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Sunset From: CM016LCAN To: CM016PACAN - Nasal, Aire II Interface, Cannula Only Only, Plus NasalAire

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CM016LCANNasal, ire II Interface, annula OnlyLargeEach
CM016MCANNasal, ire II Interface, annula OnlyMediumEach
CM016MPCANNasal, ire II Interface, annula Only, lusMediumEach
CM016PACANNasalAire II Replacement Cannula - A (st)Size A (Largest)Each
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Nasal, Aire II Interface, Cannula Only, Size: Medium Plus
More Information
Manufacturer Sunset
Brand Sunset
Categories Condition, CPAP Nasal Cannula, CPAP Parts, Respiratory Therapy Parts, Sleep Apnea
Require Prescription? No
Store Respiratory Care
Score: 4.8 from 1 - 5
46 Review
barbg33 Review from
August 1, 2021
I used these for a long time and then began to try the softer updated cannulas. I finally reached the softest one of all but unfortunately it caused breakouts on my cheeks, behind my ears and on my neck so now I have returned to my original favorites. The
jesse56gilbert Review from
August 8, 2018
Sturdier cannula
When you use oxygen a lot, you get particular about cannula. 1600-7 is built fairly rugged and still feels comfortable to me. It's advantage over many other models is where the oxygen tubing splits off to your left and right ears(on the way to your nostri
Review from
March 13, 2013
Does the job
Bought a number of these for use with my oxygen concentrator. Don't have experience with a wide variety of brands for comparison. These are comfortable and they have no inherent odor of their own, which I was concerned with. Standard tygon or vinyl tubing
Review from
April 9, 2013
Good quality
These seem to be at least as good as the quality tubing I was previously getting from my oxygen supplier who left the state without prior notice, leaving me with no supplier. After these arrived quickly, I found them to be good quality for a reasonable pr
PTW Lady Review from
May 16, 2014
Better nasal fit
I like the Salter Style because it has a shorter nasal tip. Other style cannula have always given me problems because the nasal tips are so long and it rubs and irritates inside the nose. You don't get that problem with the Salter. They are shorter tipped
jhboman Review from
September 18, 2020
This product has an unpleasant odor when first used.
The odor takes a few days to go away (or to become less annoying). Next tine I replace it, I will take the new one out of the sealed package a few days in advance (to let it air out).
mlei3497 Review from
February 17, 2021
Oxygen Nasal Cannulas.
These cannulas are just great! They fit just right! these can
Review from
March 30, 2015
Great Product and Price
This is the best nasal cannula I have found. I've tried what is referred to as soft tubing, but found it too flimsy. The Salter Lab meets my needs, and as mentioned; you don't even know it's there. I purchased the 50 count supply, and found that Vitality
Review from
May 3, 2018
4 foot cannulas
The 4 foot cannula were great! They are the perfect size to use with a shoulder carried concentrator And I like to use Salter product. They work and feel well. This was a good purchase from Vitality Medical.
fame750 Review from
May 31, 2021
Very very comfortable
I would have given it 5 stars but the bolo will not stay adjusted and the canola slips off my face when sleeping.
gretpete95 Review from
May 18, 2021
Great product
Its only ones Ill use. They fit well in my nose unlike some that fall out while eating.
benjchilder-0 Review from
July 16, 2020
Better than Sticking a finger up your nostril.
It works well, I plug into my oxygen concentrator, put the nasal piece in my nostrils wrap the hose loop behind my ears slightly tighten the slide adjustment on the air noose and I've got oxygen blowing up my nose until I shut the machine back off.
tepane1 Review from
July 3, 2019
Soft & Short
I like the shorter length when using my Mini mobile concentrator which I couldn't find in Australia. This product has very soft nasal prongs. Very happy with transaction.
Review from
April 19, 2011
Nasal Cannula Adult Review
I have been serving as a company nurse in a factory for 3 years now. And having a warm plant/workplace, shortness of breath is a common complain amongst the workers here. So having an oxygen tank or concentrator here is a must. This nasal cannula works we
down2us Review from
March 25, 2020
Quality equal to original.
I have not had a chance to use this yet, but it is obviously of similar quality as the one supplied with my new Inogen One G5 oxygen concentrator.
xmech_1 Review from
June 20, 2018
O2 Nasal Cannula Review
So far, the tube seems like a very good product. I'll know for sure in a couple months if the oxygen deteriorates the silicone tubing. Thanks!
2543randy Review from
November 1, 2021
They get stiff very fast and they are very stiff in the winter theyre only good for about four days
ednaedwin Review from
April 27, 2016
For Mom
Today Mom is 95. She has been on oxygen to make her comfortable for the past year. The Salter canulas I need to get constantly and I know I can always find them on Ebay at a cheaper price than buying them locally. They are sent fast so I always have a sup
Marjorie Review from
March 3, 2013
Superior to Similar Products from Other Makers
My oxygen supplier used to use the Salter 1600, but changed to a cheaper brand. On that brand, the prongs that go inside the nose would collapse and I had to turn the level of oxygen up in order to receive the amount of oxygen I used to receive at a lower
Pat Review from
August 21, 2016
original cannula
Have problems with soft cannulas. These original ones work much better for me. Tips stay in where they belong. Am very happy with being able to purchase them at your web site.
c.nlcna.i80edpnuem Review from
April 8, 2018
The best we that can be bought.
