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Sunset From: CM017-SNH To: CM017TNH - SleepWeaver Advance Nasal Mask

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CM017-SNH - CM017TNH

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CM017-SNHSleepWeaver Advance cloth mask without headgearEach
CM017TNHSleepWeaver Advance Nasal Mask - No Headgear - TanEach
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SleepWeaver Advance Nasal Mask
More Information
Manufacturer Sunset
Brand Advance
Categories Condition, CPAP, CPAP Cover, CPAP Mask, CPAP Parts, Nasal Mask, Respiratory Therapy Parts, Sleep Apnea
Code CM017-SNH - CM017TNH
Require Prescription? Yes
Store Respiratory Care|Stomabags
Score: 4.5 from 1 - 5
41 Review
RobbieT Review from
July 5, 2021
An improvement over previous headgear
This cloth headgear represented an improvement over my previous plastic one in most ways. The biggest drawback over the molded plastic gear would be when my nose would itch, the only way to get at it would be removing the nose piece temporarily. This clot
barbarajeansteele Review from
January 3, 2022
Best Cloth Mask I Have Ever Used
The cloth mask has a interior coating to prevent air loss. I have dry eyes, so I wear special CPAP eye covers to prevent air from drying my eyes any further. These are my favorite cloth masks. Plastic masks make my skin break out in red welts with water.
SharonBarker Review from
April 28, 2020
Happy with cpapXchange ... again
This isn't the first time I've purchased a SleepWeaver soft cloth mask from cpapXchange. The service was good with a quick delivery window. It arrived safely and was appropriately but not overly packaged. SleepWeaver is not my first choice in masks but so
Karen Review from
January 3, 2022
Most comfortable mask ever but couldn't stop leaks
Would've loved this one if I could have stopped the leaks. Very comfortable mask. Looks like it works for some. Might be shape of face. I've got a round Charlie Brown face. It's so comfy that I'd suggest trying it. Direct Home Medical is true to their wor
merskibeach Review from
November 8, 2021
Finally no itching!
This light weight cloth mask works great--no itching from the mask where it touches my face. (Allergy to silicone.) Less very strong air flow so that my eyes do not dry out. Difficult at first to get adjusted to preventing air leaks. Do not give up. Great
CautiousSparrow-69961 Review from
November 5, 2020
The best mask ever!!!!
With the SleepWeaver mask, I have experienced the best sleep ever!!!! The feather weight tubing makes it feel even better, almost as if Im not wearing a mask at all. With the other masks, the tubing and mask mask was so heavy, I felt like an elephant. I c
Happy CPAP-er Review from
December 15, 2019
Best in the market
As a Respiratory Therapist and cpap user, Ive fit hundreds of patients with masks. I knew when I first saw the Sleep Weaver from a vendor at the hospital, if I ever was on cpap, this would be my mask of choice! Well, I did become a cpap user and Sleep Wea
Raiderporvida Review from
April 25, 2020
Good nasal mask
I have tried several nasal masks and all have been uncomfortable as they leave the area right under my nose sore due to the stiffness of the mask. This one does not have that problem. The only negative about this mask is also in other reviews; the seal of
Babecca Review from
July 17, 2019
Extremely comfortable mask.
I have been using a c-pap for 20 years and at first I thought, Id never be able to use the mask, it leaked everywhere. I found the videos very helpful. Also, I changed to a softer pillow so the mask falls into the pillow without the pillow pushing it out
Brandon W Review from
March 4, 2016
Best sleep I've had in months
I purchased this because my dog ate my plastic cpap mask with the gel cushions. I needed something quick but after reading the reviews I found that a lot of people loved this. I decided to give it a try. Let me tell you something, this is probably the BE
M Holey Review from
September 4, 2015
For about 3 years I tried 3-4 different plastic masks and hated all of them. They were painfully uncomfortable and left terrible marks on my face. When the doctor recommended the SleepWeaver, I tried it and I have loved it, EXCEPT for the fact that I had
Oddball877 Review from
November 19, 2019
took a couple nights to get used to
At first, i could not get it to stay inflated (it's material not plastic or rubber) and I just felt like I was fighting it all night long- I actually ripped it off mid way thru the night and put my old one back on....but then I figured out how to suspend
HappyAardvark-21974 Review from
June 15, 2020
Wonderful! I absolutely love the mask. Its so soft and comfortable and I can lay however I want to with it. Once in a while its Quicks like a balloon but it is well worth the comfort. I even took it to my doctors office to show him and he uses a CPAP and
Mariann K Review from
November 28, 2016
this mask was an answer to a prayer.
