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Roscoe - FK-MIL - VA Filter Kit, Respironics Millennium

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VA Filter Kit, Respironics Millennium - Each
VA Filter Kit, Respironics Millennium - Each
More Information
Manufacturer Roscoe
Brand Roscoe
Categories Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease - COPD, Condition, Lung Infection, Oxygen Concentrator Filter, Oxygen Concentrator Parts, Pneumonia, Respiratory Therapy Parts
Sold By Each
Require Prescription? No
Score: 4.3 from 1 - 5
49 Review
John F. Review from
May 22, 2018
Tiffen offers a fantastic product!
Updated 8.25.15: I've seen several negative reviews for this filter set. In fact, 20% of the reviews are 3-stars or less. Now, granted, only 7% of those are 1-star reviews, but I feel the need to stand behind my original position. Tiffen makes an excellen
John F. Review from
May 22, 2018
Tiffen offers a fantastic product!
That's the beauty of these products. Optical filtration does things for the photographer that can't be done with any other tools. In particular, the 812 Color Warming filter is exclusive to Tiffen, as far as I'm aware. It does amazing things for my photos
Shawn M. Review from
February 20, 2018
Further Insight
This is one of the best bargains that i've seen, "essentially" you get 3 filters for the price of one. The image quality with these filters is great, the 812 (warming) filter is by far a favorite giving back the color richness that flash photography so of
mitsuohara Review from
November 21, 2018
Great Kit!
I was concerned about the quality of these filters since the reviews here are kind of a mixed bag. But I decided to take a leap of faith and I'm glad I did! I bought this kit just for the CPL, as I already have a HOYA UV attached to my lens and in the dig
Jay L. Review from
June 1, 2018
Good filters, even if some redundant
This kit comes with four things: - Circular polarizer: the filter that most people looking at this kit are interested in. While it is difficult to make a "bad" polarizer (it either works or doesn't) this one certainly is among the good working ones. Makes
Anthony R. Review from
May 18, 2018
Good value package
I initially gave this product a poor review after using for about 2 weeks. At the time I wasnt sufficiently versed in its use together with the Panasonic FZ18 and therefore got some frustrating results. Here is my revised review after using the set for mo
Djorgi3 Review from
October 23, 2018
Just as expected...
I was so excited to get this filter set I had to try each out the same day. At first I didn't understand the idea of a circular polarization filter that spins. And when I first used it outside my home, it didn't seem to show much difference. I read the Ti
J. A. Review from
July 10, 2018
While this filter kit does a fine job with doing the filtration these 3 filters were designed for, you can be guaranteed that when you use them on wide angle and ultra-wide angle lenses you will get vignetting. Vignetting is the darkened areas around the
James P. Review from
September 13, 2018
Outstanding Bargain!
Despite some of the negative comments I've read here concerning the quality of the Tiffen 52mm Photo Essentials Filter Kit, I went ahead and ordered it anyway, and am perfectly satisfied with the Kit, in all ways. The item was shipped direct from Adorama;
Rikjay Review from
May 17, 2018
These are nice basic filters and are well made. The polarizer works great, and I leave the UV filter on my camera all the time. I havent tried the warm filter yet but if its as good as the others Im happy. Please note that these filters are NOT multi-coat
Ellamay B. Review from
November 29, 2018
Decent filters, but couple of issues 2 be aware of.
I bought these filters for use on my 35-100mm F2 Olympus lens (70-100mm 35mm equivalent at the same time of purchases from. It is a good deal, on some decent filters. They come with a carry folder/case, which is nice and padded. Over several months time t
MichaelW Review from
August 31, 2018
To filter or not to filter is really the question
I'm pretty new to photography and a lot of photographers I've talked to have differing opinions about filters. Some swear by them and some don't use them at all. I guess the one real "pro" to using filters is that they protect your lens from potential dam
Let's R. Review from
April 28, 2018
Okay buy, but just okay.
I have had these filters for a few months now. I use it with my Canon Powershot sx20is. I think the glass quality is good, not the best, but it is pretty good. The warm filter works fine, there's not too much to mess up in that area. I didn't really find
G. H. Review from
February 14, 2018
Is it the Manufacturer or Seller?
I read the reviews about the Tiffen Photo Essentials Filter Kit. I was hesitant to buy it, but thought let me try my luck. I bought for $38 with regular free super saver shipping and I received it just in 4 days. When I opened the outer box, the inside bo
Nathan Review from
April 19, 2018
Tiffen 67mm Photo Essentials Kit
These filters are a great buy. So far, I have really enjoyed using these filters. I like the circular filter the best as it accomplishes one of the main things I wanted which was cloud pop on those cloudy overcast days where there are tons of clouds in th
de0ris Review from
June 5, 2018
Good value for average performance
With these filters you pretty much get what you pay for. They have good solid construction, and offer great protection for the lens. Threaded in front and hold caps pretty well too, which is a plus. But, once you start becoming more demanding of quality a
Hopelyn S. Review from
August 22, 2017
Tiffen filters are a must have item for a photographer's ...
