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Sunset From: CM022B-Kit To: CM022B-S - SleepWeaver Elan Nasal Mask

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CM022B-Kit - CM022B-S

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CM022B-KitSleepWeaver Elan Nasal Mask Starter Kit - BlueEach
CM022B-LSleepWeaver Elan Mask and Headgear - BlueEach
CM022B-RSleepWeaver Elan Mask and Headgear - BlueEach
CM022B-SSleepWeaver Elan Mask and Headgear - BlueEach
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SleepWeaver Elan Nasal Mask - Blue
More Information
Manufacturer Sunset
Brand Elan
Categories Condition, CPAP, CPAP Cover, CPAP Mask, CPAP Parts, Nasal Mask, Respiratory Therapy Parts, Sleep Apnea
Code CM022B-Kit - CM022B-S
Require Prescription? Yes
Store Respiratory Care
Score: 4.4 from 1 - 5
38 Review
dndgilby Review from
November 11, 2020
Great, comfortable mask but lacks a very IMPORTANT step in the assembly instruct
This is an extremely comfortable mask HOWEVER we nearly sent it back because it kept coming apart during the night. What any of the printed instructions inside, pictures on the box and an online video did not show was that at the end of the tube swivel th
Debmo Review from
September 6, 2020
The only one I'll ever use.
I could NOT use any other type of mask without irritation to my face. Fortunately, I keep my mouth closed, so I have been using Sleepweaver fabric masks for over 5 years. I liked the regular sleepweaver better than silicone or anything else. But when I tr
emy300 Review from
January 23, 2020
Best Mask!
I was suddenly was having an allergic reaction with mask that were made with silicone. I had a bad rash on my face and the top of my head. I am bald. I tried all sorts of different mask but the were all made of silicone. I even tried wrapping all the sili
MJB Review from
August 7, 2017
THE Answer when you're allergic to Latex
The Sleepweaver Elan mask is what allows me to use a CPAP at all. I am allergic to latex and the rigid mask made me claustrophic and marked my face. The Sleepweaver Elan is light soft and small, made of material like sportcloth. I take a very large hat si
Sean T Review from
March 23, 2016
Functional, But Poor Construction
I purchased the Sleepweaver Elan Softcloth Nasal CPAP mask as a replacement for the Wisp fabric and silicon headgear. Both types of Wisp headgear failed (tore on one side) in a matter of months. Although the material/construction was unsatisfactory, the s
Richard Review from
December 26, 2014
Sleep Weaver Elan
No CPAP mask is perfect. They all have their pros and cons but without reservation I have to say that "cloth" masks are far superior to plastic masks. (imo) The ResMed Swift FX "pillow" nasal mask was extremely uncomfortable, especially for my nostrils.Th
ExuberantElephant-59437 Review from
April 4, 2021
Best mask ever
This mask seals perfectly with no need to pull it tight. Its totally silent. It works even with facial hair. The headgear is comfortable.Its the perfect mask. Bravo!
David W Mc Review from
May 30, 2016
My favorite mask after 29 years experience.
As a CPAP user since 1987 (yes that is correct) I can say this is one of the most comfortable masks ever!!! ???? Fits well, was easy to adjust it so it did not leak. Glad I got the mask with the swivel for a few more dollars. It took a few nights to get u
victorandjeannie Review from
November 23, 2021
Never disappointed
I'm along time user of the Elan - the only one of many I've tried. The only reservation is that the featherweight tube is more difficult to remove from the mask for cleaning. But as it was included free it's hard to complain about being able to try it!