I am new to CPAP and this is my third mask. I came home with a mask that went in my nose and left it painful. Tried the dreamWear and it was comfortable. I thought I had found "the one" but woke every morning with congestion that went from my throat all t
jtravisjobseeker Review from
January 26, 2018
A worthwhile struggle.
The Sleepweaver Advance is a very comfortable nasal mask for that suffer from OSA or CSA. It's extremely quiet, doesn't produce to much excess air due to the pin hole design, and for my money's worth it doesn't look awful.The biggest downside to the mask
Robbie Review from
May 6, 2016
It works!
This is the coolest thing I've come across in a very long time. It snuggles on my face when I move and doesn't leak, unlike my traditional mask and pad. It leaves no marks (yaaaay) and it's as quiet as any other mask. I love this thing! I have to get used
Melinda Review from
July 20, 2013
I love this mask!
I am so pleased with this mask, I can't say enough about it. It was a little weird the first couple of nights, but I quickly got used to the lightness of it and have stopped being paranoid that the cloth can't possible produce the same results has the har
sposie22 Review from
January 17, 2018
Finally, a mask that fits - SMALL size!
I think that the reviews should be separated out by size, since people who tried this when it only had one size might not think to try the small size. None of the masks with plastic cushions worked for me - they would leak during the night & wake me up, t
valbrown7 Review from
May 14, 2021
Dream mask is the best. Its fabric is light and easy to wear. I tried about 15 plastic styles and could not sleep with them. Thank you for a great and logical design.. Happy Dreamer.
Howdy Review from
February 14, 2016
Love The Concept! But...
This would be a great mask if I could get it to stay sealed properly all night long. Once I get it sealed turning over during the night opens up the seal above my nose. Repositioning for another seal has me wide awake again. I am able to place a finger at
MJ Review from
June 24, 2013
Leaves strap marks!
The mask works fairly well but no matter how I adjust it to try to stop the deep red gouge marks that the top elastic strap leaves on my forehead and the red stripes on the side of my face, not much seems to work. I tried adding my own padding, especially
Mattm Review from
September 1, 2012
Great Start with CPAP
I had a sleep study years ago, but never went on CPAP. the masks were too uncomfortable, and looked too much like I was trying to launch a plane. I was uncomfortable and decided to just do without CPAP I finally decided to try CPAP to see if it would help
Tim T. Review from
December 23, 2015
small vs medium......?
By no means have I ever been accused of having a "small" nose. Not a Jimmy Durante edition ether - just like most - I fall in the average/medium spectrum. My first Sleepweaver was the medium size, and it was the most comfortable mask I had used to that da
Miss Deb Review from
May 12, 2017
I love this Mask!
I am a side sleeper and this mask is the BEST EVER! It is perfect for my small head. It looks strange I know, how could a cloth mask work? Well... It is non-marking and softly fits my face and around my nose. I have to were a chin strap and I use the smal
DavidF Review from
April 7, 2016
Comfortable, but has some quirks
I am a side sleeper and found this mask to be comfortable, more so than the Resmed N10 I was using before. However, I also have found that if I toss and turn at night this mask gets dislodged pretty easily and is very loud when it leaks. In other words, a
svzhong Review from
October 15, 2018
Great products & service
I love buying from They have the products I need at low prices. I love their service and the fact they ship SO quickly. My new SleepWeaver Advance cloth mask is a wonderful item. It is comfortable to wear. It doesn't hurt the bridge
Barb Review from
November 25, 2016
Finally Success!