These are provided by my oxygen supplier. But its a nightmare to order over the phone and the wait time. These are cheaper and way faster delivery. 4ft work so well for portables
Review from
April 10, 2011
Salter Style Adult Nasal Cannula
I love this. I love this over-the-ear style because it gives me freedom of movement while putting it on my face. Even when I move my face and body, it barely bothers me since the positioning is so secure. It's been a few months and it is still firm. Guess
roy_reedsr Review from
March 3, 2020
Good Buy
It can reach a lot more places in the house. The only bad thing is that it keeps curling up, takes a long time to get it to stop curling
Review from
July 18, 2015
5 star
I purchased these for my wife. She said it's the best cannula she's used. The price and service was great, exactly as promised. We will use your service again the next time she needs this product
Review from
September 16, 2013
great product, price and service
I had never used this particular cannula before, and never ordered from this company. What a pleasant surprise! I rec'd my order sooner than I expected, and the cannula is comfortable, and like another reviewer said, stays put and doesn't come out at nigh
Review from
November 13, 2015
Excellent price and fast shipping
The 7 ft cannula is perfect for my portable. Exactly what I was looking for. The pricing was great. I'm very pleased and will not hesitate using them again.
kwcrouch09 Review from
April 10, 2019
Best cannula tubing
Best oxygen tubing I've used over the last 15yrs. I've tried many different styles and brands and these are the best
sargon5 Review from
December 7, 2021
Would buy a bunch of them!
Excellent features,easy to adjust to your nose..
Louis Review from
June 17, 2013
Just Like Big Brother
These Salter 1600 4-foot cannulas are exactly like the standard Salter 7-foot, except shorter of course. They are particularly useful for concentrators that are designed to be carried by a shoulder strap or backpack, like the incredible 5-pound Inogen One
derik_8666 Review from
March 29, 2021
works as they should
excellent for portable oxygen concentrators
Review from
August 16, 2012
Great product
My order of Salter Labs Nasal Cannulas arrived as promised and ordering was easy. These cannulas work great with my Inogen portable concentrator and at a great price. Definately will order again from Vitality Medical.
Review from
September 15, 2011
Good Ol' Salters
My order arrived quickly, even with a holiday weekend thrown in. Good work! And good ol' Salter Labs keeps me breathing without fuss and strife with their standard cannulae. You can't beat 'em.
gizmo1pogogames Review from
March 7, 2018
Cannula with plastic odor
It you are sensitive to plastic smell these are not for you . If you leave them out of the plastic bag they do air out so all is not lost .
Review from
July 15, 2015
Great Service
I have been using Salter labs 1600-7 nasal cannula for years, I am most comfortable using this product, I never had a bad one. The service was extremely good in fact I am going to order more.
nancystuff101 Review from
February 16, 2017
Lightweight, does not irritate the skin
I use these regularly and I like the product very well. I'm grateful that it is available at a great price!
earthangel_57 Review from
December 8, 2018
Lightweight with great features.
Having to wear oxygen all day the cannulas can become sore to the nose, these are not as hard they are comfortable and stay in place.
Review from
April 18, 2015
Second Order
Can't beat the price or the expedient shipping. Best cannula.As stated in my earlier post...prongs don't flip out when sleeping. Thanks Salter and Vitality Medical.
Review from
May 28, 2013
Very comfortable
I've tried several and this is the most comfortable cannula I have used I could get the Mericare ones free, but prefer to pay for Salter1600 because of the comfort. When you use something 24/7 comfort is the most important thing for me.
auntiessugarshackaz Review from
February 9, 2016
Fast service
I ordered these for myself rather than going and buying them from the oxygen service through my insurance. I pay over $30 for 2 packs of these so Ive save a lot of do re me. Would buy again
jemihan921 Review from
March 10, 2020
Same as hospital
Same tubing used in hospital. Very comfortable.
Review from
September 26, 2013
Nasal Cannulas
I am very satisfied with the Salter Labs nasal cannaulas. I was also quite happy with the web site as I found it very easy to navigate within it to find the product I wanted. The order was delivered in less time than I expected.
raypenny3 Review from
March 20, 2017
Soft Cannulas
These cannulas are just not as good as the Salter original. The nasal prongs are not really comfortable.
LDA Review from
May 15, 2013
I have been getting 5' to 6' Nasal Cannula from my oxygen supplier as that was the shortest they had and they were just to long. They were always getting caught on things. I am very happy with the 4' cannula I bought and with the service I was given.
glenskully Review from
September 2, 2019
Great product, great buy. Very comfortable to wear.
Great purchase, quick shipping, great price.
cptrysiek2012 Review from
October 30, 2019
Bent tubing!
Bent tubing and twisted tubing, one not usable, no flow. Manufacturer packaging problem
rmurr57 Review from
April 13, 2016
nasal cannulas
i purchased these items for my mother-in-law as she is on oxygen. she's told me that they are of good quality and last as long or longer than any others she has used.
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