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Avalon Aire - AA-322 - Flex Tube Assembly

Avalon Aire:
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Made from premium grade plastic
Compatabile with Avalon Aire, Puritan Bennett , ADAM, BREEEZE , and most other Nasal Pillow Systems
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Manufacturer Avalon Aire
Brand Avalon Aire
Categories Condition, CPAP Parts, CPAP Tube, Respiratory Therapy Parts, Sleep Apnea
Code AA-322
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Require Prescription? No
Store Respiratory Care|Stomabags
Score: 4.6 from 1 - 5
47 Review
DAVE Review from
Summit Racing Equipment
January 14, 2021
Good product but additional parts needed = $$$
The system is great, and it is easy enough to install and should work fine (too early to tell yet). I ordered this kit because of the supposed easiness of getting all I needed to plumb the shop, and the 1/2" ID (compared to their lower level rapid air tha
ERIK Review from
Summit Racing Equipment
March 15, 2021
This kit is really good but could use more pieces
Recently purchased and installed this kit in my garage. The quality is really nice, the cutter works with ease on the tubing, and they give you a few extra o-rings for the fittings if they go bad or break. The only time I had any issue fitting the connect
JAMES Review from
Summit Racing Equipment
January 18, 2021
Best overall compressed air distribution system.
This system is available in 1/2 and 3/4 inch pipe. I got the 3/4 inch system to run high volume air tools. It was simple to install. It comes with three terminal manifolds that are tapped with 1/2 & 3/8 inch female pipe threads. The pipe is simple to unco
Jeff G. Review from
July 29, 2020
Great Kit, But Be Prepared For Additional Costs
This is the first air piping system I've ever purchased/installed, and I have to say I was very impressed. Following the basic instructions I was able to put together a 4-drop system by myself in about a day's time, and was thrilled to find no leaks whats
Thomas K. Review from
May 5, 2021
Just What I Needed.
Well it has everything I was looking for. Haven't installed it yet. Quality looks great. I'm a little concerned about the tubing. Seems like I might have a little trouble straitening it out. Shop not too big so think I'll be ok. If it's not perfect I will
JEREMIAH Review from
Summit Racing Equipment
December 15, 2020
seems perfect in small pole barn
I have a 24x24 pole barn. I chose the 1/2" Maxline. The instructions were clear and it was very easy to install. I followed the directions for the fittings and used the Loctite thread sealant and teflon tap. I pressurized everything to 125psi and let sit
TIM Review from
Summit Racing Equipment
September 21, 2021
Very high quality
This is a monster pipe. The pipe and the fittings are not going to decrease the flow of air. I haven't got it installed yet but I can see that it is going to be a little tricky at the corners. After I received the piping and realized just how stiff it is
woodrestorer Review from
April 28, 2020
Great Stuff....install it with a friend
This stuff is pretty awesome....If you been doing compressed air systems we all know what black iron, copper, etc., are like to install. This pipe is much stiffer than I thought it would be but I think that is it's big plus in the finished installation. J
JIM Review from
Summit Racing Equipment
May 20, 2021
Buy it, you'll thank yourself later
My only complaint is it didn't come with the quick connect couplers (part #k6241, they're like $10-ish ea). Other than that, super easy to assemble, the pipe is easy to work with, and cuts well with the tool they send (be sure to rotate the tool around th
Progas Review from
August 29, 2017
Nice system but...
Couldn't decide if this should be 3 or 4 stars. It took me a while to install, knees can't stand a lot of time on a ladder. Pros: Seems to be quality parts. A LOT easier than sweating copper, appears safer than PVC, haven't found any leaks yet running 6 o
Aaron Review from
Rural King
November 29, 2021
I was one of the very first ones to buy this when it came out from Rapid Air. I couldn’t be happier with kit. Of course, I added some cut off ball valves and some fittings to customize. But in 10 years, I can only think of maybe 2 times I had to tighten t
ThatGuy7 Review from
January 21, 2019
Outstanding. Almost exactly what it claims to be.
Great kit. Performs as expect. As mentioned in other reviews, it is a little tough to unroll the tubing into a perfectly straight line. With two people, and patience, it can be done. After laying it out straight on the ground, I pulled it *through* a stic
gto_406 Review from
December 18, 2017
Great air-line kit!