Tiffen filters are a must have item for a photographer's bag and camera. It is just a basic. Not only is it functional for the use intended, but it will protect you valuable lens (i.e. in my case, on one of my camera throw in the purse/backpack/beach bag
MT Review from
August 31, 2018
great value...sunglasses for your camera
Took these filters on a trip to Maui...and sunset/sunrise pictures are superb with the polarizer. VERY VERY please with the filters (used with Canon XSi and 50mm/1.8f lens). The UV one is a good filter to have on the 50mm lens for protection, especially i
V. W. Review from
June 16, 2018
You get what you pay for.
This is a three filter set that is quite cheap. Unfortunately, it performs that way as well. UV filter is OK, although I am pretty sure it is uncoated. It is quite prone to flare. I guess it protects your front element, if you are concerned about that, bu
gwc Review from
September 1, 2018
Just OK, I'd get something else if I had to buy over again
I purchased this as part of a special offer with a new Nikkor 18-200 VR. I set out to just get a UV filter to protect my new lens but found this package deal and decided to take it. I have to honestly say the filters are not of the best quality. The optic
Rick450 Review from
May 8, 2017
Good starter kit, but...
Being relatively new to the DSLR world, I wanted to try a polarizing filter. Thought this package was a good deal, as I was also interested in a UV filter just for protection. If you want try out a polarizer, see if you like the idea, this is a great way
D. V. Review from
August 14, 2018
nice filters
These are good quality filters that work as advertised. I like the warming filter a lot more than I initally thought I would. The price for the kit at the time I bought it was the same as the price as purchasing individually the polarizer (which I really
Joey f. Review from
January 30, 2018
Good filters, bought mostly for the bag
I'm a new DSLR person who just wants to make my family photos and vacation photos look cooler. I'd have a simple camera if the DSLR wasn't a gift. This review will just tell a little about each filter. (Feel free to correct me, dslr experts!) This comes w
Matthew Review from
October 25, 2018
Easy, cheap, quality is lacking
I've never had a problem with a Tiffen product in the past as usually the filters come in plastic containers which help protect them during the shipping processes from the manufacturer to the customer. This package was a deal - until I discovered to my ho
TheMa5ter Review from
January 17, 2018
Great for the price
I'm an amateur getting into photography and this product was great for my purposes. The only filter that has been somewhat of a problem to get used to has been the polarizer. It has on 2 occasions really distorted the light on my composure. It may be some
T H. Review from
July 14, 2018
UV filter a problem
Overall I like these filters. I use many Tiffen filters without any issues, but there is one problem with the UV filter. I use these on a Sigma 10-20 mm wide angle zoom lens. Because of the wide angle, the glass protrudes outward from the lens in a bubble
DZRhino Review from
November 27, 2018
Great set for the money
Set arrived BEFORE i expected! And it is peak Xmas shopping time now is great. Only complaint is that two of the filters had finger prints on them . . . but at least that meant someone had done QC at Tiffen before shipping them out. Easy to clean. The cas
P. P. Review from
November 2, 2018
Great Price but....