Tom D. Review from
July 6, 2013
Sleepweaver Elan Mask review
I am a new CPAP mask user, having recently been diagnosed with sleep apnea. This is the 4th mask I have tried in the past month. Two were the traditional nasal masks, and both of them left my nose red and wounded. I also tried a nasal pillow mask, hoping
Grampa S. Review from
June 27, 2012
I give it a 4+ and my wife gives it a 4.5
First of all as usual, delivery was quicker than the tracking ability. The Elan arrived in 3 business days. I have used the Elan now for 6 nights. As noted above, I rate it at this time a 4+. It is much more comfortable than my ResMed* Mirage FX, which sa
PH Review from
November 8, 2013
Elan Soft Cloth
I hesitated, but then relented and bought this mask. Hesitating meant I lost weeks of wonderful sleep. This mask, out of my collection of about 8, ranks number ONE. I love it. It took about two days to get used to using, now I can't imagine ever going bac
Brent Review from
December 8, 2014
This is the one!
I have used many nasal masks (plastic w/silicone gel) in the past. ALL of them either leaked (if not tight enough), or created painful pressure on my upper lip (if pulled tight to seal). This fabric mask is WONDERFUL. It inflates to fit snuggly, but does
Geoff Review from
August 20, 2012
SleepWeaver Elan
I have had two cloth SleepWeaver masks in the past. They worked reasonably well, but I had some complaints about minor air leakage and durability. The new Elan works better than the previous model and I do not have any leakage issues. It appears to be a s
Lorrie Review from
November 16, 2015
Great Product
I bought two masks, the SleepWeaver Elan (100727) and the SleepWeaver Advance (101224), on the 30 day trial. I tried both and love the Elan. I'll be keeping that one and return the other. The Elan works very well and I have fewer lines on my face when I w
rmevans50 Review from
March 17, 2020
Elan sleep mask
With the traditional nasal pillow (in-nostril) design I was getting repeat infections from the irritation even though I sterilized the mask daily. The Elan (no-contact) design this problem has been completely eliminated. What a wonderful product!!
Thomas Review from
May 9, 2016
1.8 AHI Beat that!
As with all the SleepWeaver masks I own, I can get the lowest AHI's possible. After wearing them for a few days, it seams like I have a problem getting a seal but I have found that if I reset the straps to like I just received it and then tighten it up ag
Texan Review from
September 14, 2016
Sleepweaver cloth CPAP mask
I ahve used ths mask for 5 months now and I love it. It is the most comfortable mask I ahve ever used and I hvae been using a CPAP for 23 years. I would suggest getting getting a larger size than you think. The normal mask I used was a medium/small so I p
Richard L. Review from
July 3, 2012
Best Mask for Eye Glass Wearers and more!
I've been using the Comfort Gel for the past 5 years and as an eye glass wearer, it always bothered me about taking the mask on and off each time. Parts would eventually break, and there was no way I could wear my eyeglasses at the same time, a problem wh
Ynnam Review from
May 2, 2016
SleepWeaver Elan
I purchased this sleepweaver elan a few weeks ago and I found out that I can rely on it. After using silicon masks for more than 10 years, I've decided to seek other masks that don't have silicon on it. As I am getting itchy on my nose and face. Now I hav
ffryman92 Review from
April 29, 2018
Latex and silicone sensitive
I have been using this mask for years and couldn't imagine doing without it. I almost gave up my c-pap because I would break out and blister from the regular masks. This is cloth and so light, it is ALMOST like not having one on. You do have to adjust it
PipeGuy Review from
November 1, 2012
SleepWeaver Elan Comfortable
I tried the SleepWeaver Advanced. When I heard about the Elan, I decided to get it because of the better hose management.The mask is wonderful as far as being light, extremely comfortable. It is real finicky to fit; I get some air leakage into my eye if I
Tatiana Review from
February 21, 2016
Great design!
It's not fun wearing any kind of gear on my face when I sleep, but I can't imagine a better design than this. The fabric is soft, lightweight and unobtrusive, yet somehow totally effective at holding and directing airflow. The new straps, positioned to ho
Matthew J. Review from
August 3, 2016
Is okay, but could be better.
My wife and I each ordered one, and things started off bad but never improved. My wifes did not fit comfortably and the pillow tore off of the hose connection. Mine was uncomfortable at first, but has improved. The problem I have is it states it is good f
David W Review from
June 10, 2013
Sizes seem small?