The 3/4" kit is a great kit. The product cam well packaged, was delivered promptly (Northern Tool) and had all the parts indicated in the listing. It was fairly straight-forward to install, I found some Rapid-Air video's on Youtube to help me better under
CLIFF Review from
Summit Racing Equipment
October 27, 2020
Very User Friendly
Takes a little time to unroll and straighten if you are picky like I can be, but it can be done fairly easy. The cutters work well and the deburring/inside beveling tool does a nice job. I followed the instructions for assembly and it went together well a
tac79 Review from
September 14, 2020
Good Product
Seems like a decent air distribution system. Could have used a few more straight connectors. Also a few 90s would have been useful. Was tough to make a very sharp bend without kinking. (This is where the 90s would have helped) I borrowed a conduit bender
KENNETH Review from
Summit Racing Equipment
July 31, 2020
Easy install
This is a great kit. Take your time to get the tubing straight and it will look great. No leaks at the tubing connections! The only thing that could make this better would be to include Teflon tape/pipe sealant and hangers. Five stars if that happens. Her
SunCuda Review from
April 16, 2019
Great product
I installed my 80 gallon, 7.5 HP air compressor, adjacent to the exterior wall of my 3-car garage. I initially planned to plumb the garage with copper, but went with RapidAir after reading its reviews and scouring YouTube about it. I'm glad I went with th
ZAC Review from
Summit Racing Equipment
August 15, 2019
Not cheap, but you get what you pay for!
When I first started contemplating running compressed air piping in my new garage, I was taken aback at how much it was going to cost do do it with this system (and others, for that matter). The base price of the kit isn't bad, but by the time you add a b
IH36 Review from
June 30, 2016
New shop new air lines
I am a professional mechanic and specialty automotive shop owner. I purchased this kit for my new business location after a friend had good results with it in his home garage. The kit installs relatively easily and by bending the tubing or using the 90 de
MARK Review from
Summit Racing Equipment
November 3, 2020
Easy Install
This kit worked great! I had no issues with any of the parts. I was a little concerned about straightening the line after reading online how hard it was for some. I had no issues and found it very easy to work with. I simply unrolled it using the floor, g
DAVID Review from
Summit Racing Equipment
June 22, 2021
Kit have all parts needed
The KIT 1/2 line doesn't come with any brackets- clips to surface mount air line(The 3/4 line kit includes) . You will also need fitting to connect your compressor to the regulator. I would plan thoroughly to avoid extra trips to pick up necessary parts t
QWK351 Review from
December 25, 2019
3/4" Rapid Air System
I have used PVC for years with no issues. Decided with a new build shop that I would do it right. Although the cost was more it actually was cleaner and easier than PVC was. Took some practice to straighten out the pipe. Once you get the pipe done the fit
SdAufKla Review from
October 20, 2016
Easy to use and comprehensive
Just finished up installing this in a 24x36 workshop. As mentioned in many other reviews, rolling the line out and straightening it is a bit of a wrestling match, but the line is actually quite flexible. Once it's attached to the wall with the supplied c
GARY Review from
Summit Racing Equipment
April 22, 2019
Very good product
I finally got the chance to install this Rapid Air kit and I'm extremely impressed with the entire kit. A majority of mine is not exposed ( we ran two sections down the wall from the ceiling, but the rest is above the ceiling drywall and through the rafte
uswldc13 Review from
August 21, 2017
Great air line kit
I have a 48 x 36 foot shop and I needed to run air line thru out. I ordered three kits and they arrived in a timely manner. I have install many air lines in shop in the past and have used copper pipe, galvanized pipes. This was by far the easiest install
LeLimoMan Review from
July 22, 2014
Great Product / Great Results
I bought this product and related accessories to plumb in my compressor to my new 2 story 1400 sq ft hobby shop. The cost of a hard, black iron pipe installation was too costly for my budget and after some research, I settled on the MaxLine system. I went
retromotors Review from
July 25, 2015
Finally, piped air for my shop!
I am a vintage auto enthusiast with a fairly extensive mechanical background, primarily in the motorcycle trade. I bought this kit to pipe air in my 24' X 30' metal shop building. I am using black metal pipe for the first section of my installation for a
streussberry Review from
May 15, 2020
Great product
This is the second time I have purchased this product . I was asked to rid an operating auto repair shop of air leaks . The first time I installed this product I fell in love . Very easy installation and when completed the techs said its the quietest the
DynoDen Review from
Home Depot
February 25, 2017
As a former user of this product in one of my previous shops, it was the only ch
As a former user of this product in one of my previous shops, it was the only choice to use in our new facility. It had to supply dry , uncontaminated air to the laser cutting machines under extreme pressures. It did this task for over 15 years and is sti
festivalguy Review from
September 8, 2018
Nice But....
Purchased 3/4"kit for a project. Materials are high quality and the kit itself is reasonably priced, HOWEVER, buyers should expect to pay dearly for any additional proprietary fittings. The 3/4 inch tubing is fairly stiff and does not tolerate bends sharp
Obie61 Review from
February 10, 2015
Excellent product
Product delivery was quick and included the additional components I requested. I ran the air line from one end of my basement to the other and then out to the garage, total length about 140 feet (I purchased additional tubing and drops). I split the garag
JEREMY Review from
Summit Racing Equipment
May 3, 2020
Summit has gained a forever customer!
