order when I install a new filter. In this way I have
james s. Review from
January 29, 2021
Although a bit pricy for what it appears to be, I assume that my SoClean device won't do its job without the filter and check valve, so I buy them as indicated by the device. I have rated the quality as a middle of the road value because there are no more
Jonathan E. B. Review from
March 8, 2021
I use SoClean to keep my BiPAP machine clean and fresh every day. The cartridge and check-valve replacement kits are easy to use and ensure that the machine produces enough ozone to kill/denature all the bacteria, viruses, fungi.... that can result in inf
Julie H. Review from
April 10, 2021
SoClean has improved the quality of my life. I no longer have to struggle with daily cleaning of my hose & mask. Better yet, I no longer worry that my CPAP machine is harboring germs or viruses. I know SoClean works because I no longer have serious sinus
Rae l. Review from
March 13, 2021
I know I am suppose to write a review for the cartridge filter kit but I must say that I absolutely LOVE my SoClean 2. I splurged to buy it a year ago and I have used it daily every since. It sure takes all that daily and weekly cleaning out of your dutie
Frannie Review from
April 15, 2021
SoClean Filter replacement too frequent
The filter kit included when I purchased my SoClean unit lasted the full 6 months. But my filter kit replacements have gone only four and half months before the replacement indicator starts flashing. Is anyone else experiencing this? Very expensive at thi
Rick L. Review from
February 7, 2021
I love my SoClean! Since starting to use my SoClean I haven't had a winter sinus infection as I did yearly before. In additon, the customer service is fantastic! I recently had a problem with the hose connection. I reported to the company and they replace
Steven H. Review from
March 20, 2021
About every 6 months the filter and valve are changed. The changing process is easy and everything appears to work well. Only complaint is the premium price for each filter kit. After-market kits are available at a much reduced price. I have been tempted
John K. Review from
January 12, 2021
Maintaining my CPAP machine couldn't be easier; oh did William Schafer already use that line? Sorry Bill. This is the single best way to deal with the daily cleaning process for your CPAP machine. If you're still washing and flushing masks and hoses regul
Reuben D. Review from
February 27, 2021
I was using another knockoff, believe me it was quite inferior to So Clean. I in fact called So Clean to complain about this product. It so happens the person on the line with me thought I was complaining about so clean. I could not convince him that it w
Chet P. Review from
February 24, 2021
So Clean CPAP cleaner is an amazing product that keeps our CPAP machine clean from bacteria. Been using it for years, very pleased with the product and customer service representatives. Thanks for a great product So Clean! If you own a CPAP machine you ne
James H. Review from
April 12, 2021
Great product. saves me a lot of time. The cartridges last about six months as advertised. I signed up for the automatic renewal and it works perfect. About the time the amber warning comes on the machine telling me it is time to change cartridges and new
D. Review from
January 27, 2021
I’m very pleased with my SoClean machine. I feel my BiPAP equipment is sanitized much better than if I were to wash it by hand once a week. Popping my mask and hose into the machine every morning is easy and keeps me safe, especially during cold season. T
Stanley B. Review from
January 6, 2021
Though I continue to wash my mask each week to eliminate and build up or solids, I feel and have great trust and confidence that SoClean 2 will take care of the rest. This surety is built upon the solid craftsmanship of the unit. To say it operates like “
Mike C. Review from
March 8, 2021
It's a filter and it works. I prefer to stick with the original manufacturer of the end product. Lots of knockoffs out there, but you only save a couple of dollars and how many of them are Chinese exports? I prefer to support U.S. companies and don't care
Dennis L. Review from
March 12, 2021
I would also like the black rubber tubing that connects the filter on both sides to the SoClean2 box and the Bipap to be replaced as part of this product package. I do not see that this would add much to the cost and I worry that these will wear out. I ch
Dean J. Review from
April 20, 2021
SoClean is the best thing since sliced bread when it comes to making my Cpap experience liveable. I don't have to worry about cleaning the hose and appliance because the SoClean machine does it better than I could ever do it. The filter kit that I buy giv
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