There is no doubt that the price is right with this set as it comes with 3 filters. but using relatively inexpensive UV filters on lenses as protection is not a good idea because it will degrade your image slightly. if you have superior lenses (like Canon
Luis F. Review from
March 31, 2018
Excellent product
I bought those filters for my Canon S2 IS, and they work perfectly. I haven't seen a difference when I use the ultraviolet, but it's normal because it should affect what you see. The polarizer is great, it removes sun reflections, and you can adjust its i
M. C. Review from
June 5, 2018
Great for the price
I've been using these filters for about a month and they seem pretty solid and well built. By the way, i'm o hobbyist photographer, so i'm in no way using these for professional results. The UV filter is on permanently and i haven't experienced much disco
Keith T. Review from
October 29, 2018
Good quality and value
I have a Nikon DSLR and take mostly landscape and cityscape photographs outdoors, so the polarizing filter was the main reason I purchased this set. The polarizer fit both my Nikkor and non-OEM lenses perfectly, and once it's ******* on you can freely spi
Christopher R. Review from
April 16, 2018
Unbeatable value and perfect for the FZ28
The filters fit my FZ28K perfectly. The UV filter is perfect for protecting the lense, which seems more important since the camera doesn't have interchangeable lenses. The CP filter works well to produce brilliant daylight photos. However, I do get a litt
Otto L. Review from
September 20, 2018
These are OK
I bought these filters to compliment my Nikon D90. Individually they fit the lenses nicely, but they don't fit into each other as well as I'd like, and the lens cap does not fit into the polarizing filter that well having fallen off after I thought is was
John Review from
June 14, 2020
A Good Value
While you can find higher quality filters at higher cost as well, for my purpose and wallet this kit is just fine. The intended use is on my Nikon 35mm f/1,8 lens. This is a good match. Most of the time 2 of the 3 filters will be down in the bottom of my
RobM Review from
July 24, 2018
So far, so good
Bought this lens kit a month ago. Mostly wanted a UV protector to protect my lens and the polarizer to increase the deepness of the blue skies while in the Galapagos Islands. The 812 Warming filter was an added bonus considering the price of the other two
Ken D. Review from
September 16, 2018
This set is good for the money
I bought these for my Sony *** and outside of a little lint of them they were fairly clean. I just brushed the lint of and they were good and clean. I didn't expect the this filter set to be of the $50 to 100 dollar quality and it isn't. All the filters l
Jeanne Review from
June 1, 2018
P712 Accessories
Great addition to the Kodak P712. I like using the 812 filter the best. It works great for evening sunset shots! I generally keep the UV filter on all the time. The filters are very easy to take off and put on the lens adapter. I keep my adapter with the
Tero J. Review from
April 5, 2018
Nice basic filters
Nice basic set of filters. I still have to find where to use the warming filter, but the CP clearly improves sky when shooting outside and sun is shining. UV is for protecting the lens in all other cases. CP takes out one stop, so not good when shooting i
Marcor44 Review from
December 6, 2018
Missing Tiffen Filter Guide
I called customer service to notify them that the Tiffen Filter Guide was not in the box. The filters appeared fine and I only wanted to have them mail me the guide. Instead, I was advised to return the kit and a new one was shipped to me. I got the new k
Patrick L. Review from
May 17, 2018
Tiffen 77 mm photo essentials filter kit
This is something many photographers neglect but a skylight or uv filter protects your front element from dirt and scratches and helps warm up a scene slightly. The polarizer is the most important filter in any good photographer's bag. When properly used
C. S. Review from
March 30, 2018
Great Deal For The Price!
I purchased this set after seaching high and low for the best deal. I was about to just go to my local photography store when, low and behold, I found these here. You certainly can't complain about the price!! I priced JUST the UV-Haze filter at my local
Christopher M. Review from
December 29, 2018
Beautiful pics made easy.
This is a basic pack that everyone should own. The u/v keeps your expensive lenses free of dust and scratches. The polarizer cuts the glare and cuts the washing out of colors caused by bright light. Colors come out deeper and in landscape shots the clouds
Ian Review from
November 3, 2018
A good purchase
I am certainly happy I bought this filter kit. For a starting photographer, the price was right, and I have not noticed any quality issues. The UV filter stays on a lens at all times, as it's cheaper to replace the filter, than it is to have a scratched l
ComfortablyNumb Review from
April 6, 2018
great buy for the price
i'm a beginer and i purchased these for their for the low price and the recommendations of personal friends and professionals. The uv filter serves its purpose as a protector. The circular polarizer works wonderfully to enhance the colors in bright sunlig
Flyerace Review from
August 2, 2018
Protect your lenses and add a little emotion to your pictures
Taking pictures on a windy, dusty day can cause scratches to your lenses. Covering them with filters will prevent the damage caused by flying objects. It doesn't hurt that this kit also includes a warming filter to add just a little color enhancement and
Daniel M. Review from
August 1, 2018
Made by Tiffen, great price!
Lots of filters sold for cheap. Vivitar, Kodak, others I've never heard of. Reviews are good, but also by people that seem relatively clueless. When I saw this set for $25 made by Tiffen, I jumped immediately. Probably lower quality than Tiffen's offering
Miguelito Review from
February 3, 2018
Awesome set of filters
This set of three filters is great for several reasons. First, I have been taking photographs since 1984 and I have always liked Tiffen filters because of their crystal-clear glass they use to make them and their lack of distortion. Second, buying these t
Mark T. Review from
November 16, 2018
Great Deal
Naturally these aren't professional quality filters, but for the price point they are a very good purchase. They are far better than dime store variety that you see offered in the package deals on various other sites. I'm using them on my Panasonic FZ28 a
Kanishk R. Review from
August 21, 2018
Good filters at affordable price, works with D60
Pros: - 3 filters together at very affordable price. - Can be threaded on the D60 lens - Filters can be threaded over one another. (Polarizer on the UV filer) - Carry case included in the price. Good for handling the filters without risk of scratching. -
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