I have tried several nasal masks since starting my CPAP treatment. Several irritated my face, some caused severe air leakage. Not all of my supply purchases were with Direct Home. When I googled suppliers of CPAP masks, I saw Direct Home. They have such a
Brian Review from
December 3, 2015
I really WANT to love this mask
I love the IDEA of this mask and I really want to love the mask itself, but I just can't. After wearing it for 3 weeks I still cannot figure out how to make a tight enough seal to stop the air from leaking around the bridge of my nose. No matter how tight
Chris-66189 Review from
June 6, 2019
The mask that makes using CPAP easier
As a long time CPAP user, I had gotten used to using the hard plastic masks with silicone seals. Once I discovered these, I would never willingly go back. It takes a little while to seal, yet once sealed it is unlikely to be 'pried from your face' just by
Jeff Review from
July 20, 2016
Must Read!
The mask comes in an unassuming small box as most too small. But the masks size proves most advantages. The mask fits snuggly around just the nose there is a small membrane on the inside of the nose. Once this is snugged up with a wiggle around the nose i
Juline L Review from
October 14, 2014
Changes CPAP use forever!
This mask changes EVERYTHING! I've been using this for several years now and it's completely changed my sleeping. No lines in your face, no hard plastic, completely comfortable!!!!!!! Takes a little patience to get to fit right, but once it dies it's a ci
JAF3 Review from
March 14, 2015
Quiet storm
Really like this product. Headgear easy to adjust once you break to code on how its supposed to be fitted to your face. Key is not to adjust the top strap too short. Chin strap need to your mouth closed while sleeping. Does not leave marks on face. Mask s
James Review from
June 23, 2015
better than full face Mask
Because i think more info is better: Male, moderate apnea, 5'11" 210#, side sleeper, no difficulty keep mouth closed while sleeping, full beard and mustache. I also purchased the featherlite hose for it. There is certainly air leakage from the top, and fi
John Review from
June 29, 2017
Needs improvement
I found the mask to be very noisy, the noisiest of several brands/models that I've tried. Even with a good seal, which is difficult to achieve, the noise level was just too much for me. The head gear looks and feels flimsy, but it does the job well enough
Cyndi Review from
October 21, 2016
Cloth nasal mask
This cloth mask is much more comfortable than my plastic hard one that I originally started with. It is a little tricky to get the leaks to stop when you first start wearing it, but the head gear works well. The one thing I noticed was it made my forehead
Ray Dennis Review from
Google Customer Reviews
June 26, 2021
If this holds up its a game changer for me. No hard plastics and bulky cushions. I was very skeptical when I opened it but after wearing several nights it's amazing.
Lori Review from
August 22, 2013
SleepWeaver Advance mask with headgear with comments about Elan mask
I have tried over ten masks by now, and this is definitely the most effective. I gave it four stars because I do have problems with it. The straps often leave deep lines in my face. I have tried loosening them, but then I don't get enough of a seal. Somet
Maureen TheTemp Review from
Google Customer Reviews
January 11, 2021
It is shockingly comfortable and actually works really well. I was dubious as I my apnea is severe, but I sleep very well with this mask. I took off a star because it is noisy, air does leak a bit at the top for me.
Bob Review from
February 2, 2013
Only one that works for me
I had to leave my sleep study twice because I couldn't deal with the claustrophobia/feel of any of the other mask options. Found this and has worked great. You can even sleep on your stomach, sort of!. I have mustache and beard, and works just fine over t
nicholb Review from
March 11, 2012
Best mask, but hard to get right
This is the best and most comfortable mask I've ever used. The only problem is it is very hard to get adjusted right, but once you do it is great. I found that you should ignore the instructions for keeping the fit loose. A tight fit works a lot better to
NoMoreSleeplessNights! Review from
October 20, 2013
Finally found it, one that works for me!
Thanks to Direct Home Medical, I finally found what works for me! It's light, comfortable and effective! I was so determined to succeed with CPAP but couldn't tolerate the large, heavy, confining masks commonly used. This one was amazing. I also tried and
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