I really like the Elan mask. It comes with a "normal" and "large" size mask, but while I use a "small" in the ComfortGel series, the "large" in the Elan seems a bit too small... So, if you have a larger nose, this might be problematic.Mask takes a little
Bill N Review from
November 16, 2015
Noisy, hard to seal
As with a lot of mask, I wanted to try least it's something different. The reason I wanted to try this, is that my nose is get very sore from my nose mask. This is noisy, as the air escapes through the fabric. I bought the package so I could try
Cindy L Review from
October 9, 2016
Sleepweaver Elan Soft Cloth Nasal CPAP Mask
I'm struggling to find a mask that is comfortable for me. This is the 4th mask I've tried. I am sensitive to latex & silicone so its been a challenge. I decided to try the soft cloth mask to stay away from latex/silicone. Unfortunately, I find the cloth m
Buck Review from
May 5, 2014
Superior to rigid mask
This mask was a shot in the dark after reaching my boiling point with morning strap lines and forehead depressions. The fit is somewhat loose and subject to leaks if not adjusted/situated just right but considerably more comfortable. Did it fix the strap
Terry Review from
November 13, 2014
Not for me
In an attempt to find a mask that wouldn't make me feel like I was being attacked be a face hugger alien, and since the pillows tend to make my nose sore, I chose the Sleepweaver Elan Soft Cloth Mask. Unfortunately, though I purchased the starter kit that
coloneleg-96722 Review from
May 17, 2019
No facial marks
Someone FINALLY made a mask where the straps are not against your lower cheeks, which ALWAYS left marks on your face. The cloth mask is longer and higher on your face. No marks in the morning! HIGHLY RECOMMEND this mask, which was a regular size mask.
silverwolfe13 Review from
January 18, 2019
cutting into skin
The edge of the fabric keeps irritating where my nose meets my upper lip to the point it scraped the skin after only 3 hours and I couldn't wear for 2-3 days for it to heal. Even when I loosen the lower strap it still irritates. Loosen any more and it lea
oakesjeff041 Review from
February 17, 2020
Great mask, weak adjustment strap.
Overall a very pleasant procedure that was very customer friendly. Fast shipping & inexpensive product. Only wish the adjustment straps were made a little better.
KCGranny Review from
May 25, 2013
Living happily ever after with Elan
After being diagnosed with severe sleep apnea, I took the CPAP headgear suggested by the supplier I choose. Full face mask. Rigid. Subject to airleaks. Uncomfortable. When I expressed dismay I was led to nasal pillows. Better, but had issues with soreness
Lynn Review from
August 13, 2012
Learn to use it and you'll never go back to a conventional mask
At first, I was worried I'd made a poor choice. It really didn't seem to fit my face! But as I fiddled with it for the first few nights I slowly understood the nuances of this wonderful mask, and I love it! On me, it sits right on the tip of my nose on to
Juan Review from
August 10, 2012
Elan soft cloth nasal mask
When I received my mask I tried it that nite but kept getting an air leak toward my eyes, I adjusted the straps but to no avail so I switch back to my old mask. I was about to return it but next nite I decided to switch to the larger one and now it seal g
Al Review from
March 18, 2015
Very Comfortable-Amazing
I purchased this mask because it was described as being very comfortable, good for people with facial hair. I have a full beard and moustach, so it seemed right for me. I was not disappointed. From the very first night of use, it has been the most comfort
Jeannie Review from
August 24, 2017
Still my favorite
I have been using my CPAP religiously for over five years, and the sleepweaver elan has been my favorite of all the different masks I have used. I tried the newer 3D sleepweaver product but it's just not as comfortable. DHM gives me the best value, and th
Sharon Review from
March 20, 2013
SleepWeaver Elan
I like th e SleepWeaver concept and did well with the first model I tired but the 'advanced' model provided when I needed to replace it did not fit my face well and leaked badly. So I went outside of my insurance plan and purchased the SleepWeaver Elan he
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