This maxline is amazing! What a wonderful product for a great price! I'm just shocked at the quality of this product. I unboxed it and was blown away at every piece. Every piece is heavy, solid and polished so nice. Summit delivered this in 2 days which I
Jon J. Review from
June 27, 2018
Easy Set Up
This kit took a bit of guesswork about setting up my compressor system. It came with enough parts to pipe my home garage setup with adequate spacing for each terminal wall box. One caveat is that it does not come with adapters/couplers so make sure to hav
STEVE Review from
Summit Racing Equipment
March 25, 2020
Maxline 3/4” kit
I read some of the other reviews before making my discussion. I know some had a problem with the mounting clamps, I found that be adding a zip tie to each of the mounts this helped with the install. Getting the tubing unrolled wasn’t to bad but keeping it
JEREMY Review from
Summit Racing Equipment
May 13, 2020
Shop Air
I installed this system in my shop. It was very easy and it seals up well. I didn't have one leak throughout the entire install. I did end up having to buy a couple of 90's so my only recommendation for improvement would be to include those. If looks are
JeffPTexas Review from
June 29, 2019
Great Piping
I was very skeptical and worried about how well this piping would straighten and hold its shape. I've never used a poly pipe with an aluminum layer so I ddint know if it would be hard to manipulate or if it would want to curl, or if it would want to kink.
Cruiser78 Review from
May 28, 2020
Piped my shop for air in no time flat!
First, the finished product is excellent! Second, rolling out the tubing can be tough and will kink if making to tight of a bend. This is called out in the thorough directions. This was enough to do a 25x40 shop with out looping it like some reccomend. Th
DAVE Review from
Summit Racing Equipment
February 18, 2020
I bought the 3/4" kit for my shop. Tried it out for 3 or 4 months. I love it! So I bought the same kit for my brothers shop. I run 2) 60 gallon, 2 stage compressors in parallel. A Speedaire and a Sanborn. I have had zero issues or leaks! The only downfall
Chris Review from
Home Depot
July 22, 2016
MaxLine Semi Flexible Tubing works great for us
MaxLine piping is a great product and RapidAirProducts where it comes from is wonderful to work with. I am not associated with them but did call a few times with installation help. I did the install myself and it did take me some time. A few recommendatio
lukefox Review from
Home Depot
January 27, 2017
This system worked like a champ! Very easy to set up, I did all the bends by han
This system worked like a champ! Very easy to set up, I did all the bends by hand and it felt safe with about a 10" radius bend. I built the entire system then pressed it up and found no leaks. No noticeable pressure drop after three days. Valves are very
TravelingGuy Review from
January 2, 2017
This is a good description of the kit.
I actually purchased 2 of these kits to plumb the shop in my garage. I wasn't sure that the tubing would be able to be cut with the provide cutter. No worries. Cutting was very easy and crisp. When unrolling the tubing, getting it straight was a bit of a
A28A Review from
October 3, 2020
Huge improvement in air volume
This system was easy to install and dramatically improved the air system in my shop. I thought I was doing the right thing by installing 1/2" steel pipe but that just wasn't enough. This system helped me eliminate elbows and had a large impact in air deli
EARL Review from
Summit Racing Equipment
November 21, 2020
RapidAir Products
Very good product. I got the 1/2 inch line which was very easy to install. All the fittings were also easy to work with if you have any mechanical ability, Installed about 50ft with fittings in a couple of hours. Waiting for my new compressor should work
WaltR Review from
February 2, 2016
Great Product!
As others reported, it is a task to straighten the coiled pipe when you are ready for the installation. It would be easier with two people but I had to do it by myself. The video shows straightening the pipe on a work bench which resulted in a good chuckl
Shannon D. Review from
April 2, 2016
Decent Set Up
The line is a pita to straighten out by yourself so get some help to get it pulled out and where you want it. It scars up easily if you drag it across any metal like shop door brackets etc. You will not have enough fittings. Try to seriously plan out your
whiteboy1900 Review from
August 4, 2021
easy to install
I would have given it 5 stairs if it would have had one or two more t- fittings and not so many elbows. I didn't use any elbows but had to order one extra t-fitting. I dont have any leaks and it works awesome. I would buy this again for sure!!
Country f. Review from
Rural King
May 5, 2021
Loved the Maxline kit ... my husband was able to plumb our whole machine shed and even a reel outside with the outlet. Now we have compressed air all over and even on the driveway for tires. Awesome kit
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